Limitless Life Nootropics Introduction

We only sell compounds we feel have potential to be beneficial to mankind and are safe, non addictive, neuroprotective, have low side effect profile and no little to no interactions with other compounds. Many of our compounds are for research applications only but we are adding an array of natural nootropics as well and nootropics with a proven safety and track record. Please make sure to see our disclaimer regarding purchase of our products.

Before you do anything else please Google our company. We have a 5 star Google review. Best prices, purity, and cheapest shipping in the business. You find product of equal or higher purity cheaper we will beat the price by a dollar.

We carry a large array of products, including some new cutting edge nootropics for those looking to do further research on these compounds. My team has been working hard to bring this new updated site to you.

With your support we may be able to have all American made nootropics. To give you pharmaceutical quality is my goal at bulk prices. Our phenyl piracetam is as pure as the stuff you get for crazy high prices when buying Russian name brand pills. Our prices are a steal for this quality.

Check our Facebook reputation, where I was voted 3rd best supplier. Being a new company we hope to be able to add many more products in the future and surpass others and become #1. People try Limitless and are blown away time and time again.

Try for yourself. We are here to prove Limitless is as good as anyone else and better than most. We pay crazy high prices to get purity that is unmatched. We accept nothing but the highest purity compounds available anywhere.

I hope you give us a try. Meanwhile, enjoy the site and we look forward to your business. Feel free to call us at 1-800-782-1905 anytime if you have any questions.


Welcome to the forum! Great introduction

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I’ve seen you guys before and like the compounds you carry, BUT with that being said, I have a small gripe. You sell products saying aren’t intended to be used as dietary supplements/research purposes on a forum where it’s talking about supplements for human consumption. Not saying I don’t like what you guys are doing, but come on…at what point do we draw a line with these “research chems”, especially those that deal directly with your brain health…


You brought up a great point and I am going to have the owner reply to this.

@Mike can you move this to the Nootropics section?

One thing I want to say is that not all nootropics are research chemicals and alot of these compounds do have scientific backed studies as well (Pubmed).

He does carry a full line of plant extract “nootropics” as well.

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Darn he beat me to giving them shit for that.

Well seems you guys have lab test on everything, a decent selection, kind of high prices though, but at least you don’t do “bulk supplements” pricing scheme


how the hell do you have bromantane?


I am waiting for the owner to address the post here and answer all questions.

Is there anything you would like to try?

Will you like to log/review Bromantane or anything else?

This is what it looks like!

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@Anthony and @Nappy_Nerd is there anything you would like to try?

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The Choline Complex certainly sounds great! A-GPC in conjunction with CDP is part of what makes Big Noise such a good formula

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MK-667 if you are willing, My mom has osteoporosis and that is something that looks like it would be beneficial.

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Hi. There is one lab left in the world producing it and there quality is substandard. This is why no one is carrying it. We buy this product and then send it to our lab we contract in Kennesaw Ga. Its then purified to meet our quality standards. In one pic you will see how it comes. Brown chunks. Next to it you will see the first step in the purification process. The next pic you will see the final product.

We have a low price guarantee for any product of equal purity. Because we spend the extra money to have many of our products purified, the cost may be a little higher than other companies. While people may say that you can’t “feel” the difference between 98 and 99%, this is not the truth. Your body is able to metabolize a pure compound easier than a one of less purity. Not to mention if your taking a product regularly you want the purest product you can buy. You don’t want those heavy metals, solvents etc left behind building up in your system.

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Fact of the matter is, regardless of the amount of research and safety of a compound, if its synthetic and has not been fda approved, then it has to be sold as a research compound. Meanwhile natural products dont need fda approval to be sold for human consumption. Basically its up to each person to thoroughly research any compound before deciding whether or not they wish to consume it. For almost all of our products, there are a ton of reviews that can be found with a quick Google search. We do carry a couple products like Dihexa and 9-me-bc that are fairly new that we offer in the hope that more can be learned about their effects.

What’s the Beta Glucan level of your lions mane? It lists polysaccharides at 50%, but not specifically beta glucans. Supposedly they aren’t necessarily the same. Thanks!

I will look through, and I’ll let you know what looks like my cup of tea

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I might play the guinea pig an order some bromantane

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Do it. I’m super interested in it, but I don’t have a sensitive enough scale. Would love to see logged results.

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Can you do a mini log with final review?

MK677 is OOS. Anything else?

I will let you know ASAP

Message sent.

Anything you want to try?


Sure thing!

That’s a shame, nothing else really appeals but If you get it back in stock I would like to try it.