Ketogenics GDA Glucosatrol

Ketogenics Glucosatrol

Information on Glucosatrol

Stimulate glycogen storage :latin_cross:
Help Maintain & Increase Insulin Sensitivity :latin_cross:
Promote Fat loss :latin_cross:
Improves Glucose Metabolism :latin_cross:
Promote Muscle Fullness & Vascularity :latin_cross:
Ideal for Fasting & Ketogenic Diets :latin_cross:
Support Healthy liver function.
Support Healthy antioxidant activity.:latin_cross:

Glucosatro contains an extensive list of ingredients that support glucose disposal. Not only do these ingredients help regulate blood sugar levels and insulin release, but they also optimize nutrient partitioning (what becomes of the calories that enter your body in food, how your body stores these nutrients).

Take 6 Caps 10-15 minutes prior to a meal
Dose 10-15 Minutes Prior to a meal.


Monitor Readings
** All readings are 90 minutes post-meal.
** 6 Caps 15 minutes prior to carb meal (Directions on the label)
** Carb meal amounts are listed
Upon Waking: (Baseline) – 84 mg/dl — Day 1
Upon Waking (After 10 Days) – 81 mg/dl – Day 10

90 Minutes after 25g Carb with 6 Cap – 33 mg/dl
3 Rice Cakes

90 minutes after 50g Carbs with 6 Caps – 55 mg/dl
7 Rice Cakes

90 minutes after 75g Carbs with 6 Caps: - 66 mg/dl
7 Rice Cakes + Honey

90 minutes after 100g Carbs with 6 Caps: - 69 mg/dl
100g Carbs from Jasmine Rice

90 minutes after Cheat Meal with 6 Caps – 77 mg/dl
Burger & Fries

90 Minutes after Cheat Meal with 6 Caps: - 91 mg/dl
Pint of Ice Cream

Since using the GDA I noticed my weight did drop an average of 1-1.5 pounds with no dietary changes. This may be due to the carbs were being utilized or processed at a much faster pace.
Slightly improved pump in gym, improved digestion, less bloat

I noticed hunger increase after my pre-workout dose of the GDA. Possibly due to the fact my body burned right through the carbs

BG got low after (25-50g carb readings). If I were to do this in the future I may do 3 caps (half dose) to not let my BG get too low. This shows the power of the product.

Tracking my Weight
Sun Jan 26 – Cheat Meal – 172
Mon Jan 27 – Workout Day – 172.4 (Spike from Cheat)
Tue Jan 28 – Non Training Day – 171.8
Wed Jan 29 – Workout Day – 171.6
Thur Jan 30 – Workout Day – 171.6
Friday Jan 31—Non Training Day – 171
Saturday, Feb 1 – Workout Day – 170.6
Sunday Feb 2 – Cheat Meal – 170.8
Monday Feb 3 – Workout Day – 171.2 (Spike from Cheat)
Tuesday Feb 4th – Non Workout – 170.4


Nice write up bob. How would you compare this to other GDA you have taken? I eat a fairly heavy carb lunch and feel a bit of bloat after so considering a GDA for that meal and of course my weekend cheats. Recommendations? I have never monitored my blood glucose so this is interesting. That’s a huge drop with 25g carbs and a full dose

I would not look at a GDA if you have bloat I would look at what your eating, how it sits, and the sources you are digesting.

If something is not sitting right, you have to journal what you eat, take note, and adjust accordingly. Most likely that source is not friendly with your digestive tract, I would swap it out for something else and see how it sits. Many people over look their digestion and their body signals. I have cut out a ton of “Bro” Sources because anytime I eat them like yourself it just sits heavy. Therefore I don’t even bother with them anymore.

My 2 cents. Fix the food sources, not invest in more pills.

Monitoring BG Is crucial for overall health, knowing your insulin sensitivity, and how well you are processing the carbs/calories you eat. if BG is super high, most chances are what you eat will be stored, and your body is at a higher risk of diabetes.


Excellent write up, great tracking!

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Wow your glucose is low!

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Shows you how powerful the product can be when taken. I would never suggest a full serving for a lower carb meal as you saw with my readings. When my BG got that low I was shaking! Ha

I find it best with 50-75g carbs and great for cheat meals
I ALSO noted something pretty cool

I don’t digest high fat meals very well, but in conjunction with them it helped alleviate any kind fo bloat from higher fat meals (15-20-25g fat meals) and cheats.

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The owner was nice enough to make a code for you guys
“Bob15” Works on his entire product line on his webpage

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even your baseline though, I always wake up in the 90s

Your also holding a lot more weight then me
I know a lot of competitors who are in the 70’s

Brutalized, Extrabeef to never recover

I wish I could carry 200+ in my frame
But when I did I was a fat OL in high school

He holds his weight well and is super strong
If I tried to get that big would not work too well lol

How tall are you?

Yeah, I rarely get people who guess my weight right, it’s all in my posterior chain so hard to see. People expect huge arms sadly…and I don’t have those.

I was 5’7 240 when I played OL in high school

The powerlifter’s curse :pensive:

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It makes zero sense dude. I’ve benched low 400s for triples and can’t get a little hypertrophy?


Saturday, Feb 1 – Workout Day – 170.6
Sunday Feb 2 – Cheat Meal – 170.8
Monday Feb 3 – Workout Day – 171.2 (Spike from Cheat)
Tuesday Feb 4th – Non Workout – 170.4

Updated Weights:
Wed - 5th - Workout – 170.6
Thur - 6th - Workout – 170.2
Fri - 7th - Non – 170

Weight is still dropping with no changes in calories. I have bumped up from the end of my BMP and AE Logging (5 months of being in a slight deficit), yet I am still leaning out, and my BG continues to drop with the only change being the GDA and additiona calories (only one caloric bump)

Other things to Note:

BG Upon Waking 80 (which is down again)
I tried 3 caps with a high at meal and found digestion to be far improved (usually fatty meals does bloat me)

3 Caps sits me much better on Lower carb meals (25/50g Carb Meals)
BG After those meals - 66, 69, and 71
I did not see it drop into the 30’s or 50’s which made my BG and insulin levels much more stable.

Some takeaways:
Even for those on a keto diet, used with higher fat meals will improve digestion (from a small trial I did)
3 Caps better suited for lower carb meals
BG continues to drop weekly
Improved body recomp effect with no dietary changes.

So far I am very pleased with this product and would put it right up there with GlycoShield , Predator, and Slintensity V2 as an all time favorite just in a short run so far.

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Very impressed with how good of a GDA Glucosatrol is so I grabbed another bottle and 2 tubs of the electrolyte powder

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Will be trying next after this bottle of Glycophase


Big step up IMO

Coupon: Bob15


Really liking how this is helping me stay lean and utilized the carbs

Getting a sick pump with it too