Jerry Ward Is Spot On About Keto Supplements

Jerry Ward Is Spot On About Keto Supplements


Actually saw this and their Tweet. So are there actual investigations or lawsuits out there? Not sure how that website works.

Of course MLM distributors are going to say stupid stuff. You can preach FTC to them all day long, doesn’t matter.

But the new medical research is quite pro-ketone if you follow guys like Dom D’Agostino or Dr. Benjamin Bikman


I just check that site once in a blue moon out of curiosity. I knew you were big on the Keto diet, just thought you may want to be up on whatever it is that’s going on there. Hope it was useful in some way.


Yeah thanks! Such is life when you put your brand into the hands of “get rich quick” people.


Unfortunately, that’s how the majority of business people come to see as being the only way to advance. Sell off the company and sit back. It’s really sad to see, because then it leaves the market over saturated with crap companies and poor ethics