Jerry Ward Is Spot On About Keto Supplements

Jerry Ward Is Spot On About Keto Supplements


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I know it’s being nosy, but i’m curious,what is your area of expertise? You’ve provided quite a bit of useful information, and respect the professionalism in your responses (this thread not included, for obvious reasons lol)


I should not have even commented like that, especially in regards to how this thread was going. That was my own ego at fault. I just dislike the I know more than you crap because I’m older.


We all fire back. It’s hard not to shoot back at something shooting at you


Oooh a few flags up in this thread. Seriously, what is it about Jerry Ward that gets people SO unraveled. LOL. Ease up kiddos

So if you’re a fat-adapted keto dieter, and you’re training hard on a big fast, your blood sugar will spike and your ketones will drop. Dr. Peter Attia has shown that very consistently on himself.

I think it makes a case for exogenous ketones pre (I prefer intra) workout if you don’t want to lose performance and have your metabolic ‘mode’ shifting all over the place. Nothing feels more sluggish than moderately low blood sugar and low ketone levels. You’re kinda out of energy and – my theory – I think a hard and long workout makes you use ketones faster than you can beta-oxidize em.


I think its the ego, and how he takes criticism, oh and the way he treats obvious things as huge revelations, and the video titles “(((they))) are scamming you!” and how he constantly gets things wrong but refuses to correct himself

Random question but have you ever tested L carnitine/GBB before one of the workouts?


Does he really use the ((( ))) text? That’d be funny because he’s a Freemason himself :stuck_out_tongue:

No I want to. I need to get more consistent about video. 'Tis a video world after all… My theory is that Acetyl L-Carnitine is best for keto because I’d assume my body can figure out how to use the Acetyl groups for more Acetyl CoA for BHB production. Unless it’s stupid, which it might be. ha


No that was just a joke.


Afaik (((they))) usually refers to “The Jews” anyway


Yeah, never heard of the “echo” being used for Freemasons lol.

Man is it really hard to see where the line is where these products become too promising?

Good for- energy levels, mental clarity, appetite, usual effects from going into ketosis, without actually being in a ketogenic state.

Overhyped for- easy fat loss, people believing you are actually ketogenic because you take these products.

The test comparison has me baffled. So if I take a BHB product, my body will stop producing ketones?


SORRY I’m not up to speed on all your memes!! Freemasons sounded like a “they” thing to me.

Yes, but some of us get some good appetite suppression. Give me 40 calories of ketones and I stop being hungry as if I’ve eaten more than 40 calories.

I need to dig up the rat study that showed this. Last time I couldn’t find it.


As far as taking these BHB products (exogenous ketones), your body will use these floating around your system until they are all burned up before it makes and uses its own ketones. This is why I feel these products actually hinder a person because you are using the artificial ones for energy instead of your body’s own ketones and you want to be using the latter.
Unless a person is around 5% bodyfat and in contest prep, these products are pretty much a waste in my opinion.


I have read that study Mike. Iirc, weren’t they giving these rats up to several grams of ketones? In human equivalent dosage, that would be a massive dose. One that not a single supplement has. I had the link to that study which is now obsolete for some reason :thinking:


Can you find it? I know I replied to someone on YouTube with it… but cannot for my life find it or the comment reply.


I think there’s more use cases than that, such as

  • medical requirements / mitochondrial respiration problems,
  • appetite/nootropic hacking, or
  • wanting to go balls-out in a workout/competition with two sources of energy (ie get fat-adapted for 3+ months, then take carbs and ketones pre workout - you feel like you’re on stims),

but overall I don’t argue because of the cost. The average soccer mom toying with keto / low-carb doesn’t need these. But the average soccer mom also has the finances. Hence Pruvit doing so damn well.


What if I;m taking them when I’m not on a ketogenic diet and just want the energy, appetite, and nootropic benefits from them? Are they still a scam then?


This is what I have on my iPad. I know I have a couple more at work and can access some buried

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I’m really curious- you keep acting like you’re some vet to all of this especially in the PEDs discussion. Do you have any stage photos or anything to back that up?

I’m just looking for an odometer for all the mileage.


I haven’t competed since 2007. I plan to next year. Just started some things today to get me back on track.