Jerry Ward Is Spot On About Keto Supplements

You all know I am very critical about Jerry Ward and some of the things he says but he is 100% accurate about these keto supplements. I agree completely. They are pretty much a scam especially the way they are marketed. Keto is about diet, not supplements. That’s why its called the “Keto Diet”. People who think they are great and work don’t truly know how ketosis works. Here is the video of Jerry explaining this. It’s a good video by Jerry. I have to give him props on this one.

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I hate the way he titles videos to be honest.

Hes kind of overstating the calories of ketones problem, even if someone is using them every day that isn’t going to add that many calories “They are slowing your progress to keep you coming back” frankly sounds alarmist.
Well actuly everything he says is alarmist.

What does he mean by MCT liquid? What is the difference between that and MCT oil? Is this him not knowing what he is talking about again? like with the 30% whey isolate?

He is right about taking exogenous ketones. You want to be using your body’s own ketones for fuel, not an exogenous source. If you keep taking in “synthetic” ketones, your body has no need to produce its own and use them. Therefore, you will stall in fat loss. And no supplement will put you back in ketosis. This is just blatantly a lie and more marketing scams these companies do.

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I think there are two general types of keto dieters:

  • those who desperately need to lose a ton of bodyfat, and
  • those who are in it for other reasons (cognitive support, testing performance in certain sports, or a plethora of medical issues).

I’m in the latter half. And for those latter halves, exogenous ketones have some great benefits and I’m happy to “cheat” with them, especially if I feel a sluggish workout coming on.

But for obese dieters? I’m not yet sold.


Taking in exogenous ketones does not stop your own ketone production nor does it stall fat loss. That doesn’t mean they’re useful which there needs to be real data on but taking them will not stop natural ketosis.

Yes it will. You clearly don’t understand true ketosis. Jerry and I are right. It’s just like taking testosterone via injection. You are putting synthetic testosterone in your body and it senses this so it slows down production. Your body will use the exogenous ketones before it uses its own. Do your research my friend.

Are you talking just about it having calories or is there something more I am missing?

He compared exogenous ketones to taking test? What a fucking idiot. One is hormonal, it suppress long term versus one temporarily.

I was using that as a principle stating to why you are wrong. Taking in exogenous ketones will cause your body to use those first. Sorry but this is just how the body works. Bud, I have forgotten more about training and nutrition than you will ever know so don’t flatter yourself.

So yes, it is just it having calories and being burned first?

Ya brawn has a bigger ego then you can ever hope to have, Don’t even try to compete on his level until you have been doing agmapure and meth everyday for at least 6 years.

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You mean unlicensed preworkout


That’s kind of funny considering what my actual education is in but heh, you know more than everyone here. I hope you eventually remember what you have forgotten or more or likely never actually learned.

I never claimed to know more than everyone here but your insulting comment that has no merit had me come up for air. You know nothing about me. But remember this, knowledge without mileage is bullshit.

Point me to the comments where I insulted you directly. I’m waiting

I really have to point it out ? Look at the post I originally replied on where you called me a “f.cking idiot”. Pretty insulting but not accurate.

“He”. That’s a third person reference. Do you reference yourself in the third person? I said, “He compared exogenous ketones to takin test?. What a fucking idiot”. Basic 4th grade English says I was referencing someone else like say, who this thread is about?

But you took that as a shot at you. Which pretty much means only you are comparing ketones to test. I didn’t watch the video but I am guessing he didn’t compare the two and it’s actually only your reference and that’s why you got insulted. If he did still make that comparison and you got offended, you got some issues man.

One last time and I will go slow so you can understand with all your education…LOL Anytime you consume an exterior source of carbs, ketones, etc. Your body will use those as fuel first then go to the storage of these if needed. This is how the body works. Sorry if you don’t understand this concept. This is why I am saying taking exogenous ketones will stall your body from using it’s own ketones that it produces. This is not what you want. You want to be using your body’s natural ones. The test comparison may have not been the best example but its basically the same principle. You take an outside source of something and your body will use the outside source first. Do you get it now ???

So you’re now saying your body will store excess ketones if using exogenous? Is this what you’re saying?

Umm…No. You got that false narrative out of my explanation ? I am beginning to doubt your education. lol

It’s easy to misconstrue you considering how you took offense to someone else being insulted so hey, I’m just trying to understand everything you’re saying or maybe not saying because who knows.

Btw, using an exogenous ketone source isn’t going to make a world of difference and stall fat loss. There is nothing in the data that shows this. All it will do is potentially place you further into a deeper ketosis. If you overdue them which would take a lot ( which no company has that amount in their supplements) then you will simply start to excrete them and quickly. Ketones are a by-product.

That’s how the body works