Ingredients and Compounds Roundtable

Nutriguard website. It’s less than $20 shipped for 360 250mg capsules. I think it comes out to $0.15 per 750mg potassium nitrate.

i have this feeling that vaso-6 and glycerpump are a lot cheaper than agmapure and pterostilbene/pomegranate extract. if anyone has used myodyne ergonox, 1.5g agmapure and 600mg powergrape and pumps, endurance, vascularity etc. were as crazy as they could get and the health benefits of agmapure, especially combined with pterostilbene and pomegranate…

to take the best of mpa supps and for the price of 60 dollars something like:
1g agmapure
1.5g arginocarn
200mg purenergy (114mgpteropure-86mg caffeine co-crystal)
150mg elevatp
100mg primavie
200mg ubiquinol

would be anything one could wish for regarding neurological health, mood, endurance, performance, atp production and so on. 100mg pycnogenol or 800mg pomella pomegranate would make it near perfect.

i think what i am trying to convey is that all these companies are making far more profit than needed and sacrificing results.

l-citrulline, glycerol forms in high doses are basically cheap label decoration, elevatp and vaso-6 as well as nitrosigine must be rather cheap (not all patented stuff is expensive. people would be shocked what mb12 and methylfolate cost in the 10-15mg range. ksm-66 is cheap, purenergy is fucking expensive and so is pomella.)

to me: agmapure >>> nitrosigine (agmatines benefits are endless)
pomella/pteropure >>>> vaso-6 (besides pumps which are great with the first combination it is unrivalled for health and cognition as well as neurological health. performance is also impressive. (consider that it is basically an extract producing urolithins and delivering ellagic acid into the blood and a substance that activates ampk, is a selective zytostatic and zytotoxic, protects healthy cells and has outperformed several pharmaceuticals in various illnesses)

so i am convinced that the overall results of the ingredients already known would far surpass those of the other but ar simply much more expensive. and i have used vaso-6 and urolithin-b, pteropure and pomella were far more beneficial to performance, endurance, insulin sensitivity, vascularity and so on for me. and agmapure cant be beaten simply for the fact that it makes every stim work better, prevent adaptation, is neuroprotective against glutamatergic excitotoxicity, is analgesic and potentiates analgesics, is possibly a neurotransmitter itself and has shown significant results in depression, anxiety and pain. users with the psychological issues reported that agmapure outperformed other agmatines by far in this regard, pump wise the difference may not be THAT significant.

if a US company would release a product i formulate…or maybe 2-3 that can be stacked where each has benefits of the other but one would be more focused on insulin sensitivity, one on workout performance (actually more reps, more weight, more endurance, recovery) and something else, i suppose i am open to suggestions. i really just want people to feel what a 60USD product can do when it has 20US worth of raws and not 5…

i suppose companies would have less interest in that than consumers though, unless someone starts a company with a completely different attitude.
i, btw, refuse to make certain products or formulate for a certain company anymore as i feel they will not enable me to make and bring to the consumer what i feel it should be.
so despite being short on money i will not make crap to profit and still hope i can do something that really benefits as many as possible.

if people are interested it would be good to hear, maybe somebody will see it and it could lead to something.

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not banned, just not not allowed to sell. I have ordered it and customs let it through (declared on package as agmatine) but some countries customs won’t let it through.
the not allowed to sell is something with the stupid novel foods act.

it is different though. creatinol-o-phosphate or vaso-6 are also not allowed to be sold. yet they are available and no product versions without them are made for the EU. companies make agmatine free product versions for europe.
also it seems agmapure is much harder to find. it does make a huge difference to othere agmatine. it is green, not white. generic agmatine powder often does not do all that much.
try a gram of agmapure if you are on opioids or adhd drugs and be amazed…lol.

i can get agmatine products in germany but getting simply agmapure itself seems impossible.
i had no idea what an incredible compound it is for a long time. its nmda-receptor antagonism does incredible things. that is just one of the miracles…lol

I paid approx 59.00 for a full size tub…it did not come with a scoop!!
Called their customer service line, they said “you could just use another scoop if you have one from another supplement”. I explained that would be careless and dangerous. About a week or so later they mailed me a scoop.
Conclusion: Assclowns do exist. Avoid them at all cost.

Posted it in the Trading Post but I’ll put it here too since this thread is WAY more active - Anyone have any interest in two tubs of OG Kraken? One has maybe 3-4 scoops missing, bombsicle flavor, the other is sour gummy bears and still sealed. DMHA (or maybe Eria? Some ingredient in there) just does NOT agree with me.
Thinking $25 shipped for the bombsicle, $30 shipped for the sealed gummy bear, 50 shipped for both.

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i assumed new means not used before, not just new releases.
neither is there any wall of text here, when i answer someones pm it is usually many times longer.
and to utilize substances ideally one has to understand why things make sense in what combinations.
see how a stimulant will feel with caffeine or with caffeine-pterostilbene and agmatine. completely different experience and it can easily be explained.

i asked about several substances but not many seem to have used them or use things long enough to see actual changes in metabolism. i would be interested in someone who used indigo3g for months or longer at a high dose and can compare it to other nutrient partitioners, including berberine and metformin.

also massmax interests me purely in terms of cns recovery. rhaponticum potentially allows for much higher work capacity. in order to experience this one would have to take it for many months and train at their absolute limit in order to see the results. i do not believe in structural muscle gain by ecdy, epicatechin etc., if they work then due to improved training progress.

Sorry about that! Will keep confined to Trading Post. :slight_smile:

okay cool.

i would like a threat were people post reviews about using certain compounds in the longer term, especially ones sometimes expensive and not switching from one new hyped supp to another every 4 weeks.

indigo3g, rhaponticum, possibly some products by life extension and such as ampk activator, arginocarn+ala and things like that. i can open one myself if you prefer?

Not that I actuly mind it, but the original intention of the thread was for people to talk about things they picked up, not as effectively a repost/supplement news feed.
I’m fine with people using it for that, but I do want the original intention on the record.


So why is agmapure so much better then? I find it unlikely that it’s so much better that all of a sudden it fixes opioid dependence

I have noticed literally zero difference between Agmapure and other quality agmatine from trusted/legit sources, nor should there be.

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Exactly, I think this guy has stock in whoever sells AgmaPure honestly. His obsession with it is weird

in terms of pump or do you know how nmda-receptor antagonism feels when using psychoactives? have you ever used opioids with and without agmapure?

First mistake was paying $60 my friend, one of the advantages of being on the forum are the deals everyone shares, so you no longer overpay. But you’re right, their response was very wreckless, as scoop sizes are not one size fit all.

In terms of multiple things, including pain and it’s effects taking it with kratom, which contains “atypical opioids.”

Please, tell me your proposed explanation for how and why Agmapure would be superior to a high quality, pure agmatine product.

The only argument I see is if your other agmatine is not actually agmatine, not all agmatine, has some additives or adulterants, is expired, etc. Agmapure is a good assurance of quality, but is by no means the only quality agmatine, just as Creapure isn’t the only good Creatine and Carnosyn isn’t the only good beta alanine.

Vaso-6 is too new for them to have declared not able to sell. It sounds like you’re reaching on that one.

Oh god, please not blood sweat and tears…the coconut is WAY too strong in that one

those were examples. nothing is allowed to be sold in germany unless it gets permission.
90% of well known ingredients in the us are not allowed to be soldin germany, hence why no german suppcompany can make anything useful.

Y’all had your fun making useful supplements during the cold war :wink: