Glaxon SPECIMEN: A Pre-Workout Formulated For All The Stim Junkies Out There

Glaxon SPECIMEN: A Pre-Workout Formulated For All The Stim Junkies Out There

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Newcomer Glaxon is looking to bring more fun, creativity, and unique products to the supplement industry. That’s why they were named PricePlow’s supplement brand to watch for 2020. For the brand’s initial launch in 2019, Glaxon hit the ground running releasing five products which included a fat burner (Slyce), non-stim… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


This is the first time I’ve heard it suggested that combining various forms of choline is synergistic.

From the review:

CholinACE is a combination of three potent, highly bioavailable, forms of three choline donors: choline bitartrate, Alpha-GPC, and citicoline . This synergistic blend assists the production of acetylcholine , a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in brain and muscle function. CholinACE may help support mind-muscle connection, focus, and cognition.

Is there some research suggesting there’s synergy between these choline sources? I’d genuinely love to see it if there is, as I’m a HUGE fan of nootropics and choline supplements.

Frankly unimpressed. Slapping 400mg caffeine in a formula is not a “stim junkie” formula. Halostachine is interesting, was a fan of it in the Chaos & Pain PWO. Y is way too low to be for anyone who is a real stim junkie. The rest of the formula is meh. BA is fine, glycerol that low is nearly worthless, like to see 1g more of Betaine etc.


Try it before you knock it. Mike can only half scoop it. Quite a few stim junkies in the community agree.

@Joey_Savage definitely delivers.

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Doses at 1/2 a scoop?

Providing a serving instrument larger than intended dose seems, (for lack of a better word) odd.


This is a question I had as well, but it seems this is likely more of an ‘alchemist’ approach considering the CholinACE TM has already changed since it was originally included in the Arez Super formula a few months back. It was previously listed as Vitacholine, Phosphatidylcholine, Cognizin, Alpha-GPC.

That being said, I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from this product. Apparently it packs a stronger punch than most anticipate.


Oh, I’m sure the product hits hard, I’m just curious where the claim of synergy here is coming from.

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@Nappy_Nerd had a hilarious first week logging this on IG stories

@Joey_Savage provided a lot of great insight here.

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I asked the same question and never received a response. Just a way for them to inflate those serving numbers


I do have to admit, this is a “Dont knock it til you try it” kind of deals…crucify me now like I know someone will for saying that

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It’s specifically a Stim based. I honestly don’t think there’s really a reason to put in betaine and glycerpump at all aside from assistance in hydration. But this leaves it to be very stackable



Interesting video, but no mention of the synergy between the choline sources, just that they have different mechanisms on their own, besides being sources of choline. That’d suggest additive effects if anything, no? I’m genuinely curious where the claim of them being synergistic is coming from, as this is the first time I’m hearing of it.

I also went back and watched his video specifically on Choline from late 2019, and, while it discussed the 4 sources of choline (Bitartrate, GPC, CDP, and PC), there was no mention of synergy there either, just that they work differently, so combining them may have additive benefits, which seems to be why they opted to use Cholinace. I’m just curious if I’m missing something, or if synergy was just the wrong phrasing to use.

Edit: and I’m not slamming Cholinace by any means; additive is great, I’m just wondering if there’s some research suggesting potential synergy I’m not aware of.

Halostachine does not seem that effective in my eyes and really not that interesting. If you look at this persons blog they seemm to have a well developed understanding of pharmacology far greater than that of most people on here including me.


I haven’t read that specific article, but Hightower posts good stuff from what I’ve seen. I know their write-up on l-tyrosine vs NALT from years ago (2012) was spot-on.

Edit: looking back at old discussions on another forum, Cooper (who’s a super smart dude) seems to say Hightower was neuron’s (another smart dude) blog.

Edit again: an old post confirms that Hightower was neuron’s blog, and also that Cooper (who I respect as one of the best in the industry) also called the blog “excellent.”

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I think “synergistic” in this instance may have been used simply to mean “these things are nice to have together” rather than “new or acutely improved effects are gained when used in conjunction.”

That’s not at all what synergistic means though. That’s why I’m asking what exactly was meant by it.

Also @Nappy_Nerd @Extrabeef despite me giving their rep shit for his demeanor, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

In the market for an Intra, and probably a Pre

Seem like it’d fit the bill for what I’m on the market for? Tough to find a high stim PWO without teacrine, which I’m not a fan of before my workouts.

I like alpha Y well enough as long as it doesn’t give that fever-ish cold sweat feeling.