Glaxon SPECIMEN: A Pre-Workout Formulated For All The Stim Junkies Out There

Glaxon SPECIMEN: A Pre-Workout Formulated For All The Stim Junkies Out There

Good info!

Will try it when it’s on fire sale ala Chemix


It was definitely a surprise when I first took it. I was not at all expecting the feeling(s) I got :joy: it gets the job done. The formula looked extremely lackluster to me at first glance, but LAWD, it rocked me something fierce

I am 90% sure it is just a way to make a prop blend that starts with choline bitartrate look better

Side note but I didn’t know Halostachine’s chemical structure was.
I wonder if the media will start calling it n-mphetamine.
It’s probably going to be a supplement company that does that first.

Well 60 mg of that with 3 mg of alpha Y 2 mg of Y might make it strong.

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I think the video said it’s a 2:1:1 ratio of Bitartrate:GPC:CDP, so 150mg of Bitartrate and 75mg each of GPC and CDP.

I’m actually VERY curious if there is any supposed or proposed synergy between various choline sources. The video noted that they all have individual unique benefits and MoAs, which is fair, but my question is do they all retain these individual unique properties when combined at suboptimal doses? Or do you end up really “only” getting the benefits of choline itself, and not the “unique” benefits touted from much higher doses of each form on their own?

For reference, the study Glaxon mentions on Bitartrate on their site used 2000mg, 250mg is often considered the “low-effective dose” for CDP, and 200-250mg is generally the same for GPC.

The combined 150mg of GPC and CDP in 300mg Cholinace is fairly close to the ~200mg “low-effective” dose, and the 150mg Bitartrate isn’t hurting (even if it’s not helping much at 150mg), so I don’t doubt that 300mg Cholinace is an “effective” ingredient, just wondering if there’s actually any claimed synergy, or even if it’s believed that it will retain the unique individual benefits of each choline source (which would be ADDITIVE benefits).

A few of us can attest to this…lol it is indeed “strong” haha.

In like…a good way? Cause the way y’all are talking it sounds unpleasant

In a good way, yes haha.Theres two sides to every coin though. I’ve heard a few say they had to back it off to 1/2-3/4 scoop due to potency. I like the formula because it makes it pretty much stackable with anything pump wise. Purely energetic.

curious, what points to it being in anyway headed for that?

Same price, same serving label game, same “just try it” spiel even though the label doesn’t inspire excitement (At least Guerilla caved and made sample sizes), ohh and of course my boy @Nappy_Nerd raving about it. It’s like deja vu



Well, when you put it like that.

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I knew the Guerilla chemist part was going to come back. I’m raving about it due to it doing what it says it will. There’s nothing but energy, and ingredients that are quite common, where as the Chemix pre had some unconventional parts to it. I actually stopped using Chemix as a whole…it was having a build up effect on me and causing a pretty large increase in heart rate the more I used it. This one is consistent but I use it sparingly.

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So then you agree that there’s nothing that warrants the “Premium” price tag?

They have the prices higher direct to steer consumers towards the Brick and Mortar stores carrying them, where you’ll find them much cheaper. Similar to how MuscleSport and a few others do their thing

This guy gets it. Nothing to see here. Proceed as usual.

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I think this is a fair statement