In the market for an Intra, and probably a Pre

In the market for an Intra, and probably a Pre

I’ve reached the end of my SizeOn, and I’m running low on my Pre-Kaged.

As of late, I’ve been doing a lot of Oly training as well as conditioning under my coach. My lifting sessions are 2-3 hours long. My intra needs to be like, a small meal replacement, not just “5g of BCAAs with 1g of other EAAs.” Things like SizeOn, Biotest’s stuff, etc. Solid carbs, solid protein/aminos.

As for pres, open to suggestions on what you guys have been enjoying lately. I like nootropics and my stim tolerance is concerningly high. Again, I’m doing oly and athletic stuff, not chasing pumps, although those are also fun.

Big fan of Mega Pre Black at the moment. BZRK is also great, but can crash after 2ish hours so may not be the best call.

Not sure if you got any of the free samples from this brand that I posted a while ago but I enjoyed this pre

stim with noots:
Prolific for a great long term stim that is smooth
Brain Bridge (not really a pre, but the focus/energy is solid)

include more pump:
Dymatize Pre
Isatori Morph
Gat Psychon
Nutrex Outlift & Outlift Amped

intra just grab a good EAA Product:
Xtend Elite
PES Amino IV
ProSupps HydroBCAA

Personally you can add carbs on your own to your liking instead of an all in one. This way you can adjust to your training style. For someone like yourself you could easily add 20-30-50g of whatever you prefer (HBCD, WMS, Dextrose, Malto)

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Bob has a good list…

NutraBio Pre
BFF FullBlitz

Ghost Amino

For Pre’s, I really enjoyed Musclesport’s Rhino King’s Ramson.

If you like a more stim heavy profile, Hypermax Extreme was good too.

Rhino King’s Ramson with the coupon PWOKING costs $35 without shipping. Imo it is a good price for the profile it delivers.

My favorite pre as of late has been Nutrex Alpha Pump + 200mg caffeine pill. This combo literally is insane compared to other pre’s I’ve taken as of late. For one, you don’t feel stimmed out of your mind, and for two, the pump is intense. I would compare this pump to Olympus Labs RE1GN. I should say that it also really puts me in the zone and I feel great endurance (probably the 1g Peak02).

Really good, underrated (I feel) product.

I like Alpha Pump too, I’ve been mixing it with a spoon though. Putting it in a shaker cup makes it no fun to open, also gives me the burps

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Big fan of alpha pump but OP wasn’t really big on pumps so I left it out same with VasoBlitz and FullBlitz

Maybe keep it simple and roll with nutrabio pre extreme (added carbs). Then throw in alpha eaa or intrablast during the workout about an hour in.

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The samples I tried of it were absolutely solid. Great focus and energy crept up

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Message me your shipping info


Intraworkout? Seriously, Axe & Sledge Farm Fed. That’s super expensive, so rice cakes and whey Isolate would work ideally.

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If you want more micronutrient dense food, you could make your own baked potato/sweet potato chips.

I have also made homemade granola/protein bars: Basically oats, whey; honey, and some binding agent, such as peanut butter, pb28, or cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is slower digesting - maybe not ideal for intraworkout, depending on your preferences? That’s a lot of work though - so maybe the meal replacement shake is worth it. Haha.

haha yes this! Most things I eat/drink I think,well I can just make it myself, then I realize that my time is valuable, so the price doesn’t seem so bad. haha

So you’re in favor of the WPI intra as opposed to an EAA/BCAA…Not that I’m disagreeing

Not for everyone - but for someone who is training up to 3 hours, I can absolutely understand supplementing with it.

If the goal is to build muscle, sure. If the goal is to recur body fat, than absolutely not.

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Do you take naps and watch netflix between your sets training for 3 hours?



If only. :frowning:

I’ll look into these, thanks for the suggestions folks