Getting started with Keto

Getting started with Keto


This was discussed a lot in the paleo community as it was taking off around 2008. There was a researcher decades ago who noticed that these primal tribes had awesome teeth, just as ours were all falling apart.


Anyone else find alcohol less enjoyable on keto? Googling, I’m not seeing any articles/forums that discuss this. The buzz doesn’t seem to feel nearly as good to me as being out of ketosis. The good news is that I drink a lot less than before; so I guess I can’t complain too much :laughing:.


Anyone interested in seeing the meal plan I’ve put together for me and my gf?

Full fledged meals and recipes with damn near exact macro ratios, on a budget (1400kcal for her, 1800 for me because apparently I’m trying to become a twink).


Yessir! You and your lady prepping for something?

Lol, had to urbandict that one :laughing:


Update! Had my first cheat meal. Had a porterhouse with fries, followed by pecan pie and blueberry cheesecake cobbler. Strangely enough, my blood ketones are at 1.0 mmol/L this morning. However, I am very hungry this morning, too. (Edit, I guess it might be worth noting that I took 600 mg berberine and 500 mg banaba before the meal)

Fresh baked bread rolls

Porterhouse and fries

Pecan pie and blueberry cheesecake cobbler


Image heavy post, beware. Macros below each day, if you have a question about a specific recipe or process, lemme know.



Also, all the salt I’m using is a 2:1 blend of standard iodized table salt and potassium chloride.

Additionally, I’m mixing 2g potassium and 300mg magnesium into my gallon jug for the day every morning.


Fat is way too satiating, its tough to scarf down a big breakfast :worried:

This is day…4? 5? Still no keto flu, headaches, anything of the sort. In fact, I’ve been so energetic that I’d swear I just seamlessly transitioned into ketosis on day 2.

Also made the world’s tastiest fat bombs. 5tbsp PB, 3 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, and 6 Splenda packets. Melt together, pour into something silicon, and refrigerate. Makes 10 servings, tastes just like a Reeses and has the nicest soft texture


I never got the flu either. If you were already fat-burning adapted from a recent shred, or you have phenomenal insulin sensitivity, you will jump right into ketosis without issue.

Those bars sound good. I haven’t made any at this point just yet (I never seem to have room in my macros for fat bombs :cry:). I gotta make some and fit them in!

Watch out on them splenda packets, they have dextrose in them. You are better off just buying bulk without the additives. We use this:


Yeah, I was gonna get the pure sucralose Splenda liquid drops for that reason, but the store was out, so I’m just resting easy in that you’d have to have like 10 packets per day to throw off my macros.