Getting started with Keto

Getting started with Keto
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Hey brahs,

My wifey is diving into keto…I mean…like she said she was going to do it, and started the next day (yesterday) :laughing: . She was inspired to explore extremely low-carb dieting after listening to interviews with Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila, and all the health improvements they exhibited. They don’t necessarily do keto, but after some initial research wifey decided keto is the way to go, or at least to get started.

She is a champ at googling things, and I think she understands most of the basics from her research. However, there is a ton of garbage on the internet. I know some of y’all are quite experienced with keto. Anyone have good links/sites/blogs/videos or even anecdotes/advice you can provide to help her out?

Much appreciated!


Yes! You’re in contest prep, so you understand this, but energy balance is still critical.

Can’t tell you how many people I know say they’re doing Keto and then use it as an excuse to jam ridiculously high amounts of fat in their diet, because “Hey, I’m doing Keto. I can’t get fat right?” Lol.

My brother’s wife did Keto too and couldn’t understand calories in versus calories out. She assumed she’d get skinny just by eating “healthy foods.”

Sorry for the rant - just make sure fat is high, protein is moderate and aim for a serving of green veggies with each meal (all while being caloricly balanced). I have to do Keto for the last month or so of my preps. I’m experienced with my body and Keto, so I can’t speak to others.

: )


Keep an eye on cholesterol levels and make sure you are consuming enough greens, fiber and potassium, Try to get lots of healthy fats and avoid long chain saturated fats. The carbs you are allowed to consume need to be spent on healthy foods.
Do that and you avoid most of the health risk of keto.
Finally being in ketosis allows for a very easy transition into fasting which I highly think is work doing for a few(3-5) days.

Also my advice on transition into a fast applies to ketosis(lots of low level exercise during the first few days to burn up glycogen).