Getting started with Keto

Just following along with this thread for when I inevitably do keto again. I did it a while back with good results but it wasn’t sustainable for me, long-term, and I didn’t feel different/better enough on it that it was worth the hassle. That said, every single person I know who’s shredded, without exception, says they did it with 16/8 IF + keto, so…

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Psh, 16/8, like little baby. 21/3 is where it’s at.

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Dom D’Agostino says that 18 hours into the fast is where the magic starts happening for him. Issue for me is I can’t eat 3k calories in 6 hours time unless I set alarm clocks like crazy. 8 hours is already pushing it, just never hungry past the first meal.

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Morning of Day 3…Feeling a little slow today. Perhaps first symptom of Keto flu? stay tuned :grin:

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Status check? You just depleted your liver glycogen if all is on pace. Time for your mitochondria to recognize their fate… it’s ketone time.

LOL yeah! It was a brief tiredness; so not entirely convinced that it was the ketone flu. Granted I’m dosing up quite a bit on electrolytes (no sugar) and fluids, which are supposed to help prevent the flu. However, piss test yesterday yielded no ketones. I have heard that if you are exercising a lot, you are burning them as you go, and may never register ketones in your urine. I’ll do another test on Saturday morning. Depending on what my weight is doing, I might drop my protein a little (currently at 165g which is 24% of my total macros), but I really don’t want to drop that too much.

You will not register ketones either if your diet isn’t high enough in fats.

No shit, hahaha :laughing:

You would be surprised how often that happens :slight_smile:

This was my first guess for your original numbers…

Yep, it’s an obnoxious amount of fat to do this diet properly without losing too much weight. People don’t realize it.

Still no ketones today. Currently have protein at 165 g and fat at 210 g. My lean body mass is 140 lb, which puts my protein g/lb at 1.18. Should I try dropping it to 1.1 g/lb which is 155…or maybe drop it all the way to 150? Then I’ll proportionally increase my fat (by calories, not grams of course). My weight bounced around this week since I started keto; so it’s hard to tell if I gained or lost weight with current numbers.

(note, I’m trying to build muscle…slowly :slight_smile: , not lose weight )

Another way to get into ketosis is to stop eating for a day or so, ha.

So let’s say you’re doing 25 carbs?

That’d put you at 71% fat, 25% protein, 4% carbs?

I say shoot for 3000 calories (you’re not trying to lose weight after all), and all that extra calories comes from fat. And agreed on 155 pro.

See how this diet is annoying AF now???

But you at least gotta figure out how to get into ketosis for a few weeks and see if you like the state of mind, if you notice at all. And if it does anything of interest with your blood pressure.

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@Mike Recommended macros for me, wise teacher?

100kg exactly, or 220 Freedom Units.
Could stand to lose some flub, but not a lot.
Frequent, high intensity workouts, very low on endurance work, so heavy triples and whatnot.


Yeah, typically 50 total carbs, 30 net carbs. If you mean 25 TOTAL carbs, I kill that with leafy greens alone each day. Only non-fiber carbs I’m getting are from my 1/2 cup of mixed berries (7g net carbs) in my “kale+wheatgrass+berry+yeast+mct smoothie” (it tastes fucking terrible, okay not that bad, barely drinkable though) and homemade hummus (7g net carbs). Some of my cold cut meats got some stupid starches snuck in there too; so I watch those closely.

I love it! Body hacking…heck I call it “body engineering”. What’s frustrating is that my wife starts off with keto, TRACKS NOTHING, and has 11 ketones in her urine without even trying. So she can sneak in little carb without being knocked out of it. Here I am tracking everything, and can’t get into it. Interestingly, I still have plenty of energy, and much less appetite…so I’m wondering if maybe I might be in ketosis, but just not registering in my piss?

So yeah, next week we are going to step things up to ensure I get into ketosis. I’m just going to go with 150 g protein (I can up it later, I’m not going to die, lol). Going to cut out the hummus :cry:, and damnit…might cut out those berries from my vomit smoothie (don’t know if I can do it though). But I cannot imagine that I’m surviving with this much energy off 30 g net carbs per day. I work out every day, too; so I must be burning something else. Unfortunately, if it’s not fat, that means I’m burning protein…which is a possibility since that apparently happens with high-stress people (cortisol blah blah blah).

And yeah, I’m very interested to see how my blood pressure pans out. It spiked right back up to “normal” (for me, which is hypertensive) a week after my competition.

I’ve been following “Doctor” Berg to get going on keto. But all of his advice seems to be focused on folks with health issues (e.g. obesity, diabeetus, thyroid), not meat heads like us :laughing:. There is so much info to take in; I’m trying to process all of it…might be overthinking it :confused:
I’m also going to start listening to the ketoconnect podcast once I finish all the dr. berg ones, but their banter can be a little annoying when I’m trying to ingest info as quickly as possible, haha.


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This was my first thought when reading your top paragraph. Last idea is to try moving those carbs to pre workout territory… but you may just need to get off for a while.

Again, any diet that has you ditching fruit has to be questioned. But at the same time, I think it’s naturally cyclical. My ancestors in the Italian mountains weren’t eating fruit year round.

Seems like you’re more like me and have to bust ass to get over the hump. Good luck. Biohacking is fun!

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Assuming you know your maintenance calories, I’d take that number, drop it by 10% or so, and then do a 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carb starting point and tinker from there.

Or… just eat nothing for 3 days and welcome to ketosis :wink:


You will shocked at what happens to blood pressure with a full on ketogenic diet :wink:

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Can’t wait to see it good again! My BP was great when I was shredding 1/4 lb per day in the last couple months of my shred, even though I wasn’t in ketosis. However, carbs were still pretty low (but so was everything, lol).

Quick update, I did another ketone piss test (I call it a “peetone” test <rimshot>) this afternoon, and it at least showed “trace” ketones (between 0 - 0.5). I didn’t exercise today, so that might have been a factor? Doesn’t matter anyway because I have to go off the wagon tonight. A close friend promised me her special buckeye pie :scream: months ago for after the competition, and she is finally getting it to me tonight at our pot luck. (I planned this week to be a “trial run” for keto anyway, just to keep the wifey happy).
Sunday and next week’s meals are pretty much planned out with my learnings from this week.

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Ha it’s OK you can bounce back stronger, every time you learn more stuff.

But is this like the Buckeye recipes we have at Ohio State? Waxy Peanut Butter Balls coated in chocolate? If so you’re in for a treat… never seen it as a PIE though. Sounds epic

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oh my god…it was. I could not believe how much I ate!