~ Gaspari Nutrition Giveaway! ~

~ Gaspari Nutrition Giveaway! ~


Hello, people of Priceplow!

**We here at Gaspari have just recently got ahold of some nice, new gear and shakers and want to share the wealth with the community. **

I’d like to pick FIVE winners of a new shaker bottle, new shirt, and sample of our delicious vanilla flavor Precision Protein powder.

All that I need you to do is post your favorite experience from this summer so far - whether its time spent with family at Disneyland, or setting a PR in your garage gym in the heat. Post away!

Promo ends Friday, 7/20/18

New supplement thread

I would normally respond by saying it was our trip to Vegas…but the reality is the best part of my summer thus far has been interaction with the Gaspari reps on this Forum …


Best part of summer was just passed my ISSA certification test for PT


Learning how to drive manual with my girlfriend’s dad, absolutely tore up the streets in his ‘67 Plymouth.


kissing ass will get you far in life :slight_smile:


I learned that a long time ago my friend.


Lmfao Bill

My summer has been a real struggle, between college, breaking a toe(s) and ankle (ARMS DAY IS EVERY DAY THIS JULY), and some very shaky living conditions, but the absolute upside to it is getting out of the house that my cokehead landlord trashed and moving in with my girlfriend.


give this man a tee shirt @GaspariDan


Still doing it right now. Took my family back to Sicily where I was stationed for 10 years. Remembering old times but making new memories. Food is still incredible! Pic is burning some calories hiking Mt Etna.:volcano:


He has plenty of smediums to give away


Any extra smediums available?


Chilling at the lake always a good time :+1:


Ended up visiting my older half brother and hanging out with my niece and nephew, They enjoy the foam swords I sent them last Christmas.


This is getting a bit competitive…

Fine…I swam through the ocean to save puppies that were trapped by a Great White Shark…the whole time I was carrying homeless people on my back and handing out voting cards…all while holding a GlycoFuse container…


I may be impressed. But that depends on Glycofuse flavor choice


Best experience so far this summer has been being a new dad, and watching my little man start to smile when I talk to him




Same here and congrats. Crazy how little things like that can bring you so much joy


Its amazing how everything they do is just completely adorable. Every sneeze, and fart is the best lol.


Some excellent replies in here so far! Going to be tough to pick, thanks a lot ha.