Formulate your pre workout

Formulate your pre workout

7 g cittruline
1 g sodium nitrate
600 mg alpha gpc
400 mg peak atp
300 mg vitamin c
350 mg caffeine
100 mg teacrine
75 mg dmaa
10 mcg huperzine
5 mg bioperine

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I would be curious as to what the total cost of all those ingredients is as well as cost per serving.

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50 $ for 20 servings.

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I also posted in another thread, but I might as well post here, too :smiley:

This concoction is for increasing pumps, but mostly with supps that have proven to lower blood pressure (except the caffeine of course…can’t live without that!)

  • 6 g L-Citruline Malate (2:1)
  • 2 g Beet Root Extract
  • 1 g Taurine
  • 1 g ALCAR
  • 200 mg Caffeine
  • 200 mg L-Theanine
  • 1.25 g Betaine (half daily dose)
  • 2.5 g Creatine Monohydrate (half daily dose)
  • 1.6 g Beta Alanine (half daily dose)
  • 23 g Gatorade Fruit Punch powder (equiv to 12 fl oz serving)

I would consider adding tyrosine, but saw mixed studies on it increasing blood pressure.

Pre-Workout Formula

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Very nice. Love me some spreadsheets haha. Question. Every time you take your concoction are you there mixing from 10 different containers like a mad scientist? or did you come up with a hack to make things easier?

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Spreadsheets FTW :smiley:. I bulk pre-mix everything but the Caffeine, Citruline, and Gatorade.

The Caffeine comes in capsules; so I just pop one with the drink.
I don’t always want the Citruline; so I leave that out, too.
I also leave out the Gatorade, because sometimes I mix everything into a “smoothie” instead.

So once a week, I take my pre-mix, and add the Citruline and/or gatorade depending on my expected workouts. Takes about 5 minutes once ya get the hang of it.

Even the bulk mixing doesn’t take long at all. The fun part is when I decide to add a new supplement to an existing mix, which takes a little math (and another spreadsheet, lol).

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Well at $0.65 per serving you might be saving a little money this way especially if you have the measuring and mixing logistics streamlined. How’s this taste in gatorade? Is it not super sour from the citrulline malate?

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Yeah, the Citruline Malate makes it wonderfully sour! I love it! I’ve tried it with fruit punch and lemon-lime gatorade. Also, the beet root kinda softens the sourness.


Interesting. I wonder if I’d like the sourness. I might! Glad it works out for you! Have you tried it with powdered Gatorade ever?

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The sourness is similar to sour patch kids, which goes great with the sweetness of the gatorade. And yeah, I only use powdered gatorade, 23 g of gatorade makes 12 oz.

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Glycerol Mono-2g
Sodium Nitrate-1g
600mg Alpha GPC
10mcg Huperzine

Maybe make a version with CDextrin(25c)

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I’ve been wanting to try teacrine, but it’s still pretty expensive. I hear it works great in tandem with caffeine.


That alpha-GPC dose is intense. I can’t regularly handle 1.5 grams of agmatine. Wrecks havok on my gut.


Very similar with my suggestion. In my opinion there is no good pre without dmaa

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Lot of people don’t handle agmatine very well


I feel like being too cracked out is not beneficial. Constricting blood flow during intense exercises(like leg day) seems a bit counter-productive.

There’s not much innovation these days when it comes to pre-workout formulas. We all know what does what and most companies seem to have similar products these days as far as mega-dosed pre-workouts are concerned.


Sodium nitrate is in to balance constricting blood flow, not for pumps. In my exerience everything is in our heads (we lifts and make prs with our minds not muscles), so my focus is on stimulating cns. For muscles there are every day essentials - creatine, betaine, beta alanine.


That’s a cool way to look at it. Still, isn’t stimulating your CNS too often and too harshly potentially not a great thing either?

I left out betaine/BA/creatine as I feel like those are supplements that should be taken daily on their own.

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I know that Alpha GPC is all the rage these days, but I’m personally on team Citicoline.

I just feel a pop. 600mg Alpha-GPC from 1200mg 50% powder does next to nothing for me in terms of the feelz

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So… it was my plan to get better ingredient-sorting and “product attributes”, especially for the single-ingredient products on PricePlow, so that we can do stuff like this:

  • “Find me the most ALCAR per dollar”
  • “Find me a pre workout with > 1g agmatine” (if it’s open formula)
  • “Build me the best shopping cart with these ‘specs’”
  • Show me products that do not have WADA-banned ingredients

Tons of back-end stuff (and some manual labor) would both have to go down. Seems that tons of people here would like that… but people are also hollering for apps.

Gotta figure out the next step after our forum integrations are underway!