Favorite Workout Planning and Tracking App?

Yup, this ties in with my last Training post. My trainer used Trainerize (which he pays for) that tracked all my workouts, and let me enter and see my stats. I won’t have access to that come January.

Notepad - nope. My handwriting is terrible, especially at the gym. Sometimes I can’t even read what I wrote.

Spreadsheet (e.g. Google Sheets) - Probably not. Too much prep work for each workout. I could probably script something up with macros (not THOSE macros, lol), but I’d rather not reinvent the wheel.

Apps - So many to choose from. What do you all use? I’m okay with paid apps, too.


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Update: After some very quick googling, it looks like JeFit and BodySpace might be the two best ones out there. BodySpace is part of bodybuilding.com…not sure what I think of that :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always write it on the notes on your phone while your cooling down on cardio.

I have my training planned out 8-12 weeks in advance (mesocycles) and I focus on tracking the major lifts. On my isolation movements I am trying to match the numbers or increase reps/TUT (Time under tension).

Mind muscle connection (MMC) is a staple that needs to be controlled in every movement or else you are not fully stimulating the muscle.

You can always do a word document/spreadsheet on your computer so you can go home and type in the weights/reps on each exercise. Just make a mental note to do so.

I personally hate carrying my phone on me at the gym. I leave it on the fitness desk, so I can focus on my workout without distraction. The only time I would use it would be to record a topset or record a video to check my form.

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I memorize and learn the plan. I don’t limit myself to specific exercises. I try to make sure I hit each muscle group across various angels and ranges of motion.

General rule for me during this phase, 18-20 working sets per group, 12-15 reps of heavy, and then a drop set on every exercise.

Easy to remember. : )

I track my macros and meals on the “notes” app of the iPhone.

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I used to be anti-phone for working out. But I got the hang of it pretty quick when my trainer had me use Trainerize to record my workouts, stats, and progress. I don’t muck around on my phone at the gym; it isn’t a distraction for me.

I’m still leaning towards an app, because that’s just how I work :smiley:. Fortunately, I really just want something to plan, load, and track my workouts. I don’t want all the canned “personal trainer” crap.

@Matt_Towson that’s not a bad idea, and would definitely simplify things, and easily accommodate equipment availability and whatnot. I just need to figure out the phases, as my trainer handled all that for me before :laughing:

Get a workout program (popular one online), make a workout program, or purchase one and follow it
Then you won’t have to “Muck” around and you know your plan of action before going into the gym. it takes the think work out of it to plan ahead.

Yup, that’s the plan

Ever need anything you can always email. I know Matt also gave you his info. We are here to help.

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I just use FitNotes. She’s not the prettiest girl at the prom, but she gets the job done.

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I like the Strong app.

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Maybe we should message what’s his face? Demented Soul? He’ll probably tell us to down Agmatine Sulfate in various forms and it’ll make time slow down :joy:. In all seriousness, I just stick to MyFitnessPal for macros and in terms of workouts, stretching/prehab/warm ups first, then go into the bigger lifts first, accessory last


For me it depends on what workout I am doing. When doing GZCL workouts, I download the GZCL app and track it through that, super easy to use. I also use my phone timer to keep me on track from talking to the gym bros too much! For 5/3/1 or anything else, I write plan out my workouts on Excel and then input them using Bodyspace app from bodybuilding.com. Keeps me focused and planned out!

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I use Lose It! for calorie tracking and Fitbod for my workouts. The Fitbod app will generate workouts based on what I worked out previously and it has been working well. I always end up tweaking the workout as some of the exercises it recommends I don’t like doing.