ExtraBeef's road to a 1750 total!

ExtraBeef's road to a 1750 total!

Hey Guys! I wanted to start my own training log to keep myself accountable and keep some notes, whereas my notes are usually mental and not actually written anywhere.
So her’s my current status, 8 days ago I totaled 1660 (600 squat, 400 bench, 660 deadlift) at 236lbs:

I’m now jumping back in for May 5th, either for the Kentucky Mayhem or the Mid-Atlantic championships in New Jersey. my coach, Brandon Lilly, is confident in me putting up 1750.

I plan on logging my training as well as an overview of my diet and weight/body composition. We’re planning on 8 weeks of as much hypertrophy as possible, leading into a quick 4 week peak and then competing.

This week I squatted pretty light on Sunday, 4x3 with 240 on a cambered bar, and followed up with a TON of volume work. It’s great to get a pump again.

Last night I started benching again with coach’s training, listed below:
285 6x4 sets 90 seconds rest time (Holy shit this sucked)
100lb dumbells 12x4 sets 90 seconds rest
bench dips 20x3
Shrugs 12x3
Behind the Neck DB press 12x4
chins 12x4
Barbell Curls 12x4
lateral raises 12x4

Finally pumping some blood into the upper body has been amazing, I’ve gained 6 pounds since late last week and riding this rebound very well.


Awesome. I’m down to follow this!

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I’m interested! Been considering trying powerlifting myself. I have a pretty competitive bench, but I’d need to like double my squat! :joy:

Anyway, can’t wait to see how this goes!


Following! Good luck!


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LMAO! Take it up with Mark!


I’ll take a sponsor :eyes:


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Well last night’s deadlift session sucked. I’ve had a pretty bad cold so getting food down and my cardio capacity has blown.

I was supposed to hit deadlifts with 405 3x8sets 30 seconds rest, however being sick brandon said take it at my own pace. I may have misinterpreted that.
I hit:
405 1x3, 1x12, 1x9. obviously copious amounts of rest
Hamstring curls 3x12
hammer strength row 3x12
shrugs 3x20
bicep curls 3x12

I’m floating just under 240, was 240 before I got sick. Upping the calories so start pushing towards 250. I’m taking a rest day and then hitting chest tomorrow night

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My weight has been very weird. Starting saturday I was following RP’s Mass 1 for my weight. I gained six pounds by tuesday, when I got sick and have since steadily lost 4 pounds. I have missed one meal the entire week. For reference, my macros until yesterday were 245p, 550-600carbs depending on training, and 120 fats. Today I’m upping to 300/625/175 on training days. I just wanna be big damnit!


So, what are you at? 4200 calories?


@customshopkv1 271 technically! I’d call it 5200


Well your username is fitting!!

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I couldn’t imagine 5200! I was struggling at 3400 when I was bulking last year.


Two meals are liquid and the only “dirty” food is cereal before bed with my casein. I find that strategically putting liquid meals between heavy meals helps if my appetite is not where I want it to be.


Why so little rest with deadlifts? How does this get you towards any kind of competitive goals?

I train with a heart rate monitor and few things get my heart going like heavy deads and takes a couple minutes to simmer down. Lunges too for whatever reason.

Going on that short of rest seems counterproductive to your ultimate goals to me, but I’m sure there’s plenty I don’t know


So for these next 8 weeks I’m in a pure hypertrophy phase. Very, very light weights for lots of reps and volume. the short rest time helps with my conditioning (as I may have abs but I’m in horrible shape) and the overall workload helps boost my appetite to eat even more

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