Exercise to Boost Testosterone Without Heavy Compound Lifts?

tl;dr I am looking to boost T via exercise without heavy compound lifts. Is it possible?
(not looking for T injections…but that would be a last resort)

Full story:
2 years ago I was diagnosed with central serous retinopathy, a condition where blood starts to leak between the macula and retina, impairing vision. After months of monitoring and no improvement, the ophthalmologist suggested we cauterize the area where it leaks. Unfortunately, it causes permanent vision loss in the area of the leak (but leaving the condition for too long does the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:). It’s been over a year since the treatment, and no issues.

Now all of a sudden it started leaking again (you can see exactly where it is leaking…looks like a glowing halo in the vision). It correlated perfectly with me starting to do heavy compound lifts (80%+ 1RM). Did some googling of the condition and weight lifting, and voila…random anecdotal posts and articles from ophthalmologists indicating how their weight lifting patients tend to get it. I couldn’t find any studies on pubmed/nih, but I’m convinced this the cause.

“Why don’t you work on your breathing?” Yeah, I’m sure that would have helped in retrospect, but I think it’s too late for that; it’s already ruptured…leaking from the same spot that was cauterized last time. (I will be going back to the doc next month for another retina scan for sure)

There’s tons of workouts I can do to build muscle without any heavy compound lifting. However, from my reading, heavy compound lifts sound like the only exercise to make the body produce more T.

If you read this whole thing, you rock :smiley:


HIIT and/or sprints
Forced reps regardless of weight

Compound movements will increase testosterone more than any other exercise obviously due to the usage of more muscles. Leg training will increase testosterone better than any other muscle group training, keep that in mind.
I would also suggest volume training will increase testosterone but after about 45 minutes to an hour it decreases pretty quick so keep your workouts short if you go this route.

Thanks guys…couple follow up questions… :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought HIIT only increased HGH, not T. No?

So I don’t need to so 80+%? Everything I’m reading indicates they need to be high % RM.

I think an important question to ask here is “does the test increase from heavy lifts make a true difference” and the answer is “probably not.”

The applicable difference between the upper quarter of WNL testosterone levels and the lowest quarter of WNL isn’t really much. Normal levels are normal levels.



Yeah, I’m overthinking it. :smiley:

It’s my “good eye”. Need to save whatever vision I have left. Much more important than slight differences in T