Everyone's Current Stacks

Everyone's Current Stacks

I love doing this thread a couple times per year… what is everyone’s current stack, supp routine, or rotation?

I’ll start off:

AM: Half a scoop of Ghost Burn mixed with greens and fiber.

WITH BREAKFAST: Multi, Fish Oil, SNS Inhibit-E

AFTER BREAKFAST: Some RTD - White Monster; Merica Energy; or C4 Carbonated.

PRE: Vasoblitz and FullBlitz; OR Axe & Sledge Hydraulic and some higher stim product (honestly burning through the 100+ samples I have before they go bad). I only use stims in my PRE on Back or Leg day.

INTRA: Half a scoop of VMI Heat; Ghost Size (or Kaged Muscle Creapure); and 1 scoop of BCAA (primarily to burn through the stocks I have).

POST: 1.5 scoops of Xtend Pro or ISO-100.

Maybe this is overkill - but oh well.


CL Orange Triad - 6 Caps a Day
CL Oximega - 4 Caps Day
Scivation Flexatril - 2 Caps Day
Jacked Factor Green Surge - 1 Scoop upon Waking
Evomuse Gut Health Probiotic - Upon Waking
MTS Machine Uptake (Digestive Enzyme) - 2 Chewables / Day
Vitamin D3 5000 IU

VasoBlitz & FullBlitz (1/1 Scoop of each)

Whey - 1-2 Scoops/Day

Outright Bars - 1/2 a week Max

Creatine - 5g/Daily

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AM: Campus Protein Carnitine (Gel Oh Shot, finished Green Apple a week or so ago)

PRE: C4 Ultimate (Orange Mango) 3x a week; CelluVol 2x a week (just finished up Dymatize PWO)

INTRA: Samples right now before they expire; Just finished Alpha EAA, and have ISO-EAA (MAN) on stand by. and 5g Crea-Clear Creatine (depends on PWO)

POST: RCSS Pro-Antium

WITH BREAKFAST: Fish Oil (Orange Oximega), Multi (Orange Triad + greens powder), Life Extension Bio-Curcumin

IN BTWN MEALS IN MORNING/AFTERNOON: Ghost Chips Ahoy Protein (1 scoop left); Dymatize Vanilla CupCake on stand by

WITH DINNER: Multi, Fish Oil, Curcumin

BED: Carnitine / Machine Sleep Aid (MTS) — Finished Beyond Raw Anabolic Sleep a week or so ago, did not care for it.


That Carnitine is beyond good tasting. I know @Matt_Towson loves it too. Have you tried Freedom Shot?

Not yet…the Gel Oh Shot is amazing, and Green Apple was good too, but yah Gel Oh all the way comparatively. I do not see much result wise using this, but it is fun taking a shot twice a day lol! They nailed the taste. I imagine if I ate on a deficit then I would get better results.

I bet you may notice a small mood/focus due to the added ALCAR in there too. Its not just pure L-Carnitine, its a tri-blend to give you a tri-fecta of benefits. I have a lot of clients who notice a small boost in mood since taking it. Try removing it for a few days, and then paying attention to that you may pick up on it.

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Oh forgot to add upsorb in morning and night. Good idea bob. You may be right

Every day:

GNC triple strength fish oil
NOW Psylium Husk
Ghost Size
MFit Peak Force
100mg-150mg of CBD through various sources (mainly Green Roads)
Green Tea

Pre: (whatever I feel like for the day)

MuscleSport King’s Ransom
Super Human
Super Human Supreme (Strawberry Cheesecake)
Performix Pre (rarely)
Conquer (Phantom Nutrition)

Ghost Amino V2
Inspired EAAs

MuscleSport Lean Whey
Ghost Chips Ahoy (good version)


Also testing out some Nutrition 21 stuff now, gonna be testing out NooLVL soon for gaming.

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It’s legit. I’m stocking up on Black Friday.

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Speaking of…new Fuel flavor is Strawberry Kiwi???

Morning: Caffeine source, usually CP Fuel
Emergen-C (I work in the health care field, and all of my patients are sick right now. Does Emergen-C work? Probably not, but if I believe it does, maybe the placebo effect will do something)

Pre-Kaged or Fullblitz

Have a lot of Ghost stuff rn, so working through that. Blueberry pastry is. Unique.

That’s about it atm.

Looking to grab some aminos high in leucine, been eating vegan/vegetarian most days to 1.) increase my micro intake and 2.) challenge my cooking skills, so while my protein intake is high, I’m sure it’s of questionable amino profile.


Simple - I like it.

Fish oil
Creatine Mono

Pre: C4 Extreme, Mega Pre Black, BZRK, FullBlitz, or Mr. Hyde. All depends on the day

Intra: LOVING Nutrabio EAA’s in Grape
Occasionally my AminoFast that I have left for longer day.

Whey: Don’t use it much but either Sparta peanut butter or muscletech chocolate

Currently hardcore dieting so

Ign3te new version, 2 capsules
sns higenamine or synepherine+naringin, or bulk yohimbine depending on the day

Lions mane capsules
What ever adaptogens I feel like using today
Magnesium+vitamin b6
DMAE or CDP choline
L thenanine
Vitamin d

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Life Extension Two Per Day Multi
OL Oximega
GOL RAW Probiotics 100 billion CFU
Extra Vitamin D3 2000 iu
Cissus XT

Pres Metabolic Nutrition ESP or Focus XT

Protein PES Select PBC or WCM as needed

SNS Stress & Anxiety or CBD Wellness Labs Full Spectrum CBD as needed

Inhibit-E (unrelated) is one of my new favorite products!

Don’t know. HQ Won’t tell me. But when I get the 2 new flavors in … 30+ Packages are going out the door for reviews. I got you sir!

My latest stack…

Supplement Total Daily Dosage
Beta Alanine 1.6 g
Betaine Anhydrous (TMG) 2.5 g
Boron 3 mg
Carditone (Ayurvedic herbs) 2 tablets
Cod Liver Oil 1 tsp
Creatine Monohydrate 5 g
Fish Oil 2 g
Garlic Extract 4000 mg equiv
Iodine (Ioderal) 6.25 mg
Liv 52 (Ayurvedic herbs) 375 mg
Magnesium from Magnesium Glycinate 200 mg
Multi (Now Brand “Adam”) 2 ea
N-Acetyl Cysteine 1800 mg
Potassium from Potassium Citrate ~1 g, throughout day
Resveratrol 1000 mg
Selenium 200 mcg
Vitamin D3 5000 IU (125 mcg)
Vitamin K 200 mcg
Vitamin K-2 (MK-4) 800 mcg
Vitamin K-2 (MK-7) 100 mcg

Will soon stop taking these as soon as I run out, since they don’t do anything for me:
Lions Mane, Cordyceps

Gonna start taking next week:
Alpha GPC. I’ve heard great things about it.


Ok…let’s do this from memory (who am I trying to kid, I know exactly what I take):

PES TruMulti
Dr Serrano AlphaOmega M3
Onnit AlphaBrain
BiOptimizers MassZymes
TruNiagen (big fan)
Occasionally Nutrabio KSM66 at night

BFF FullBlitz (starter for most days)
Legion Pulse (starter when I need a little ‘extra’ boost/energy)
Ghost Legend (I think)
NutraBio Pre
(FB and LegionPulse are really my go-to right now)

Primeval IntraCell7 (Starter)
Ghost Amino (coming off the bench)
NutraBio IntraBlast

Protein (used occasionally)
Ghost Chips Ahoy
ManSports Iso (cinnamon cereal)
NutraBio (Maple pancake)
ProJym (Vanilla and S’mores)

Special Teams:
MTS Vasky (recently purchased and I respond really really well to whatever is in there)
BFF VasoBlitz (just ran out)

It should be noted that I don’t use Creatine unless it’s in my pre. For some reason, any creatine I take just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m open to suggestions of course.


You tried creapure of hcl?