Dymatize ISO-100 Protein- The Best

I just want to say I have tried about every protein out there and this Dymatize ISO-100 is hands down the best tasting there is. The Peanut Butter flavor is phenomenal! This stuff tastes just like a peanut butter shake at fast food place without all the sugar and fat. I tried it in milk and wow! Incredible. I don’t know how they got this to taste so darn good but they did. I am almost tempted to take a sample to a lab around here and get it tested its so good…LOL My 2nd favorite of theirs is the Orange Dreamsicle. Its awesome too.


We’ve been hearing a TON about this peanut butter flavor!! Thanks for the reminder.

Does it taste like real peanut butter? Or just good ‘fake’ PB?

Thanks @Brawn!

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Yeah I have been using ISO-100 for ages and the new PB flavor is just taking this to a whole new level! Love it. It even reduces the need to add any sort of powdered PB to my various shakes etc since this stuff is
flavored so perfectly.

@Mike I would say it tastes sort of like a powdered PB, its really damn good.

Real peanut butter! It tastes like a shake you would get at a fast food place. Its phenomenal! I honestly don’t know how they do it. You have to try it. In milk, its sinful…LOL

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I have a tub sitting around, it’s more of a “fake peanut butter” flavor as far as I’m concerned. Their chocolate coconut flavor is awesome though. One of the best protein powders on the market

I’ve also been seeing a lot about this peanut butter flavor lately. I may have to give it a shot. I’ve had a birthday cake sample of ISO-100 that I actually enjoyed. Out of 2 or 3 other birthday cake flavors I’ve had, this one was definitely the best. With PreWO and ISO-100, Dymatize seem to be on the ball, flavor wise. (edit: and effect wise in terms of PreWO)

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I also ran ISO for years and recently just switched to Nurtabio Muscle Matrix, a little more pricey but I like the Nutrabio company and it’s transparent labeling, tells you exactly what you are getting in the scoop.

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Thanks for the support man :), plus with Muscle Matrix as opposed to Iso100 - your getting Micellar Casein with Isolate. Longer digestion period.

We love providing and showing the customer everything they are taking and providing the purest and most effective products!

Right but after my workout, I want a faster absorbing protein, not casein. And if I want to slow down my whey absorption, I will just mix it with milk instead of water. This is a reason I never buy just casein protein. Personally its a waste of money, milk is much, much cheaper as well as other protein sources.,…eggs, chicken, beef…

Yes, Kon, I think you guys have an excellent company there. I have also used your Multi. Do the research buy the best…

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Awesome man, we defiantly appreciate the love. And if you have a questions about NutraBio feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile:

ISO-100 is definitely a great option! For some the flavors tend to be a little sweet especially with the Birthday Cake and Fudge Brownie flavors. I’m a huge fan of NutraBio as some have already mentioned and I would also put NutraKey ISO-Optima up there. The macadamia nut flavor gets a ton of positive feedback. Oh and the new MAN Sports ISO is pretty legit as well. Planning to have it up on Suppz very soon.

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Protein powder flavors are so subjective, as you know. But I may have to give the Peanut Butter one a shot. I rotate protein powders pretty frequently. Without doing that it’s like having the same food every day


You have to try that peanut butter, its so good. It’s hard to find a good tasting peanut butter protein so I was so excited after I tasted this one. The orange dreamsicle is also very good.

I appreciate that Brawn. I’ve tried and really liked the Orange Dreamsicle (no clue why I put that in caps)

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I guess I’m weird - I think I prefer the XT versions more than the ISO-100. ISO-100 is solid though. I think the best thing “peanut butter” that I"ve had was the Magnum Quattro Peanut Butter + Chocolate, but that’s not fair to compare. NutraBio’s chocolate peanut butter is pretty solid in isolate form, but it has that thin consistency that I’m not a fan of with water. I haven’t tried the WPC version - they are usually a little creamier, but I’ve given up on trying different flavors. I get an allergy attack every time I have one.

Oh man very unique flavor there. I forgot about that. I kinda miss that tub

People are never sure on that. Like what macadamia nut flavor!? But once they try it it’s over.

Does that macadamia nut flavor have white chip in to taste like those delicious cookies ? LOL