Dymatize ISO-100 Protein- The Best

Def should haha. Just crumble up a Lenny & Larry’s cookie in there and you’re good to go.

ISO-100 Orange Dreamsicle is the best tasting protein I’ve ever had.

Yes, it is awesome. I will give peanut butter flavor the edge but both are second to none compared to other proteins.

Nutrabio taste just as good in my opinion. Probably best whey out there Nutrabio

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It might taste good but Im not spending $40 for a 2 lb tub of protein. If they lower their prices, I will give it a try. Way overpriced.

Wow I pay $26 for Nutrabio, ISO 100 where I live is far more expensive

If it was $26 I would buy it but on BB.com and TigerFitness, its $40! No thanks!

Hmm dunno where you can buy it for $26 but we have a 10% off coupon on for Nutrabio on Suppz (you can find it over on Priceplow’s main site) and during most holidays we run a 20% off sale that includes all of Nutrabio. We also carry the most Nutrabio of any online store with almost 200 items.

Good info. on the Nutrobio. I’ll have to watch for the coupon. I want to try their Pre Extreme if Total War doesn’t work out.

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Total War is good but they are removing DMHA. As is Sparta Kraken. That’s what makes them good. Come 2018 I think AREZ is going to become the go to pre workout. Not much hype yet unless you follow Suppz and FDN, but priceplow has done a piece on it. Definitely one to watch.

And pre extreme is legit as well. Most complete pre workout on the market.

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I’m a vanilla guy (insert comment here) how is Nutrabio’s vanilla WPI and MM? Thank you.

Where’d you hear this news from? I’m a Total War addict, mainly due to DMHA, so that would be crusher for me.

I have my sources. They still have a lot of stock for now but you are going to see that ingredient disappear very soon. A lot of manufacturers aren’t even running it anymore.

If all of this is true, things are going to get weird for a while. What trusted manufacturer that actually does lab tests and follows the CFR laws will use DMHA?

Yes we’re heading for a strange time indeed. It’s like prohibition but with stims :joy:

You nailed it dude. Prohibition = black market = dangerous times. Doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, result is always the same.

I understand that some folks need more and more stims - but at what point do we just say ‘dude do coke’

Yeah, I agree. 400 mgs of caffeine was too much for me. I tried it and all I got was stimmed up and I felt my body heat up. I had no pump, no focus. It makes for not so good workouts.

Fudge Brownie Iso is legit. Never tried Peanut Butter but Ghost and Pes own PB flavors so I’m good.

DMHA could disappear for all I care. Some pres that have it seem weaker than many without.

Ghost has nothing on Dymatize. Trust me, their peanut butter is phenomenal! Put it this way, I have had lot and lots of different protein brands over many years and I have never called a supplement company to compliment and praise them on how good a protein tasted. Well, I did with the Dyamatize peanut butter. It’s that good! I told them whoever they have for their flavoring people, they better pay them well and never get rid of them…LOL