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Hello All –

This is the start of my daily log for my use of @Buildfastformula VasoBLITZ product. Thank you to the brand for sending me out a tub to log. A little background about myself. Currently weighing in at ~210 pounds, standing six foot three inches. Have recently lost about 30 pounds from my heaviest weigh in at ~240 pounds about six months ago. I follow an intermittent fasting eating protocol where I typically only have one large meal per day in the evening. Focus on protein and fats with most of my carbs coming from fruit and vegetables. Currently eating in a caloric deficit and trying to reach ~195 pounds by the end of the year. My weight training sessions are typically in the afternoon, starting between 12 noon and 2pm. I lift at least three days a week, sometimes more if I have the opportunity. I also do LISS cardio seven days a week for an hour or more.

Day 1:

Now onto the first day of using VasoBLITZ. I knew the tub was coming in the mail today, so I delayed my training a few hours until it was delivered by the Post Office. As for mixing, there was no issues with the two scoops (15.5g) in the ten ounces of cold water that I used. In terms of flavor, I received the watermelon and closely associate the taste with that of a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. Not an overly powerful flavor and very enjoyable to drink. No aftertaste or odd mouth-feel from drinking the product. Props to the brand for the product being 80%+ actives and only ~20% fillers for taste and mixability with the product still being enjoyable.

As for the workout, today was my leg day. I typically finish eating my meal around 12 midnight the day before, so I train in a 12-14 hour fasted state. Did not experience any stomach issues after drinking a serving or throughout the entire workout, which lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. In terms of effectiveness for this workout, I have nothing outstanding to report. I did not get a huge pump, which was ok for training legs, as I do not enjoy too much blood in the muscles during this session. The feeling was about the same as any other pre-workout that I have used which contain some pump products (most commonly citrulline or citrulline-malate). What I could definitely tell was missing when compared to my normal products used was the energy and focus aspects. I realize this product is stim-free, so I was not expecting the normal kick of caffeine or anything else to make an appearance. I wanted to at least use this product on its own before adding any stimulants and/or focus ingredients during future training sessions.

Overall, a good workout but not as high paced or intense as normal. The body was dragging a little and I did not have my normal focus and energy when compared to using other products. Excited to see how this performs when I get to upper body workouts and after I get a few more servings in me for the nitrates to build up.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like more details about something.

Why don’t you utilize the product with carbs, sodium and water which would enhance your experience? Without them a non-stim pump product will not shine. Those are 3 crucial factors for aiding a pump (non stim or stim product). Unless you always train this way you may miss out on its greatest aspects when in conjunction with the product your logging.

I would consider at least 50g of carbs and adding sea salt to that meal to help increase the pump from the product and make sure your taking in a good chunk of water prior to training. If you dont want to eat I would add 50g of liquid carbs during training with an EAA/BCAA beverage which would help, but still add sea salt with the vasoblitz prior to your training. That should help you out and get a much larger pump

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As you mentioned in another log, I am going to “keep nutrition and training consistent” with what I have done previously while using other products. Adding carbs would be a “variable” that is not consistent with my prior nutrition and would skew the results of this product and provide a false log.

I always train fasted and without many carbs in my system, so this is my baseline. In regards to sodium, I consume adequate amounts daily (between 3000mg to 5000mg). And my water intake is at least a gallon per day; likely closer to two gallons since I do not eat throughout most of the day.

Yes, I realize my methods are not ideal when using a product like this but if everyone’s log was the same and we followed the same protocols, that would not provide the necessary/different feedback to the company.


I realize my methods are not ideal when using a product like this

well you answered your own question. You can still keep your total caloric intake the same, but if your not going to utilize a product to its full potential then don’t expect it to work as claimed. Thats my 2 cents for you.

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In a perfect world, adding pre workout carbs would not be a variable in this discussion but alas we are in the real world and changing that variable would go against your previous reccomendation of keeping things consistent.

Thank you for the advice.


That is like saying your going to buy Yohimbine HCL to get off stubborn fat. Then you dose it after eat a meal which defeats its purpose.
Your not getting the best use of the product, but again to each their own. If you don’t get a great pump or see much out of it we know what the underlying factor was.

I work out first thing in the morning and usually take my pre-workout on the drive to the gym which is about 20 mins. I really can’t have an effective fasted workout so I normally have a banana and some kind of grain source for carbs. @TheSolution I read that you recommend about 50g of carbs so maybe I will try Karbolyn along with the VASOBLITZ. Not trying to skew the results but see what works best.


No it’s not? He’s not taking the product to get a pump. He’s taking the product to log the results, no matter what it may be, good or bad. If his experience isn’t optimal, and it’s his diet causing it, then that’s the point. It isn’t a good product for those in his position, and that can be communicated to others who train like him


Yeah I would highly suggest it.
When i train first thing upon waking if i can’t get a meal I will do exactly what you said.
10-14g of BCAA/EAA + 50g of Karbolyn or Glycofuse + Sea Salt (help with pump)

I have been doing 1 scoop of whey and a mashed up banana (makes a small little protein pudding) and add extra sea salt and that usually goes down very quick if I train around 6-7 AM, but for days I do 5 AM its out of bed and an amino + Carb drink with vasoblitz on my way to the gym.

Has worked very well for myself and my clients who picked up the product.

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Hey man, a log is a log. Don’t revise your life for the log, the log should be in conjunction with what you already do.

Good, bad, or indifferent - log the results. As long as you clarify your nutrition and how you you used the product, then the log is PERFECT!

There are others who will want to use the product the same way you do, so your feedback will be huge for those individuals.


Thank you for logging!

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Agreed with the others. @TheSolution if the product needs to be taken with 50g carbs, a gram of sodium, and 2l of water to be effective, it should come with 50g carbs, 1g sodium, and enough flavoring to mix into 2l water in the formula.

If that isn’t required, then insisting on it to make the product shine is skewing the results. By your own standards, we would be unable to tell what came from the formula, and what came from the additions.

Making such a dramatic change in his daily routine would be no different than going on a 500kcal deficit to begin logging a fatburner. Of COURSE you’ll see results–but how much of them are to the credit of the fatburner?


Never said it was a requirement. But volumizers and pump products work in conjunction with carbs , sodium, and water.

If you wanted to use it to it’s maximim potential then setting up the non stim with optimal pre workout nutrition would enhance the experience. If not then as OP notes he didn’t get much out of it. Just pointing out there can be a difference when used in a different fashion.

He is free to train fasted with it and nothing added, but when he doesn’t see much from the product that could be the underlying issue.

I tried fasted with just vasoblitz pre and bcaa/EAA’s intra and didn’t get much of a pump.

I then allotted different carb amount 20-30-50g pre/intra when training first thing and saw a drastic difference. I pulled extra carbs from later meals and put them around my workout and kept my total intake the same . Just shedding my experience because like OP when it was just vasoblitz and nothing added in a fasted state it wasn’t anything special. He can still keep his same caloric intake , but modify the timing of his calories.

I’m about 3 weeks into using it , but still trying different things week to week and taking notes on what I see. You never know he may see something on upper days depending on his training style or how heavy he carb backloads and saturates his glycogen stores the human body is truly unique

I agree with Matt_towson. We’re not asking anyone to change anything aside from adding in the product and reporting back.



Day 2:

Just for tracking purposes with the possible effects from the nitrates, I took my blood pressure this morning. It was 106/61. It will be interesting to see if that changes throughout my use of the tub.

As for training, today was a rest/LISS cardio only day along with doing some light construction work around the house. Total steps according to my FitBit was just over 18,000.

I drank my serving at around 3:00pm while just relaxing in the house and watching some TV. It was a nice refreshing drink to have during the hot weather we are currently experiencing. As usual, the only thing that I had consumed apart from my last meal at 12 midnight was water. I did not experience any side effects during or after drinking my scoops. Nothing else specifically noticed by my body or in the mirror while going about the rest of my daily activities. That is all for today. See you tomorrow.

Day 3:

Today was pretty close to the same as yesterday. I did my normal LISS cardio with no strength training along with some yard work out in the heat of the afternoon. Total steps on my FitBit reached just over 18,000 again.

Drank my serving around 3:00pm again while cooling off inside after doing the yard work. Still enjoying the flavor and have not experienced any side effects while consuming on an empty stomach. While at rest, nothing different noticed or felt with my body.Will be strength training tomorrow, so we will see how that goes and if the nitrates have built up in my body.

As a note (not sure if it is just my crappy scale) but I have been weighing my scoops the last few times. A normal level scoop that is not packed in is returning a weight of between five and six grams for me versus the seven to eight grams that I would expect based on the serving size. It is not a micro scale, so I don’t have precise weights. With these measurements, I need between two and a half to three scoops to achieve the 15.5 gram serving size. Wondering if anyone else is measuring their scoops and coming up with the same results.

Hello, Devin, thank you for starting the log.

We just weighed the scoop and its right on point at 7.8 grams.

What do you mean by “not packed”?


What I mean by not packed is gingerly scooped. Some people may dig the scoop into a tub and really pack in the product while I am gingerly scooping from the top portion. With the product being on the powdery/airy side, there seems to be some margin of error depending on a person’s habits.

Day 4:

Today was a weight training and cardio day for me. My main focus was back and biceps with a little bit of abs thrown in at the end. The total workout lasted about 75 minutes. Total FitBit steps clocked in at just over 19,000 for the day.

Drank my scoops when I first arrived at the gym before my 10-15 minute warm-up. Started my workout about 13 hours after my last meal, which included about 25 grams of additional carbs compared to what I would have normally eaten.

After the warm-up, I started with back by doing heavy barbell rows (double overhand grip) and heavy machine rows (neutral grip). These were done in the five to eight rep range. After that I moved onto weight assisted pull ups and chin ups. These were done in the eight to twelve rep range. My last back exercise was a different machine row with an underhand grip. These were done in a twelve to fifteen rep range.

I then moved onto biceps with cable curls using a straight bar, hammer cable curls using a rope attachment, followed by cross-body dumbbell hammer curls and finished off with seated incline dumbbell curls. The sets on the cables were done in a six to eight rep range along with the dumbbell hammer curls. The seated incline dumbbell curls were between eight and twelve reps.

As for how I felt during the workout with using VasoBLITZ. Mostly everything felt pretty close to the same when compared to the complete pre-workout that I normally use. Nothing outrageous was felt or noticed in regards to vascularity or pump when compared to what I am used to. As with my previous workout, the only aspects that were missing was the extra kick of energy and focus, especially mid-way through the workout. My normal complete pre-workout includes a hefty dose of caffeine along with some focus ingredients, which I can tell are missing now. No side effects experienced.

For my next weight training session, I am going to add in 200mg of caffeine and 125mg of TeaCrine to see if that fills in the gaps that I am missing and turns VasoBLITZ into a complete pre. By that time, I will hopefully also have more nitrates built up in my system to see if any additional effects can be felt or seen.

Day 5:

Today was a rest/LISS cardio only day along with some housework, nothing too exciting or strenuous. Total steps according to my FitBit was about 17,000.

As with previous non-strength training days, I drank my serving at around 3:00pm while relaxing in the house and catching up on some news. Still no side effects experienced or anything different noticed on these non lifting days. Cardio is still the same, no change in energy levels or endurance experienced thus far.

Chest and shoulders training day tomorrow. See you then!