DF - VasoBlitz/FullBlitz Combo Experiences

DF - VasoBlitz/FullBlitz Combo Experiences

While my care package from @TheSolution is in the mail, figured I would get a jump start on this log to get some of the background information posted.

Previously, I have done a 30 day log of VasoBlitz on this site (DF - VasoBLITZ Log). I had a great experience using that supplement for an entire month and was blown away by the endurance effect it had.

Current stats: Height: 6’3", Weight: 220 pounds, Goal: Slowly lose weight while trying to maintain strength on the compound lifts.

In regards to my nutrition, I currently do not track macros and follow what some would call an intermittent fasting/one meal a day (OMAD) eating protocol. I typically will only drink water and electrolytes throughout the morning, afternoon and early evening with my meal coming between 10pm and midnight. Sometimes I will through in some aminos throughout the day but that is mostly only on training days. Between the two hour window when I have my meal, I can consume between 2000 and 5000 calories, which varies based on how I am feeling. For the most part, I stick with proteins, fats and vegetables for this meal. A typical meal would start off with a protein shake/smoothie containing some whey, casein and/or vegan protein powder along with a greens supplement, creatine and maybe a reds supplement if I happen to have one. I will also have a large salad with chicken, steak and avocado. Following that I will have some legume (peanuts) or nuts (pistachios, walnuts, almonds etc.) with some chunks of block cheese and more vegetables (carrots, squash, cucumbers pickles, peppers, mushrooms etc.)

For training, I resistance train three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) using a full body method each day. One day my main compound lift will be back focused, another day the compound will be chest/shoulders and legs on the final day. Workouts typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, beginning between noon and 2pm (12-14 hours after my last meal). For cardio, I do LISS seven days a week on the treadmill I have at home. That is typically between 60 and 90 minutes as well while I catch up on the news.

Sleep is typically between eight and nine hours a night. Water intake is at least a gallon per day, likely closer to two gallons on most days (especially resistance training days). Sodium intake is likely between 3000mg and 5000mg per day. Resting heart rate is in the low 60s BPM. Tracked steps per day is between 15,000 and 20,000.

Let me know if you would like me to post any other background information before we get started @TheSolution


The goods arrived today!

Since today is one of my non-lifting days, I will be using a serving of VasoBlitz sometime in the late afternoon or early evening (either before or during my LISS cardio session).

Will swing back around later this evening or tomorrow morning with my initial thoughts on the rainbow candy flavored VasoBlitz.


2 Scoops VasoBlitz (Off Days)
1 Scoop VasoBlitz + 1 Scoop FullBlitz (lower stim option) or 2 Scoops FullBlitz for training days

Can’t wait to hear your feedback

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Got it! :+1:

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Mine should be arriving Monday! I’m looking forward to mixing it up a little


Alright…first serving of VasoBlitz went down this evening just before my LISS cardio session. Empty stomach (16+ hours from my last meal). No side effects or feelings of uneasiness at any time after consumption.

Initial mixability here:

This is in 10 ounces (the tub recommends 10-12 ounces) of filtered cold water with no blender ball. Moderate foam appears with approximately 10 seconds of shaking (as seen in this photo).

After initial shaking and left to sit for 30-45 seconds, we do have some sediment at the bottom as seen here:

Nothing terrible in my opinion, probably only 5% or less leftover at this point. If the product is shaken again for about five seconds at this point, these sinkers seem to dissolve completely into the water.

The foam also ends up going down when left to sit on a counter but still some film left on the sides of the shaker bottle as seen here:


The flavored is labeled as rainbow candy and I get a mixture of either Smarties or Skittles. Some sips taste more like the Smarties while other sips will remind me more of Skittles. I like both candies, so I am ok with this combo. At 10 ounces the flavor is not “punch you in the face strong” and that is fine with me. It is enjoyable without being too sweet and the additional water allows me to enjoy the drink for a little longer than compared to using just six or eight ounces of water. I previously had the watermelon flavor of VasoBlitz and enjoyed that profile as well. If I had to choose, I would give the nod (only slightly) to the rainbow candy because it has two different candy flavors to me, so I never know which one each sip is going to taste like.


As for the formula, all the ingredients are pretty familiar to me from my use of other supplements except for the calcium lactate. This is the first product that I have seen or used with that ingredient. Based on the information from @TheSolution, this ingredient “Aids in Muscular Contractions”. When just doing cardio, this may not be readily noticeable but could be really beneficial during my training sessions.

Other than that, have always loved citrulline and six grams with no malic acid mixed in is a great dose for any supplement. No complaints with Betaine either. Have used products with it before and no bad reactions to it. Nitrates are somewhat new to me but I am a believer is their effects based on my previous experiences with running a full tub of VasoBlitz a while back. The endurance effects were the most notable for me (during resistance training and while doing my LISS cardio).


No immediate effects were noticed or felt with this first serving, nor was I really expecting much to happen this first time while only doing cardio. I have a leg focused training day tomorrow, so we will see how FullBlitz performs in the gym.

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I do calves on my off days (just cardio) and my calves will pulse after training them from the vasoblitz and pump. Pretty crazy but true.
Most people find 8oz to be the sweet spot a little less liquid does help the flavor shine a bit more to their liking.

I always use a blender battle with any shaker I have. 0 Issues mixing up instantly (some prefer it, some hate the ball).

Good start

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In following with the spirit of @PricePlow reviews, I won’t be using a blender ball so we can get a truer test of mixability for these supplements.

As our friends over at Ghost have said in their videos, if a supplement needs a blender ball to mix properly, then something is wrong with the formulation or manufacturing.


If they were not needed why would they ever be made? Case in point there is a personal preference for everyone and a market for them just like anything we buy.

For example: Ghost pump leaves lots of residue without a ball . I could say the same for Dymatize Pre. Nothing can be done about it due to the ingredient makeup and how the product is formulated.

You have 2 tubs to use as you please. Give it a shot if you have one and compare and contrast. All feedback is good feedback. We have a guy who mixes with a spoon, it’s always good to see all the pieces to the puzzle.

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That’s interesting to hear based on their previous statements. Thank you


Have you tried Ghost Pump? The powder in the tub get clumped up even in damp environments that aren’t exposed to heat or sunlight. When mixed leaves a good 1/4-1/2 inch of powder at the bottom of my shaker cup.


I have not tried Ghost Pump and haven’t heard of the clumping issue before today.


It would be hard for you to draw a conclusion before ever trying the product. You may want to grab a tub and see for yourself. I know I am not the only one who has had mixibility issues with the product as a lot of my friends are die hard ghost supporters and that is all they use. None the less its a phenomenal product (do not get me wrong) and that is why I have used a ton of tubs. I just had a lot of particles settling at the bottom of my shaker cup even with a blender ball. If I waited 10-15 minutes it would just compile at the bottom, or if I train first thing in the AM I would mix the night before and drink first thing when I wake up.

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First experience with FullBlitz today:

Previous evening’s meal: Good amounts of protein, fats, vegetables and sodium. Meal was finished at around 1:00am.

Sleep: 8+ hours

Next day water before workout: approximately 32 to 40 ounces.

Workout started at around 2:00pm.

Initial mixability here:

This is in 8 ounces (the tub recommends 8-10 ounces) of filtered cold water with no blender ball. As with VasoBlitz, moderate foam appears with approximately 10 seconds of shaking.

After initial shaking and left to sit for 30-45 seconds, we do have some sediment at the bottom as seen here:

FullBlitz had far more product that did not dissolve into the water when compared to VasoBlitz (my guess would be 15% to 20% sediment at the bottom). After letting it rest and shaking it again, not much changed from what I could see.

Like VasoBlitz, the foam does eventually go down with a similar amount of film left on the sides of the shaker bottle as seen here:


While the tub is labeled the same rainbow candy as VasoBlitz, this one tasted like Skittles from beginning to end while VasoBlitz to me had a Smarties flavors every once in a while. Much like VasoBlitz, at 8 ounces of water, the flavor is not “punch you in the face strong” but enjoyable and easy to drink with no bad aftertaste or weird mouthfeel.


In the top blend of FullBlitz, we have the addition of Beta-Alanine along with everything else we get from VasoBlitz. I enjoy the 3.2g dose in an effort to help with muscle saturation and I did not (or ever have for that matter) experienced the tingles from consuming this ingredient.

Moving on to the Energy Nootropic Blend, we have our old time workhorse of caffeine anhydrous at 335mg, which is fine with me. I have used pre’s with lower and higher amounts of caffeine and never had negative issue with either. Another ingredient that I am not familiar with is the 2-(Dimethylamino)ethanol Bitartate at 800mg. Based on the information from @TheSolution, this is a “Cognitive Enhancer for sustained mood, focus, and energy”. I’m all for any ingredient that would provide those effects during a training session. Lastly in this blend we have some Yohimbine Bark Extract, which I know is a make or break ingredient for some. I don’t mind this ingredient and have not had any negative experiences with it or a product that contains it.


As for the workout, everything went great. Today was my leg focused full body training session. Had great energy, focus and endurance throughout the entire session and no crash at any time the rest of the day. During my lower rep heavy movements at the beginning of the workout, no extreme pump was felt in my legs and I am ok with that. There was definitely increased blood flow but nothing that hindered my movements or ability to perform. Recovery was the same when compared to other pre’s that I use.

When moving on to the higher rep movements for legs and other parts of my body, there was a nice boost in blood flow and pump. This was most noticeable in my calves (early in the session) and biceps (at the very end of the session). Total time spent training was approximately 90 minutes but I felt like I could do more if I wanted. Water consumption was likely between 32 and 40 ounces during the session and the only other supplement used was my normal BCAAs about mid-way through (8 grams worth).

For my evening LISS cardio, did not notice any change in endurance or recovery as compared to yesterday when I first started using VasoBlitz.

Tomorrow is a non-training/LISS cardio only day, so I will be using another two scoops of VasoBlitz sometime in the afternoon.

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A little more info on DMAE for you:

DMAE It is a naturally occurring compound produced in the brain, but DMAE structurally similar to choline, but has one less methyl group, which gives it different properties than your typical choline supplement, such as Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline. Therefore its premise is to increase concentration, memory, and focus.

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Thank you


Just a quick update for today:

Two scoops of VasoBlitz about 30 minutes before my LISS cardio session.

No specific effects or improvements felt during cardio. Also no side effects or reactions while being consumed on an empty stomach.

As for initial mixability, I threw in a shaker ball with my serving today and didn’t notice much difference with the amount of sinkers at the bottom. Photo here:

Still nothing terrible but thought I would add it to the log since I tried something different today.


Back focused workout today along with LISS cardio in the evening. Two scoops of FullBlitz used.

Excellent workout all around, especially when it came to endurance and focus. Overall strength is staying consistent while body weight is slowly decreasing. No crash in energy at any time during or after the workout. Great pumps from beginning to end in the 90 minute workout with the only other product consumed besides water being the same eight grams of BCAAs mid-way through. Vascularity is slowly coming in as body fat is likely decreasing.

As an update to initial mixability from my first post with FullBlitz, threw in a shaker ball today but not much difference noticed. Photo here:


As I’m coming to the end of my tubs, here’s closing out the log per the final requirements.


10 ounces for VasoBlitz and 8 ounces for FullBlitz was perfect for me. Enjoyable flavor without being too sweet.


As noted earlier, the initial mixability did not improve for me whether I was using a blender ball or not. Looking at the big picture, not a big issue for me as I did not have any instances of large amounts of powder left for the final sip.


Both products seem to have excellent formulas for me and how my body reacted to them. No side effects or problems at any time during the run when consumed on an empty stomach. No crashes from the stimulants of FullBlitz and I used two scoops each time.


With the coupon code that Bob has, each product individually is a hell of a deal in my eyes based on the effectiveness and performance that I received. VasoBlitz as a non-stim pre for less than a dollar per serving is top notch and possibly unbeatable unless there is a fire sale on something else.

FullBlitz for less than $1.50 per workout is also an amazing value. This product could easily compete with other premium pre-workouts that are two dollars a serving or higher. And the free seven serving tub of VasoBlitz with the purchase of FullBlitz is some extra icing on the cake for those hesitant about needing both.


Nothing negative to say at all. Every workout with FullBlitz was fantastic with plenty of energy, focus, endurance and pumps to get the job done (no matter how long my workout was). The VasoBlitz on off days was a nice treat to look forward to each afternoon. I did not notice any significant effects during my LISS cardio from using VasoBlitz on these days. Based on my previous log and experiences, those improvements didn’t become noticeable until about two weeks in of consistent nitrate use.

Thank you for this opportunity @TheSolution !

Let me know if you would like anything more added.

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All i can ask is for your honesty during your run, and that is what you gave me in return.
That is much appreciated sir.