DaSlays Log of Samples

DaSlays Log of Samples

Ran out of my Proven Egg protein a few days ago, so going through some samples now, since I did not think this through and all my protein is still in transit :frowning: Tried the Ice Cream Sandwich and Mint Chocolate Chip from MTS.

I thought the Ice Cream Sandwich tasted great, and the Mint choco chip was just okay. For some reason though both sit in my stomach, and after my shakes I burp a bit and almost get that I am going to throw up feeling, like I am too full. This was both mid afternoon, so no food with it. Strange reaction, and I thought maybe Gaspari Proven Egg has ruined me for Whey. However, I drank my Nutrabio Pancake this morning with milk as I did in the past, and had no issues. So MTS protein is a pass for me, which is a shame.

I did order up some Xtend Chocolate Lava Cake so hope to get that soon to keep my protein intake going. I also got a case of Merica Labz Freedom RTD and C4 Ultimate Sour Batch Bros, so looking forward to trying those out.

@Dougefresh93 You out tagging spots on the river walk in the 'Burgh? LOL found this funny, close enough on the spelling!


i am everywhere… MTS killed my stomach as well

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It’s probably due to the MTS Whey being primarily a concentrate plus all the other little additives that are upsetting your stomach. The Nutrabio is strictly an isolate, so it’s to be expected it wouldn’t mess with your stomach. I’ve felt more satiated whenever I drink MTS Vs. most other proteins as well, which is nice if you’re trying to hold yourself over til your next meal. If not though…well you already know lol


Wait till you try the C4 Sour Batch and Xtend Pro Chocolate. You are going to be in heaven.

You live pretty close to the strip district on Carson Street yes?
if so… DELUCAS for breakfast is a must (featured on man vs food)


Yup I am close to the strip! Will put it on my list to check out, thanks!

@Nappy_Nerd Yeah i know what you mean when it comes to whey concentrate vs isolate. Yesterday I drank up my Ghost Whey PB Cereal Milk one with milk (delicious btw) and it settled better than the MTS. Just drank a Cookies n Cream MTS and its giving me that weird i wanna puke feeling again. I think it must be some additive in MTS that I am not digging, bah!

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