DaSlays Log of Samples

DaSlays Log of Samples

Down in Portland for some contracting work for the next 6 days. I also will head back for another week in Mid May, so thought I would use this time to run my samples that I have accrued over the years. I’ll post my sample stack each day and then my thoughts.

Here is tomorrows stack for Squat day:

Pre: Pre Kaged (Krisp Apple) - Never tried this, so looking forward to it
Intra: Aminogex (Pina Colada) - Ran this in the past and really enjoy it, never tried this flavor though
Post: Protolyte (Snickerdoodle) - Run this as well in the past, love this protein. New flavor for me though.

Later in the day: BCAA by Inspired (Watermelon Ice) - First time running this

Stay tuned…


I’m doing this more and more now…samples on the road.


What’s the best protolyte flavor your tried? Heard good things, but not too many reviews out there


The only one I ran was Chocolate Peanut Butter which I absolutely loved!! I have a bunch of samples of other flavors on this that the company sent me when I reviewed this via SR.com when it was active, so we will see as time goes on.


I enjoyed the apple Pre Kaged.

Good flavor & product

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where are you training while you’re in town?


My Travel Gym is 24 hour Fitness. I usually hit the one on 4th ave in downtown most days, but for deadlift days (for bumper plates) i hit the one in the Pearl District. I do not care for the gyms, but it gets the job done!!


for sure. You owe it to yourself (imo) to check out Kabuki Strength in Clackamas if you get time!


Oh good call! Yeah I will get my schedule tomorrow for my work out here, either this trip or next I will find time to check it out! Would be nice to find a better gym!!! Thanks bro!

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See you there :sunglasses:

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MTS Machine Whey - Cookies n Cream

  • Was okay, took upon wakeup! Was very hungry and got up a bit late due to watching EndGame late last night, so did not want a breakfast prior to the gym. This did a good job at taking away those hunger pains. Taste wise was okay, but i may be getting tired of the flavor at this point due to taking Double Stuffed for the last month or so from Merica Labz.


  • Taste: Definitely an apple taste to it, but did not really care for it. Not horrible, drinkable, but kind of like bland apple juice that has been in the fridge too long.
  • Eff: Okay for whatever reason the energy burst punched me in the face very quickly. It was almost too much (which was surprising since I have been using Cre-XS) and I got a bit jittery for 5 minutes or so. It calmed down, and then I had a great workout with it. I just did not care for the initial jitters. Pump wise, I got a slightly above average pump on my arms and leg accessory (5 sets of 10 reps each). It was okay, not something I would probably buy.

Aminogex Ultra

  • Taste: Pina Colada was okay. I typically stay away from mixed drink flavors, I like to keep my workouts and social life seperate. Plus I don’t drink mixed drinks, unless I am in Mexico! This was nice and light of a flavor with a hint of pineapple and the Pina Colada taste. Not something I would reach for flavor wise on a daily basis. I have tried multiple flavors so here is my list from best to worse: Tropical Mango (8/10), Pink Lemonade (7/10), Orange Ice Pop (6/10), Pina Colada (5/10).
  • Eff: I have used this in the past and it works great. Keep me hydrated throughout my workout, but not as good as Intra-Blast. A nice option though and recovery wise I typically need another 5g of BCAAs at least mid day. I used to run this 1 scoop intra, 1 scoop late afternoon.


  • Taste: Snickerdoodle was delicious!! Tasted just like the cookies. This is the first protein of this flavor I have had, and enjoyed it. My flavor preference so far is: Chocolate Peanut Butter (10/10), SnickerDoodle (9.5/10).
  • Effectiveness: This is a great Isolate. The added digestive enzymes is what sets it apart here and it digests amazingly easily! I sometimes forget about this protein, but its in my top time favorites!

On a separte note Cre-XS has been an amazing PWO for me. It has Y and I deal with it fine, which makes me happy. My one experience with Y prior to this was just a shitty product I do believe.

Later today I will try the BCAA by Inspired. Here is tomorrows lineup:

This will by my first time trying C4 Ultimate and Beyond Raw BCAA. Cant wait to see how Ice Cream Sandwich will taste, and Recovery I have had before with a flavor I enjoy.

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That’s a really good review.

C4 Ultimate hit me the way Pre-Kaged it you. So I would tell you to be prepared…

Used to love ME ‘back in the day’ and original Pre-Cre.

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Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I feel like i am late to the game with ME. Love Amino PM and Pre Cre-XS. A bit expensive to always keep around, but a nice treat when the sales come along! Now I may expand and try their other products.


Their AminoFlow was one of the first Intra-workouts with pump ingredients and really good product.

Unfortunately they seemed to have fallen off the face of the supplement earth


Well what hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth is Steelers moving up last night to draft Devin Bush! Our new young Steel curtain, hopefully with our 2 x 3rd round picks we snag a CB and WR! This seasons off to a good start. Fun fact, only players we traded up for in first round was Troy Palomalu and Santonio Holmes. Good sign!


I was shocked when they moved up. Great great move though. Seems like a good kid, minus whatever the hell he was wearing last night.

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hahhhahha My thoughts exactly! Hopefully we can teach him better “style” I’ll say Devin, you wear what you want, just murder the other team! With Shazier as his mentor/coach, c’mon he gonna be good!!!

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They have I believe a vanilla peanut butter that is pretty good too!


Decided to give this a go today. Here are my thoughts

Taste: Blue Snow Cone means a terrible tasting Blue Raspberry. Bad aftertaste and just not enjoyable at all.

Eff: This gave me some GI issues right when I got to the gym. Stomach felt uneasy throughout my workout, which sucked since today was 5x10 deadlifts. Okay energy, but nothing that felt much different than I would have had with no PWO. So overall not a great experience and disappointing

This gets a DaSlaya thumbs down!.

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Back in Portland for the week so here is Today’s samples

Dust X
Taste: Kind of a boring bland Sour Gummy Bear flavor compared to other companies’ versions. I used 10oz of water which was probably too much and diluted it a bit, but it still had a strange after taste I did not care for. Not undrinkable by any means, but just not my favorite.

Eff: Well I am torn on this one, because this is a stim bomb and a half. It was too much for me and I did get a bit jittery but at the same time I completely crushed my workout in a very quick time, and nothing about it was hard. So it definitely made the workout go well, but even now an hour or so post workout I still feel way too amped up lol. Not something I would personally use in the long run, but if you love your stims definitely look into it.

Intra Blast
I take this every workout back home, so I was happy to have this sample for the road. I still love the Dragon Fruit flavor and think it works great to give you that refreshed feeling during the workout. This still remains my favorite Intra workout product, and aids in my hydration and recovery. The 24 hour Fitness was hot as shit today, due to rain and some humidity, and lack of fans, so this helped me even though I was sweating like a stuffed pig!

Of course my post workout drink was Proven Egg. One thing I have noticed with Proven Egg is the digestibility is so much better than a Whey. It digests very easily for me, so am enjoying it very much.