DaSlays Log of Samples

DaSlays Log of Samples

Today’s samples…

Dust V2
Taste: Cotton Candy tastes pretty good, I enjoyed this one. Nice Cotton Candy flavor throughout and no weird after tase unlike the Sour Gummy Bear in Dust X.

Eff: Good energy boost not nearly as hardcore as Dust X. I thought it worked pretty well for my workout, however its a prop blend so thats an instant no go for me. What a shame. Fun to try though.

Beyond Raw Precision BCAA

Tropical Punch: Tasted pretty good, not too sweet and nice and refreshing. I think the dose of 10g BCAAs is a good one for me, so enjoyed drinking it Intra workout today. Effectiveness that remains TBD.


Why is the Prop blend a no go if you worked for you? There really aren’t any ergogenics in there outside of Caffeine. If it gave you good energy, then isn’t that what you would expect out of a stim base?


I see your point but in this day and age you should at least disclose things like Caffeine and not be afraid to share your blend. I get the fact it is all a business, but I have had way too many other PWOs that worked great that fully disclose everything, so just personal preference to not use Prop blends at this point.


Idk if it says on the bottle but PJ Braun has stated it contains 400mg caffeine. Haven’t looked at a bottle in quite sometime

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Listen I know we all hate prop blends but I have a tendency to agree that if it works for you…well it works for you.


The issue is when it works, and then it works, and then all of a sudden it doesn’t work nearly as good or actually makes you feel shitty, because they changed their dosing but kept the new dosage in the same descending order, so the label doesn’t have to change. And now you’ve just bought a $40-$50 tub of something that makes you feel shitty, because “it worked in the past.”

If the label is always disclosed, you have no need to worry about that.

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And therein lies the argument against prop blends.

Now if Starbucks could only be more consistent with my Iced Venti no whip white mocha the world would be a better place.

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Pretty exciting day of samples.

C4 Ultimate
Orange Mango - Just like my last sample I really enjoyed this flavor. You can really taste the orange and mango, makes drinking this very enjoyable.

Eff - Great energy and great pump. Today was my 5x10 of OHPs and man my poor shoulders, lol the pump hurt so good! Its been an hour after my workout and I still feel amped up, and no crash which is always a good thing. 2 samples of this, enjoyed both of them this is going on my Top 5 list of PWOs for sure. Once I go through the other million I have in my closet I will get a tub of this and the Power version.

Alpha EAA
Stawberry Lemon Bomb - Pretty unique flavor. You get a nice strawberry flavor on the front, and for me I had a bit of a creamsicle type flavor as I drank this. It was enjoyable for sure and not to sweet or weird. Pretty nice job here guys.

Eff - I did feel more focused for sure than usual. Typically I take Intra Blast so I enjoy the hydration effects, this had the hydration effects (i.e. less trips to the water fountain) and I felt focused. It helped push me through my workout without being distracted by the occasional attractive woman in the gym. Good stuff and I have a tub of this in my closet, so looking forward to this!


Prop Blend Saturday!! Compared to yesterday this was not a great day.

I Am God
Thou Shalt Not Covet - Fruit punch flavor. Very light in flavor probably because I used 10oz water. Not bad. A little light in flavor but tasted pretty good.

Eff - Well the energy started to come on pretty quickly in a nice way for about 10 minutes. As I started to walk to the gym I got a bit jittery, and then I got very nauseas. I did not get to point of puking, but it was that feeling that you wanted to, so I hated it. It basically just made my workout more difficult than it needed to be today!

Brute BCAA
Sour Gummy Worm - This kind of tasted like the sugar on the bottom of a gummy worm packet. I drank maybe half of this then started to notice this was not helping my stomach issues I had thanks to I am god. So I dumped about half of it out and just drank water.

I would not recommend the PWO at all. Hard to say if my stomach issues were only due to the PWO, and Brute BCAA just took the hit due to this. This is why samples exist. This is the last time for a couple months I will be trying samples (plus starting to run out of PWO Samples). .


Insane Labz… should have thrown it out.

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Anything from insane labs should be chucked like a freaking grenade. Over priced caffeine+no innovation+no excuse for having such shit products. Hate them and every branch off of their company with a flaming passion

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What? I took their Patent Troll supp and gained 100 pounds of muscle in an hour.


An hour? Sheeeeitttt, that’s not good enough. Needs to be 5 minutes


Only thing they ever did, worth a damn. :smile:

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haha Love the responses! Yeah, Insane Labz, Killer Labz…not a fan! However I did try a Destroyer sample from Killer Labz last fall and loved it. But then I see they reformulated it, so who knows. The only real product I like from Insane Labz is Nightmare (Sleep Aid). I doubt I will try their other samples, anything that interferes with my workout makes me mad!


Man, do you think that the “I am god” may have been the reason you didn’t care for the brute bcaa. It sounded like you’re already upset stomach was screwed up by the pre, not the bcaa. I’ll be honest, the brute bcaa wasn’t bad whenever I had it


I absolutely do. I was trying to make that clear, maybe I did not.


You said at the end of the review, you would not recommend either product, insinuating that the brute bcaa was bad. Maybe I read it wrong


Nope good catch thanks, was in a rush! Edited it for clarity, cheers!


Shweeeeeet. But yeah, anything from Insane Labz…just use it as fuel for a fire or something

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