COVID-19 Check In

COVID-19 Check In

How is everyone doing? Is anybody impacted enough at this time, that they need assistance in any way?

I worry mostly about people losing their jobs, etc… The stimulus bill should help out most people (albeit it is based off your 2018 tax return).

Hoping everyone keeps their chin up. My uncle is in the Texas legislature and is telling us that Texas won’t do a mandatory lockdown unless state citizens abuse their “freedoms.”


Thank you for checking in Matt. I think we are all in wait and see mode. And as they would say in Major League ‘taking it one day at a time, one game at a time and God willing good things happen’.

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Here in Argentina we are in a mandatory lockout.

Wait, 2018 tax return? So basically anyone out of college for a year who’s been in the workforce since then, or anyone who has entered the workforce in that time period, and has bills/loans/etc. is just f**ked and gets nothing?

Edit: just read this:

For the 2020 stimulus check, they would be based on 2018 tax returns, although the Senate bill contains a provision that a 2019 return could be used if you did not file a return for the 2018 tax year. (That’s a good reason, if you had income in 2019, but not 2018—say you’re a new college graduate—to get your 2019 return filed.)

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Still in college so thankfully not too hurt personally by the economic issues. My mother being a teacher has some paid time off, but my father in the restaurant business has to do all the takeout stuff himself which is a bitch.

In other news, my gym is still open so that’s a plus


I’m lucky I get to work from home. Went out and bought ~200lb of weight and a short barbell. Should keep me sane for the time being.

I was thinking about my grandmother who grew up in Germany the other day. She experienced WWI, Hyperinflation, Spanish Flu, The Great Depression, World War II, everything else after… She lived to be 100 and said that although they were hard times, they all pass and they never seemed to bother her.

I’d much rather be going through this today in our world, where I can play the new DOOM, watch mindless youtube videos, educate myself on something new, and have long-lasting junk food sitting around. 3-8 weeks of no gym isn’t the end of the world.

Not going to comment on the economic part


I’m lucky with my situation. I live alone, work from home, and thus have little interaction with other humans regularly as well has have some financial stability.

I’ve taken this time to learn about trading options and I’m doing alright ordering puts on this wonderful crash we’re experiencing.


Folks…this is what we call perspective.


My company sent its employees to work from home very early in the pandemic. I am very fortunate to have a separate room for a home office including a standing desk and multiple monitors. I did buy an extra camera for my teleconferences, so folks can see my dog instead of my ugly mug, lol. Wife is taking great care of me with lots of homemade fixins.

For exercise, I purchased MindPump’s MAPS - Anywhere program and a hefty set of resistance bands (oh wow, the “Ultimate” one I purchased isn’t available anymore…it had 10 bands ranging from 10# to 100). The program also optionally lets you use TRX, and I already have one of those. Pretty good workout so far, and a good change from all the barbell work I’ve been doing these past few months.

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I’m a utility worker in the Los Angeles area … Arguably a first responder. A bunch extra measures and guidelines are in place, but this train keeps moving. My wife works from home and is worried sick about me bringing something home… And her photography business is impacted by all this. Her mom and stepfather are in serious medical situations that don’t allow them to catch any infection much less an untreatable virus.

As far as working out… I didn’t read the leaves soon enough to invest in all the equipment I needed. I brought home a pull-up door kit and ordered a pair of kettlebells. Bands have been on hand for years.

I just didn’t plan on losing the option to go workout in a public outdoor place. That was twice as foolish in hindsight because I somehow counted on foolish and selfish man acting in the interest of others.

@Matt_Towson my mom is in Houston and has ‘stay at home’ measures built into her every day life lol.


I’m doing well.

My job said that we were staying open until the government says no, but they’re cutting our hours without pay, so that’s pretty shitty.

My gym is a wide open warehouse gym who’ve also said that they’ll be open until they’re forced to close, so I’ve got that going, but even then, some time off won’t kill me if it comes to it.

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Things are currently fine where I am, Hoping it doesn’t hit us, the town has allot of retirement homes, and my mom is immunocompromised due to leukemia.

So we are likely just going to hunker down and not go to the gym for a while.


Here in Jersey gyms are closed (like basically everywhere else), 8pm curfew and the rest of my college semester is online supposedly we’re getting stricter restrictions tomorrow but who knows… all we can do is take it a day at a time at this point


All of Texas just went into “voluntary” lockdown. Governor says if we abuse it, they’ll hit a shelter-in-place rule in effect.

Essentials are still open: drug stores, grocery stores, restaurants (drive thur and to go only), Heath food stores.

Basically, anything extracurricular is closed.


Business as usual in the supply chain of a major office supply retailer. Since the symptoms take a while, I don’t really want to catch and spread this shit to anyone else. But I guess I’m still getting paid so I can’t complain too much.

Other than work, the only other place I’ve been in the past couple weeks it the grocery store. Last week was bad. This week was twice as bad. No parking places, empty shelves, people with attitudes in masks and gloves. Actually I really didn’t buy much, I was just assessing the situation. To me it looks like shit could fall apart real quick. I will continue to only go to work and the store once a week.

However, after assessing the situation I’ll have at least a loaded pistol within reach at all times until this shit passes over. I’m at Defcon 2 at this point, LMAO…

Yup things are the same in Pittsburgh as everywhere else here, only essential businesses are open. I don’t mind being a homebody so it’s fine. I have the luxury of being able to work from home, so am lucky there. Being that I work Crisis Management there are no more days off and 12-14 hours a day for now. It is what it is… Be smart everyone and stay healthy!


No days off here for Erie insurance
I worked 8 hours OT last weekend and foresee it happening until this ends

Oh well. More money for drinks and snacks to hold me Over haha

Actually just ordered more SmartEnergy C4 Drinks and Outright bars with the current 20% OFF, so I should be good to go for a bit

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Stimulus bill just got rejected from what I’ve read. And my father’s work laid him off. Dude needs a break though so always a silver lining

They’ll modify a few things. It will get passed soon.

Excited for the stimulus to get passed, i’m already doing well with trading options this week and that will push things further