Clipper's quest to lower caffeine intake and increase his CelluVOLumization

Clipper's quest to lower caffeine intake and increase his CelluVOLumization

Hello all,

I picked up a tub of CelluVol from MPA supps late last week. So far, I’ve only used it for an arm workout, which turned out to be quite painful! I’ll be posting my thoughts as I run this tub.

What got me interested in CelluVol was the cult like following this company has. 2 people I talk to regularly have praised MPA Supps to such an extent that I just had to at least give them a shot. The profile of Celluvol is what made me pull the trigger. With 7 grams of Citrulline, 5 grams of HydroMax, 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine… I just saw something that I should be able to feel quite extensively in the gym.

Along with running CelluVol, I plan on lowering my caffeine intake for a bit. I have been around 600mg-900mg of caffeine per day for so long now, I feel it’s time to give my body a rest. So, my servings of caffeine will be limited. Off the Chain, small Red Bulls. Monsters, NutraBio caffeine pills are pretty much going to be what I stick with. from 900mg to 200mg-300mg should do my tolerance some good. I started today and feel pretty worn down. Get 80mg from a red bull for the gym.

Going to the gym in a couple of hours, so my second time using CelluVol with come tonight with a nice Upper Body day.

Excited to get this started!

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I mean, dollar for dollar it’s the best pump PWO on the market, especially factoring in the 15% off Facebook discount (or 20% for military and first responders iirc).

I’m super intrigued with the formula, and would definitely appreciate an unbiased review, keep us updated!


Thanks for following. Upper body with what I had to work with. Felt pretty good with only 80mg of caffeine with CelluVol

Decline barbell
Worked up to 205 for sets of 8
2 sets with a wider grip at 185

Pull-ups SS Dips

Back work with a cable.
Facepulls SS cable pullovers
Standing lat pulldowns

Incline machine press
60(each side)-12/12

Cable flyes

Abs, 20 minutes cardio

Didn’t feel as pumped as I would have hoped, but that could be due to many factors. The cable flyes provided a massive pump however, comparable to what I’ve experienced with NO3 from cellucor in the past. Very painful, but expected.

However, the visual pump was great. Chest looked awesome, along with my upper back. Arms looked pumped and I didn’t even directly hit them.

Didn’t feel too bad with only 80mg of caffeine(sugar free Red Bull)


Sounds good so far! I’m not the biggest glycerol fan but keeping my eye on this now.


Worth keeping in mind that part of the reason Matt excluded caffeine is its tendency towards vasoconstriction, he felt that including it with “pump” ingredients was utterly self-contradictory.


Yeah I saw his video on that. I get what he’s saying for sure. I don’t think 80mg would have too much of a counter effect, especially in someone who is so stim-tolerant that they had a 126/73bp after taking 300mg of caffeine+DMHA.

I will have workouts where I take Celluvol without caffeine, I’m just slowly lowering my caffeine intake to avoid withdrawals as much as I can.

How often have we taken stims with pump products and thought “wow what a great pump!”? I took my first serving last Friday and had an arm workout. Celluvol and Bang made for a great combo. Pumps were almost too good at one point. I’m wondering if taking in Super Carb affected Celluvol today in anyway. I’ll try again on Thursday for my second upper body day.


I will tell you that MPA Supps deserves attention because Matt Porter is awesome on Instagram. He’ll tell you exactly what he’s eating and taking, and it’s interesting as hell.

Anyway, when pulling away from stims, you can consider some rhodiola or whatever your favorite adaptogens are to ease the withdrawals!!

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I did not log my workout on Tuesday. It was a lower body day and there was no way I was getting a pump. I injured my back several months ago and have been slowly and carefully moving my strength back up. I refuse to ego lift and risk hurting it again. Previous maxes on squat and deadlifts were 355/445. So on the lower body day I simply worked up to a 275 squat for a few singles and some deadlifts at 315x3. Nothing heavy, still a major improvement from squatting 185 trying to save my back lol

Hit upper body yesterday

Started with some lateral raises and shoulder presses. By the 2nd set on presses, I started to notice some pump.

Really started to feel it on the first set of decline HS presses. Started to get really painful, as if I was doing cable flyes. Felt great.

Of course, after some back work, I went to cable flyes and got a very painful pump. Guess I would call it dense lol. Felt great and much better than my last workout. I would say it may be due to me not taking Super Carb pre workout like usual.

Pre was Celluvol and a small sugar free red bull(80mg caffeine)

In other news, a metroflex just open up within walking distance of my girlfriends apartment, so it looks like I’m moving back in with her. Going to check it out today and either hit legs or arms… probably arms since I will probably hit the gym with my gf on saturday and do legs with her.

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My boy clippy. Now lets just add some real weight . Ha.


Well, my gym schedule kind of got a bit messed up, but in a good way. With a Metroflex opening up within walking distance from my apartment, I’ve been going there and playing around with the equipment. So when I schedule an upper body day, I pretty much go in there, and decide “lets try out this machine”. It’s fun trying out equipment you’ve never seen before.

Celluvol has been providing some good pumps, just seems to be better when I don’t have carbs close to my workout. When I get in a settled gym routine I’ll be able to give a better update on it.

As for caffeine intake, I’m at around 100mg a day, highest is at 300mg in split doses. Either a caffeine pill pre-workout or some sort of energy drink. I feel much better, my sleep is better, and I feel “bigger” for some reason.

Better updates coming this week.

Black Friday pickups

ON Creatine Mono
PS HydroBCAA-4 tubs
MAN Iso-Protein Fruity Loops
Sweat Compound
Redcon1- Halo
2 tubs of ON Whey(3.5lb) B-day gift
2 tubs of syntha 6- also bday gift

Not sure but I feel I may pick up something tomorrow. Gotta see a deal that’s worth it though.


Personally, I rarely ever dose caffeine more than once a day. I think I may be in the minority there though! My thinking is that by having caffeine in my system for a shorter total duration should, again theoretically, help decrease tolerance build up. It’s tough to say if it has any real benefit there, but it’s a nice thought. In practice, I just take a big dose of caffeine soon after waking, then work out shortly after, and the energy and mood boost from the stim/workout combo carries me through the rest of the day so I never really need any more caffeine than the preworkout dose.

I can’t say I feel any bigger, but I get a different feel when working out with no caffeine. I haven’t yet decided if it’s better or worse than with caffeine, but I kind of like it.


I just saw this log on my feed. I’ve been curious about this one with the massive glycerol dose. In for the pump chase.


Just a different feeling/look when you’ve been at 900mg of caffeine per day for years lol.

Nice to see @BigHoop65 in here. The Glycerol Dose makes this stuff a bit chalky, but in a good way. So far, I’m loving the visual aspects of the pumps I’m getting. Need to test it out a bit more for the pump “feel”.

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How is this still treating you clippy?


Update coming. I’ve been swamped with work here recently. All I can leave you with is that CelluVol works very well!

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Alright, an update came later than I had hoped, but now that I finished my last exam of the semester(and crushed it with Brainbridge!), I can finally sit down on forums and not feel like I’m wasting my time lol.

So CelluVol has been working GREAT. Honestly, with its profile, there is no reason why it shouldn’t. It find it works best if I take it 10-15 minutes before I workout. Arm days are more fun than ever, even curling 20lbs just gives me a rush of pain. Any squatting over 5 reps and I pretty much have to roll down my elbow sleeves to ease some pressure lol. One thing I’ve noticed is that I have not grown tired of this formula. I have other pump products sitting around, but I have no problem just sticking with this. The flavor hasn’t grown old yet. Is it worth the $60? Not sure, I’m going to have to do some math… or “maths” for you British people.

On the caffeine reduction. It’s still growing strong. I no longer feel the need to take caffeine right before I workout. I can have 100mg and still have energy to hit the gym 2-3 hours later. I feel much better overall and I’m not too sure I’ll ever go back to a stim-based pre-workout. At most I’ve had maybe 400mg throughout the day, with 200mg coming in the morning from HydroxyElite, and Brainbridge midday.

In other news, I got my hands on some Compound Solutions Dynamine samples. I’m logging it on SR, but I’ll give my thoughts here too. I already like it more than TeaCrine. 100mg hits me within 15 minutes and gives me this sort of “motivated” feeling. I actually feel like getting things done, and done well! I took it pre-workout last night with roughly 150mg of caffeine. On every rep on squats, if I had something off in my form, I noticed it immediately and had no problem correcting it on the next rep. Whether I leaned too far forward, pushed through one leg more than the other, etc… Sounds kind of weird but it is exactly how I felt last night. Looking forward to seeing this on the market and what companies can do with it.


I’d definitely like to hear more about the dynamine. I’ve been really curious about that stuff and I’m gonna have to try it soon.



"Caffeine is a xanthine which acts in the body’s cells by different mechanisms of action and on a wide range of molecular targets. It intervenes as an antagonist of the adenosine receptors, inhibitor of phosphodiesterase enzymes, sensitizer of calcium liberation channels, and GABA receptor antagonist [26]. Other cardiovascular processes are related to the reduction of cytoplasmic Ca2+ in the vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) through cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and the increase of the same in the endothelial cell, favoring the synthesis of nitric oxide "