CBD oil supplement wishlist?

CBD oil supplement wishlist?


Cbd oil is sweeping the market by storm.

Compound Solutions even released a patented form under the name NextCBD which boasts a 20x better absorption than traditional CBD.

What would everyone like to see in a cbd oil supplement for bodybuilding/fitness?

I already have an idea and format planned but interested to see what everyone thinks.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself however since i will be pushing my pre workout very hard i want to make sure my next product would be ready ASAP too

Anyways let the fun begin



As someone who has tried two different brands of “CBD oil” and had observed no effects of the products, I recommend selling a real CBD product that actually works. Test your product for cannabinoids and publish the results on your page. Everyone and their mom is out there selling BS and calling it CBD oil right now. The market is flooded with garbage.



Something like Amino PM from Muscle Elements + CBD would be my suggestion.


Are you allowed to say what brands?

And i would be using compound solutions NextCBD

I whole heartledy agree with the snakeoil claims though being overwhelmed on the market


Thank you for your input :wink:


CBD Isolate is probably the name of the game (long-term, I’m thinking the pharma companies will end up with isolates and supplement industry will end up with more broad spectrum hemp stuff). Will be way more expensive and a harder sell though.

I’d think outside of the box and add ingredients to go after certain demographics.

Sleep? Add your choice of sleep ingredients, from valerian to hops to lavendar to anything listed here

Recovery? Maybe consider tart cherry, although it’s pricey and who knows how it’ll suspend.

I think the added ingredients are where you can really make “claims” so long as you dose them appropriately.


According to FDA’s website, 22 companies providing CBD products have been sent over 40 Warning Letters since 2015—mostly for problems with misbranding. Some of these products still remain at the top of search engine lists and are promoted by bloggers, and while an FDA Warning Letter does not always mean the product is inferior, the letters could give you clues for products and marketing terminology to be wary of when picking out a brand.





No one is actually dosing CBd high enough to begin with. These 15mg actual cbd are a joke.


Just smoke weed


I see 4 ways of going at it

Recovery and sleep like mike said
Nootropic, use it as a more aggressive L theanine for some wild exotic stimulant blend.

Given its price I think you kind of need to go hard with it and make something ultra premium, not just a decent product with CBD. I would likely take a page from Ntel if you are going the nootropic route, and use lots of adaptogens to cut the stims.

Alternatively you could just go the relaxation route and make something with allot of adaptogens and magnesium.

Either way I think focusing on the mental side is the way to go. At least from what I’ve seen it does not have very impressive recovery effects.


Great feedback as always Mike.

I would go with compound solutions nextcbd which my biggest concern like you are saying is the possible pricing…

I want it to work and make my next product a little less pricey too…

I have something in mind that no one else does too :wink:

Just a matter of playing around with things!


I whole heartedly agree.

I want to do my best to get it as affordable as possible too though

Will be hard but im hoping to pull it through

I have an idea as to what to do and put in it
Will be tough nonetheless.

As far as recovery, could you link me to some studies/forums that shows people are impressed?


I think you misread my post very slightly


Very true, id put 200mg most likely

So sad the misinformation.

I read about a harvard professor talking about how the dosages should actually even be 6-1200mg


I typed it wrong :joy:

Like as far as recovery effects go that people didnt find an effect

I think im tired lol


I think charlottes web is one of the top brands

Haven’t heard about those ones lol



Its so sad the things people do for money


Yeah, I have heard very good things about CW, along with these brands, specifically mentioned by “Dr.” Will Cole in a recent Keto Talk podcast:

  • Palmetto Harmony
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Elixinol

However, it’s very expensive to just to try these out.

The one time I noticed an effect from CBD was homegrown from a friend of a friend in Portland, Oregon. Made my flight home very relaxing :smiley:

We did just have an American Shaman franchise shop open up near my house, and they supposedly get great reviews, and they publish all their lab data.

I’m still skeptical. Placebo it too powerful for me to trust anecdotes and reviews, lol.


It’s a very tough situation given the lack of studies but a LOT of people are asking for it you know

Certain brands like Charlottes web obviously showed real results, still tough, given like you said the prices.

I want to conduct the train not jump along if that makes sense; for the fitness community

I widely agree with you

Things might be worth a shot sometimes though for even any given reason

Ps. That cbd maybe had some thc? :joy: