CarnoSyn - 'crazy bench press gains' Just for CJ (6.4 G per day!)

CarnoSyn - 'crazy bench press gains' Just for CJ (6.4 G per day!)


@CJ will surely love this:


For Pete’s sake now we gotta do 6.4 grams per day? When does it end!!

Good video though, even if a bit ridiculous. And I don’t know much about competition but I’m not so sure about some of those ‘reps’…


I find it fascinating that an ingredient/supplement that is found in other supplements (work with me here) would take such an active role in promoting itself…If that makes sense.


Oh and…if that is the case…is it possible to buy Carnosyn on its own? Asking for a friend. Or are we to take a pre-workout every single day? Random Monday afternoon thoughts.


Aha! Perhaps I should be a PricePlow intern. @PricePlowStaff @Mike


Love me some Carnosyn, but I don’t do over 5 reps


Two person sample size, uncontrolled variables… Totally legit experiment, right?

Now that I’ve gotten being a party-pooper out of the way, I’d love to see how 6.4g would affect me… I love me some tingles


So how is CarnoSyn “superior” to regular beta alanine? Is it bonded with something to change absorption?


There is a ton of information on their site…bottom line I believe is that it backed by actual scientific studies…

Anyone remember Black Ball nutrition back in the day? Remember their BA capsules? That was to be taken daily…


The research (from perusing the site) suggests 3.2 G per day for 28 days…(they refer to it as 90/28 - took me a second but multiply 3.2 x 28)…Then they say if you want you can go for 6.4 per day you can. So the reality is that most Pre’s are providing you with 3.2G so you are looking at taking it on your off-day. And personally I don’t mind the tingles either (That’s what she said)


The “SR” Carnosyn is - it’s supposedly sustained-release and therefore provides a more steady buffering effect (in theory). Also less paresthesia due to its slow release


I would recommend you load at 20g a day for the first week for maximum effects


You would be fidgeting like a crack addict I would imagine…or feel like Pinhead (the guy from Hellraiser).


I think it was a joke about creatine.


I’ve always wanted to paint my toilet black


Oh I figured it was a joke…just envisioning it of course.


If it becomes a question of saturation of carnosine, I’m not sure you need that much more than 3.2g.

That said, those are some very large men there, and if studies showed success on 185lb guys with 3.2g/day… then there is potential room for somewhere greater than that to help these big guys.


BA is 100% water soluble. So in order for it to be “slow release”, it must be bonded with something, which means that a 3.2 g dose must yield something less (much less?) than 3.2 g. Something smells fishy here.


With that dose I’d have to dry shave with a straight razor just to relieve the tingling


I do recall reading somewhere on the Site that it is bonded with something that produces the 3.2…if I recall correctly.