Beta Alanine Dosage for Maintenance?

Beta Alanine Dosage for Maintenance?

I recall beta alanine dosage being discussed a few times on this forum. Everyone “knows” that 3.2 g per day is the standard dosage. However, I think someone on here mentioned that if you have already been taking it for a while, you only need like a gram per day or something.

i’m getting ready to mix up a new batch of my daily stack, and I wouldn’t mind cutting back the beta alanine if I’m just peeing it out :laughing:


I thought it was 3.2 daily


ahh, found it in the cns labgrade discussion…


Once you reach saturation I would say maybe 1 gram a day.
1 gram should be more then enough imo, to my understanding it doesn’t get eliminated quickly, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Honestly you could likely just take a preworkout with some beta alanine in it once a week and be done with it.

I definitely wouldn’t suggest doing 3.2 grams a day, It is most likely being wasted.

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1-2g a day after saturation is enough to maintain. It’s takes a while for full saturation though, little over 2m


Are you sure about that? The average PWO has no more than 3.2g, which, if taken only once a week, is less than 500mg/day. That seems really low.

On a side note, " Meal and beta-alanine coingestion enhances muscle carnosine loading.*" So perhaps this would also be relevant to maintenance? Not to mention that if you don’t like the tingles, taking it with food can minimize the tingling.

Given how cheap BA powder is, I really don’t see anything wrong with taking 1-2g/day with a meal, even once you’ve reached saturation. It’s maybe a few dollars a month; less than $30/year.


Completely agree. Unless your pre of choice has a high dose, there is no need to over reach 1-1.5g a day once saturation occurs.

I drink a C4 carbonated energy drink in the morning and thaeviates any thought that I may need to worry about beta alanine.


And most pres on the market have a decent dose (if dosed at all) of BA.

It’s an easy supplement to get, and to your point, it is very cheap for those who aren’t gettinf enough.


Wow, great info, guys! I’ve been taking 3.2 g BA daily for well over a year; so, I’m pretty sure I’m saturated, lol.
I’ll cut it to maybe 1.5 g per day (750 mg in the morning, and 750 mg in my pre). Thanks!


This has been very informative. I never thought about this, but now I know


If you do decide to take 3.2g a day
Split it up into 2-3 dosages

Studies showed that when taking 3.2gs at once you are peeing majority out and just getting the possible tingling.

Companies dont care about that, thats why they put 3.2gs to trick the consumer into thinking that the product is “working”


Hey can you post those studies? I have never seen those.

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Sure thing boss! Ill post them once i get to the doc waiting room

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Thanks for the response!

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Excellent article. All BA users should read this!

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