Axe & Sledge “Home Made” Meal Replacement Review and Sample Giveaway

Axe & Sledge “Home Made” Meal Replacement Review and Sample Giveaway

Let me begin by stating that I had the privilege of running some Axe & Sledge products during the end of my time with PricePlow. I was beyond impressed with the company and owner Patrick Williams. They are truly a class act and aim to bring the best products to market - hence the premium price and the premium ingredient listed in each product.

When you pick up an Axe & Sledge product, you’ll likely notice 5-10 different patented logos on the label, and that’s because Axe & Sledge use the most innovative and current ingredients available.

Food Sources:
I was skeptical of a Meal Replacement product when I read “beef” in the label. Pat Williams confirmed to me that less than 1% of the total protein content comes from Beef, with the rest coming from: whey isolate, whey concentrate, egg, brown rice, and pea protein. Not a bad combo for a meal replacement and this little nugget squashed my skepticism of using this product.

For carbs, Home Made included my two favorite carb sources, oats and sweet potato. The fats come from MCTs, which are the ideal fat sources for energy. Home Made also use DigeSEB, a patented digestive enzyme complex to aid in digestion for the quality nutrients the product contains.

Let’s get to the good stuff - the flavors come in Sweet Potato Pie and Double Chocolate Brownie. Both flavor are excellent and arguably better than any protein product I’ve ever had. NO. FREAKING. JOKE.

Sweet Potato Pie:

Who likes sweet potato pie? Who likes sweet potato casserole with extra marshmallows and brown sugar? If you said “I do,” than you are going to love this flavor.

Sweet potato pie Home Made packs the luscious and creamy density of a sweet potato pie and the perfectly balanced ratios of sweetness and spice. This flavor shines because of the texture. This is a moderately thick shake with incredible consistency and texture. The MCT gives it a texture that is unrivaled by other shakes, for anyone looking for a “dessert-lik experience while drinking their shake.

This could be my favorite “uniquely flavored” protein shake flavor ever. It’s a rare stab at a wholesome and clean flavor (sweet potato). Axe & Sledge crushed it, and this is far superior to the flavor of the other Sweet Potato Pie flavor on the market (Redcon1). This one gets a 9/10.

Double Chocolate Brownie:

Who likes to lick the bowl of brownie batter? If you do, then you’ll love this flavor. No words necessary, it tastes just like brownie batter. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

This could be the greatest chocolate flavor available. There are plenty of good chocolate flavors - but this one takes the cake…or brownie… like Sweet Potato Pie, the creamy and rich consistency makes drinking this flavor an experience similar to drinking a liquid version of brownie batter. The oats/MCTs are micronized so we’ll that there are no chunks or specs. It’s a flawless and smooth drink.

This flavor is just as good as Sweet Potato Pie and I will use both, guaranteed. 10/10.


Home Made’s recommend serving is 2 scoops, which yields 420 calories, 48g of protein, 46g of carbs, 6g of fats, and 10g of fiber.

Respectively, this compares darn well to any meal we should be eating in terms of performance or bodybuilding. Myself, I prefer to break up calories through out the day - so I would take 1 scoop of this as a midday snack and another scoop later at night before bed. This yields two delicious shakes with a much lower caloric value (210 calories, 24g protein, 23g carbs, 3g of fat, and 5g of fiber) instead of one.


The takeaway here is that Home Made bridged the gap of cheap meal replacements by using quality ingredients and an industry leading flavor system. This product will yield a liquid form of any quality meal you could eat. Don’t take my word for it - check out the site and review the ingredient list fully.

I think everyone will love this product and anyone who eats quality food will benefit from it. Not everyone wants to drink calories, but I would encourage everyone to try it, just to see how freaking awesome it tastes!

Anyone wanting to grab Axe & Sledge, message me for a coupon code.

Home Made, while not a product for everyone, gets a 10/10 from me and put Redcon1 MRE in its place…the trash can.


Going to give away 4 samples of this. To enter - just comment on which flavor you want and what your favorite meal replacement supplement is.


Thank you @Matt_Towson

Ghost will miss you.

Favorite flavors of the other products by A&S? Shark Bite etc…Asking for a friend as always.


shoot me to the code and maybe, i may actually purchase some supplements


I know next to nothing about this line, but now you have peaked my interest. Nice review @Matt_Towson

Seth is a Pittsburgh guy…say no more

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Well that sold me lol!


Exactly why I love supporting him. Grew up in New Kensington I believe and he’s around my hometown a lot. Friend of mine served him at Chick-Fil-A when he came in. Always cool to meet your idols


Went to college with him at IUP when he won his pro card I got to train with him

Dude is such a class act and his whole family is down to earth



There’s 2 good looking men right there / translated Yinz look great

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I really like the brand and the message. Most importantly, the ingredients are great and the taste is phenomenal- across all products. Enough said.



Going to give away 4 samples of this. To enter - just comment on which flavor you want and what your favorite meal replacement supplement is.


Oh sweet. I would like to try brownie flavor please because your description made my mouth salivate. I have a tie with my favorite meal replacement supplement. I really enjoyed shake one (see my review) from blue star for overall label and effectiveness. However flavor goes to major mass by vmi (technically a mass gainer I know) because it was insanely good.

I’m in for some sweet potato pie. I’ve never had a meal replacement shake. The best meal replacement bar I can think of is Met-Rx Big 100 - Super Cookie Crunch, getting hungry just thinking about it!

Those Colossal Cookie Crunch bars were the best ones on the market 10yrs ago!

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I must be behind the times, lol.

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I’m in for the brownie flavor! Dying to try this, the amount of redcon 1 mre shakes I’ve had in my day in college is sickening so would be glad for a change to have something different


MRE is a cool concept but they ruined it with their protein sources. Home Made is the right way to do meal replacement shake!


This looks pretty good. I do like MRP supplements but very few are any good as advertised. I used to consider Xtreme Formulations UP2.0 as an MRP because I two scooped it which gave me a little shy of 400kcals. And it had proteins, fats and carbs.

I would love to try a sample. For me both sound good, I guess that Brownie gets a slight nod because Sweet Potato Pie seems harder to get right.

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In for brownie. Was a big fan of Rich Piana’s Real Food + Carbs if that counts. Tried MRE, didn’t care for any flavors

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In for sweet potato. I imagine it tastes good, but I also imagine it would be the sort of flavor that would wear on you when going through an entire tub, I’d like to be proven wrong.

I’ve only ever used MRE as far as dedicated “meal replacement” supplements go, back when PricePlow was hyping RC1. I actually quite liked it, although the flavor got overbearing when drinking like 24 ounces of it, and the oat powder grit was definitely present.

As for now, my favorite meal replacement (usually “whoops I worked out incredibly hard but it’s gonna be ~4 hours before I can make a meal and I need some sort of sustenance”) is one of Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch bars, the peanut butter flavor.