Another Shoulder Surgery

Well, I knew this time would come so here it is. I will be having rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder on Dec. 6th at 9:30 AM. The technical name is arthroscopy subacromial decompression rotator cuff repair. I also have a bone spur to get shaved down. I am going back to the same place and same surgeon that done my left shoulder surgery in 2015. My left shoulder is like it was never injured. So I trust this surgeon plus he is one of the best in the state.
So I will be out of the game for awhile obviously and at this point any chance of competing in 2019 looks very, very slim. i will keep everyone updated on the surgery and my recovery. I know it will be around 12 weeks like my first one.


Best of luck Brawn. Shoulder surgery ended my football career (stop laughing PP Forum)…

Just keep in mind…take a bunch of supplements and it will be like you never stopped lifting…

(kidding of course)


That sucks, man. You’ll be back on it in no time!

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The worst part about this one is I am right handed and its my right shoulder…

Hoping for a speedy recovery!

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Thanks my friend.

Sounds like the surgery went down, given this response. How is it going??

My surgery is December 6th at 9:30.


Ohhhh. One week out!

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Damn you old folks are so fragile (I type this after hurting my meniscus last night playing volleyball😆)

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We are…LOL That’s why I tell these young guys in the gym take care of yourself, watch form and avoid certain exercises.

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Out of curiosity, what exercises?

Anything behind the neck… Main one is behind the neck shoulder press. Also, upright rows. this exercise puts your shoulder tendons in the worst position. Shoulder impingement is bad in these exercises.

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Thanks to Athlean X, never have used either of those ones. The best part of being into fitness these days is the readily available knowledge on simple things like that, which make such a massive difference in the long run

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Beat me to it I was going to suggest like his videos of what not to do

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Absolutely. Builds middle delts like no other, but it’s literally repeated shoulder impingement, so like…at what cost?

That said, I have no issue with BTN presses if done with care (externally rotate, and don’t bring the bar all the way down). Not an exercise I’d recommend to a newbie, but if you know enough to self monitor, it’s not so bad unless you have pre-existing shoulder pathology.

Back in my early 20’s, I did a lot of behind the neck military presses. The pump and strength were very nice. However, it caught up with me. Besides, you can hit all areas of the deltoids doing military press to the front just as much as to the rear without the bad positioning.

Shoulder update…

I am doing well. I get more movement every day. With assisted lifting with my good arm, I can raise my hand straight up over my head from the front and side. Movement is good. I am missing the gym bad. I don’t like to look in the mirror anymore. I am shrinking up and losing my muscularity…:frowning:


It’ll come back. No worries!

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Thanks. Yeah, I keep remembering muscle memory. :slight_smile: