Animal Snak Protein Bar Reviews

Animal SNAK Protein Bars Review

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Rich Chocolate Peanut Butter – This bar is a duo of peanut butter and chocolate glaze. What I do appreciate is how each flavor is in an equal ratio, which smothers your taste buds with both flavors. The chocolate is dense and packs a bold flavor, while the peanut butter is creamy and smooth. Take a Reese peanut butter cup and mesh it into a protein bar with all natural ingredients. This is the closest thing I could compare it to. Very well done!

Peanut Butter, Honey & Oats – The coating on the bar is a pure peanut butter flavor. Since the Animal Snak bar uses nothing but natural flavors you can taste the creaminess and density of the peanut butter. Once you dig into the bar the raw oatmeal texture is noticed as well as the sweetness of the honey in the aftertaste. Each flavor compliments each other perfectly as nothing overpowers one element. All in all a very good bar that really hits each aspect as expected.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips – The coating on this bar is very similar to Peanut Butter, Honey & Oats. The major difference to this bar is it is packed with chocolate chips and chopped peanuts. The texture of the crunchy peanuts and chocolate chips mesh very well with the rich peanut butter glaze. You get the saltiness of the peanuts to help increase the amount of flavor each component provides. Overall I really liked this bar because of the huge chocolate chips and peanuts, and most of all because I am a peanut butter junkie.

Double Chocolate Brownie – The milk chocolate coating and moist brownie aspect of the bar really created a fantastic one two punch. If you are not a diehard chocolate lover this bar may be too strong to your liking. What I do enjoy is the mixture of dark and milk chocolate that encompass the bar. The inside texture is soft and provides the brownie texture you would get in a SinFit and Fticrunch bar. The surmounting amount of chocolate is like you are chewing on fresh fudge.


For an all-natural protein bar these are extremely soft, and by soft I mean you can puncture them with your fingers. I figured these would be dense like a FitCrunch, SinFit, or a MuslceTech NitroTech Crunch, but that is not the case. The bar has a nice coating/glaze on top that provides extra flavor and richness. Overall I like these because right out of the wrapper they are great to eat. Some protein bars are a little too hard which require you to either let them sit out in the heat or be microwaved to be tolerable. Then there are some companies who are too soft they taste like laffy taffy. You could heat them up for a few seconds to have the glaze melt, but not necessary.


Per Bar:
Calories ~ 350-375
12-15 G Fat
34-39g Carbs
6g Fiber
25-27g Protein

Animal Snak uses whole food ingredients like rolled oats, peanut butter, and protein from milk. They also use real honey into the formula and mix these in kitchen aid mixers. These provide up to 27g of protein a bar with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Some people get a lot of bloating on protein bars due to high sugar alcohols. Since there are no added sugars, which help this, will digest very easy. Animal Snak was made to be an effective meal replacement bar that resembles whole food. Animal did a great job on doing so.


Box of 12 - $18.80
Singles - $2
Animal Snak had an intro sale of 20% off a box (~$24) making them around $1.56 if you bought a case of 12. For a protein bar that resembles a whole food formula make up and packs a ton of quality calories it’s a very hard deal to pass up. If you just want to try out one bar you can find them for around $2 on multiple webpages. That is going to be cheaper then picking up anything local in a grocery store, which is a fantastic deal. Given the flavor, profile, and texture of these bars I would highly suggest them for someone who wants a very easy digesting and great tasting product.


‘Search’ is my friend apparently…I’m going to have to take a run at these.

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They are SO good.


Ordered the honey peanut butter via Amazon

They were $11 last week on multiple sites. Feel bad you had to pay extra.

They say timing is everything…

That said…Amazon was the best price and free shipping.

Tried my first Animal Snak bar (Thanks @TheSolution!!). Here’s my review…
Animal Snak - Frosten Oatmeal Raisin: Oatmeal raisin is not my favorite flavor for anything, but this blew me away. I actually loved the taste! I can’t wait to try their others. Still had just a little of the typical protein-bar grittiness, but much lower than the other bars. At 350 calories, it’s higher than I’d want for a protein bar. Worth nothing that I’m pretty sure this gave me horrible gas later in the evening.

Of the 10 “protein” bars/cookies I’ve tried (and documented), based only on flavor and texture, it hit #2 on my list :smiley:


Glad I could hook ya up man! It’s a solid bar for sure

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I have to mirror this review almost entirely. Easily one of my favorites and also a hookup bar from Bob @TheSolution. Man I love these Snak bars!

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These bars are definitely some of my favorites. The only downside is, if you’re low on calories - they can take a big chuck of your macros. 34g carbs isn’t bad - but the 14g of fat makes me eliminate whole eggs and maybe red meat on a day where I’d eat this.

But overall, these are in my top 3 favorite bars.

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40g Carbs in Oatmeal Raisin bud.

I wasn’t strictly referring to Oatmeal Raisin.

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All the bars vary in fat and carbs
Oatmeal up to 40g carbs and some fat from 10-16g
The staple feature is protein around the 25g mark
Some a bit higher

Thank god I’m permabulking

Agreed on the love for these bars. I haven’t had the oatmeal raisin yet, but will give it a try. My personal favorite thus far has been the rich chocolate peanut butter. You’d never know you’re eating a protein bar.

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If it wasn’t super hot out I’d send you one
But I fear it would melt if that’s all I sent

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Oatmeal raisin? Hmm…May have to give that a shot as well