100 Free Tubs! Help NutraBio Ben's Blue Razz Pre Problem

100 Free Tubs! Help NutraBio Ben's Blue Razz Pre Problem

Originally published at: https://blog.priceplow.com/free-supplement-samples/nutrabio-pre-blue-razz

Help Ben clean his desk out – sign up for one of these 100 four-serving NutraBio PRE Blue Razz tubs! NutraBio and PricePlow have a good one for 100 lucky (and fast) winners! NutraBio Founder and martial arts expert Mark Glazier walked by Ben’s desk and told him he was… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Bonus contest: Win a Free PricePlow Shirt or Tub of NutraBio Beta Alanine!

So Ben is also known as @ExtraBeef here in the forum…

Your task: make up your own backstory as to why Ben’s username is ExtraBeef.

Best two stories / jokes / explanations will win a PricePlow T-Shirt and a tub of NutraBio Beta Alanine (with a few scoops missing from one of Mike’s keto diet experiments).

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LMAO. I’ll chime in on the real story after the winner is picked.


Note that anyone posting the real story won’t win this contest :speak_no_evil:


pretty sure only @Kon_Rock knows the story on here haha

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Well see it’s like this…:wink:


Well perhaps “Extrabeef” was his response when waiters asked him for toppings on his food if I had to guess


Really tempting to grab one even though he sent me one personally.

I’ll abstain though. I’m a greedy bitch, but I had my dank workouts. :thinking:

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He got his subway order forum and the username box confused.

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He goes by ExtraBeef to hide his secret vegan lifestyle. :smiley:


I guess all the girls in high school use to call him “Extra Beef”


When Santa asked his girlfriend what he needed for Christmas, she said “Extra Beef”


Haha…These are pretty good…one is kinda close


I’m not sure how to get in on this but I will try.

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Ben was a former porn star who’s alias was Buck Naked, the girls he was with would shout extrabeef instead of give me more :grin:


lmao! I graduated high school at 165, I’m 6’3. I wish I could’ve had that nick name in high school


I heard that “Where’s the Beef was taken”, so he came up with ExtraBeef


I signed up for the samples of this a couple of weeks ago, the flavor was really well done in my opinion.

A lot of ‘blueberry’ type flavors end up tasting overly sweet/chemically IMO, this one definitely did not.

The formula of course speaks for itself.


Haha yeah this is closer to the truth, so you can’t win :stuck_out_tongue:

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What gets me about this product still is how BLUE it is. They found some awesome spirulina apparently!!


Hahahaha I like this one. Ben a Vegan!!!

PM me your mailing address and if you’d like the tub of beta alanine or a PP shirt (and if you want the shirt, let me know your size).

You too - you deserve a PricePlow shirt. Send your mailing address and size!

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Damn, was worth the shot!