YolkedⓇ FortetropinⓇ: The Ultimate Recovery Supplement

YolkedⓇ FortetropinⓇ: The Ultimate Recovery Supplement

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A company named MYOS RENS Technology, Inc is enhancing muscle health through innovation, with a ground-breaking product named Yolked, powered by Fortetropin Look, we’ve all been there – no matter how much you typically look forward to training, sometimes you’re apathetic about it. Maybe you’ve been on the same program… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Ok I’ll ask it…

Is this a Yolke?

Here is the Amazon Page:


Always with the dad jokes! lol

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Wayyyy over pricedfor such a small and questionable increase in mps. Velositol would be a far greater choice than this. Cheaper and a bit less questionable.


To look at this simply for MPS is (in my opinion) not looking at the entire scope of the ingredient.

I won’t disagree that this is super pricey. Not everyone is going to have the budget for this, but I think it’s a good option for drug tested athletes with spending powder

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They have also partnered with Professional Athletes and a few NCAA teams as well…

I’m going to have to read this breakdown again.

Here’s the Study that was done on Rodents…

Yes sir. Athlete partners are a big focus for their plan this year, the product is NOT simply geared for bodybuilders.

In all honesty, the joint repair/health benefits are what I’m mainly looking at here. some of the studies on that are wild!

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So here is my question:

If the goal of a Foretropin Velositol is to ‘breakdown Protein into Aminos’ aren’t you better off simply taking Aminos? Asking for a friend.

Similar to what I said above, I wouldn’t really look at that as the ‘main’ benefit. on its own, Yolked has tons of muscular, connective tissue, and recovery benefits. Add it to protein, and it’s fortifying that protein. Personally, I’m looking at it completely separate from the protein though.

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No its clearly a scam.

Thank you Ben…I’ll take a look at what you posted and what is on their website.

Check out the Kansas state study we cited on the blog. That was a huge one in my eyes

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Venturing there as we speak.

Seems like $90 for a 10 day supply is a bit steep

Better off buying a deep tissue or Thai Massage at that price for “Recovery”

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So its 90$ for 10 days, the study looks at using it for 12 weeks(84 days) costing 756$ to build an additional 8 pounds of muscle.

I’ll be honest I don’t think this is going anywhere.

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Insert BPI Motto:
“Just Try it Bro”


Commercial massages never worked for me. I spend more on my sports massages than a 30-pack of this costs.

Not sure where you guys got 10 servings from

3 servings per day is what one of the studies used.