Y3T Training, Neil Hill

For anyone who knows of Neil Hill’s Y3T training, I’m a new client of his and wanted to make myself available to discuss benefits and results. Any other clients of his or Neil Hill followers? This would be a good place to share thoughts/opinions.

Y3T is a cyclical program, alternating training “types” over 3 weeks, and then repeating the cycle. For anyone who has plateaued or is a hard gainer (such as myself), this program is a new way to challenge your body to grow. It’s unique and fun.

For years we’ve been told to smash our bodies through joint paint and tendon issues for the sake of muscle. I’ve learned the ultimate tool for training is to first ensure your mind/muscle connection is present. If you can’t feel your quads working during a leg press, you’re probably not building much quad muscle. If you are trying to bench press or perform cable flies, but not feeling your chest muscle, then you likely aren’t optimizing chest muscles.

As a Men’s Physique natural competitor, quality training is a must for me to perform/present at a high level. I’m eager to chat with my brothers in arms and make myself available to help anyone who has considered or wants to start a Y3T split. : )

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Took me a while to figure out what you meant here!

I’ve heard of Neil Hill and the Y3T method years ago from a magazine I think. I don’t remember much, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. I may look into this system again and see what I think.

I remember looking at this program quite awhile ago. I like how its set up with varying intensities but I don’t like hitting a body part once a week. For me, I never grew on those types of plans. I need to hit the same muscle at least twice a week. There are many other periodization programs that hit body parts twice a week that work really well.

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Ah okay. Yeah I’m not a fan of once a week either. I’d rather dial back a little on a muscle group and train it more frequently.

Everyone is different. I was doing 2 consecutive years of training each muscle group 2xs per week (push/pull/legs). I’ve done every split in the world. I’ve learned that any program in the world will stop yielding the same results as the body adapts to it.

Every body is different and sometimes a new type of stimulus is exactly what might be needed to yield some new results.

I never said there was anything wrong with the program. All I was saying is that I, like Brawn, prefer training muscles more often.

DI’m not quite sure how you interpreted my comment as a rebuttal. My post did not suggest you disagreed and was not in anyway designed to infer that you may think that “something was wrong with the program.”

I remember seeing a Y3T trainer on BB.com years ago when I first started researching training programs and methods after my P90X days. Very interesting program, but never tried it out.

Need to look into it again!

Was actually looking into this myself. Was going to try the BB.com program of it until I saw you had to pay for their content! Talked with a couple people he is training and the e-book might be a good place to start.


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Anyone wanting some of the ebooks, shoot me an email. matttowson@gmail.com