Worst Tasting Supplements

Worst Tasting Supplements


I thought it would be interesting to post some of your worst tasting supplements that you have tried. The 2 that come to mind are Plasmavol and MTS Clash. Sorry Marc, I love your whey protein but that first batch of Clash fruit punch flavor was absolutely horrible. I think battery acid would of went down smoother…LOL The plasmavol is an older supplement. It was thick gel like texture. It was supposed to be lemon lime flavor…Nope, not even close…LOL A bogus product too but I did try it back in the day. Here is a picture of the Plasmavol…


Plain agmatine is up there for me.
As far as an actual formulated supp, :thinking: need to think about the worst tasting one, I don’t think I’ve had any that I thought “man, this is delish” at least for any preWO’s, lol…


We had some fun with this one!

Not meant to be used like that, but hey


Oh, regarding Clash!! Horrific! The theacrine is miserable!

As such, I have some tubs of that to give away at some point. :smile:


The “old” theacrine (as TeaCrine) was horrible, the new 40% version has much less bitterness and many brands can now use our clinical dose of 125mg of active (or 315mg of 40%) without the battery acid taste.lol


I also have to say that the new MTS Clash is the worst supplement I’ve had in a while. The fruit punch flavor is horrendous, and the green apple flavor is hardly better. I’d love to try his rainbow sherbet, but I just can’t bring myself to it. Sad because almost all of the MTS Whey flavors I’ve tried have been great.


Anyone here have the original recon from MusclePharm? wow that was bad.


Raw theacrine, raw dynamine, and phenibut powder are all pretty horrendous


Yeah, I got my tub of Clash for free thank goodness so I gave it away…LOL


I can at least drink Clash quickly…Genius BCAA was really rough


Unflavored Ergonine makes everything I add it to taste horrible. I can’t imagine it on its own. Peak02 at least mixes with other things without issue. I’ve been stacking Peak02 with Inspired Endless Lean and Ghost Size as an Intra with good results.


The Genius protein (chocolate) isn’t very good either.


You know things are gettin real when Compound Solutions comes in to tell the whole story!

Honestly the ‘tasteless theacrine’ was a great idea – you need to mask that stuff yourself, you can’t rely on companies out there to do it. Too good of an ingredient not to protect!!


Raw Dynamine isn’t bad actually, we just mixed some up in our PWO we are working on and the taste is almost non existent. That feel of Dynamine in the formula though… :smile:


The current Gaspari SuperPump250 taste godawful… I’ve only had the italian ice so far.

  1. It looks like absolutely no effort was made to flavor it
  2. Did anybody taste test it and have the heart to give honest feedback?

I expect more from Rich and Hi-Tech manufacturing.


WTF happened with that stuff? If you saw the comments in our YouTube review tons of people were like, “I don’t feel DMAA!” and they missed an Italian flavor? Hmmmm

Italian Rainbow Ice was spot on for HyperAmino though. Easier profile to flavor though.


the fact that it was weak was somehow topped by the awful flavor. It would’ve been complete a waste of my money if i didn’t stack it with Plasmajet.


I have the cotton candy version of SuperPump250. It tastes pretty much on par with the Mesomorph I have and also on par with results. I personally prefer SP250 to Meso.

I see video reviews of things like RE1GN claiming they are the greatest tasting things - like gatorade or something and I am always a little let down when I actually try them. Let’s be honest - no Pre actually tastes good!

OG MP Assault Lemon Lime was the most “OK” tasting stim pre I’ve had, but that isn’t saying much. PES Prolific is fair also. Muscle Elements PRE Cre Watermelon is fine - probably assisted by the carbs.


Does your tub of SP250, state 25 or 30 servings on it?


I’ve said it elsewhere, but Chaos and Pain’s (a brand I love, by the way) Helios is some of the foulest stuff I’ve ever been happy to choke down. It works marvelously, but it tastes exactly like dirt. I hear this isn’t really their fault, that cissus just has an incredibly pronounced earthy (dirt) flavor, so I don’t blame them for a flavoring shortcoming if it’s a nigh-unmaskable ingredient at a high dose, but God, it’s bad. I once made the mistake of doubling up on the water to try to dilute the flavor, and ended up just having to drink twice as much mud-water. :pensive:

@M3NTAL, in my opinion, the Kris-p Apple flavor of Pre-Kaged is extremely pleasant, it’s kind of like…like how Sunny D isn’t quite orange juice but is a bit more candy-like, the flavor’s like that but for apple juice.