"Worst Of" Awards

"Worst Of" Awards

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not posing this to be negative, I’m just curious about your thoughts and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to introduce a fun thread to the forum. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to know what to avoid: So please humor me…

What are the worst supplements that you have tried?

Please note that I’m not starting this to bash any brands or attack any companies.

Give me one (or two) examples from the following categories:

Protein Powder: Old School Cytosport Muscle Milk - Honestly I don’t think I have a good one for this. I usually do enough research on protein powder before buying to know what is good and what isn’t but if I had to pick it would be the old school Muscle Milk that I used to buy in high school. It actually tasted pretty good but it was full of junk. Maybe good for dirty bulking or hard gainers, but not for me.

Preworkout: Condemned Labs “Convict Stim” - I tried a sample of their “Convict Stim” and it is the only time I have ever thrown up at the gym. I was actually laser focus and felt very strong, but the combinations of the high stems and leg day was rough. It could have just been the leg day itself but unfortunately I now associate that pre with getting sick.

Protein Snack/Bar: ONE Plant Bar - I am a huge fan of regular One bars but they missed the mark on the plant bar I tried. I went for the banana nut bread flavor and all I could think of are those hard banana candies I had when I was a kid.

Ready To Drink Product / Energy Drink: Muscle Milk Pro Series Cookies and Cream. I picked these up on sale on Amazon a while back for a steal. I’m not sure if it is because they may be old but they have a very funny aftertaste. This stands out to me because one thing that Muscle Milk tends to do really right is flavor their products well (imho).

Oh I will have to think on this one… but this one comes to mind, as I combed through my supplement log

Pre Workout: I am God - Insane Labz. My previous post “Well the energy started to come on pretty quickly in a nice way for about 10 minutes. As I started to walk to the gym I got a bit jittery, and then I got very nauseas. I did not get to point of puking, but it was that feeling that you wanted to, so I hated it. It basically just made my workout more difficult than it needed to be today!”

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The most recent that comes to mind for me is the Outright Bars. Flavors are lackluster IMO and each one I tried lead to diarrhea about an hour later.


The worst for me as pwo would be Nitraflex. Poor taste and lackluster blend formula.

I was younger and naive in the world of supps, did not know my stuff.

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Protein - Iforce Chocolate Covered Pretzel,
ON Strawberry,
Syntrax Banana

Pre - NO XPlode,
Blackstone Hype Extreme,
Top Secret Pump Igniter

Protein Snacks - OG Quest Pumpkin,
MusclePharm Combat Crunch S’mores,
Performix Protein Cookies


Eating these all whole food bars, don’t agree with you. Odd.

Worst Pre - Armageddon

This video never gets old to me


Odd indeed. Give me multiple old or new Quest and ONE bars along with MuscleTech or MusclePharm bars and I’m good.


Cytosport Monster Blend protein powder was horrendous Cutler Legend Pre workout made me feel like trash

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I’m curious to try Cutler’s new line. Doses don’t seem amazing though

Worse overall brand, insane labz, expensive, under-dosed and puts out shady products.
Worst preworkout, insane labs IAMGOD, psychopharma edge of insanity old version or cutler legend are my picks. All 3 feel terrible, later 2 taste so bad I couldn’t use them.
For edge of insanity, imagine a dull fruit punch mixed with chemicals. I was amazed a preworkout could make you both anxious and tired.


Psycho Pharma Schizophrenic Psycho, at least the old/original batches with whatever the hell Panthergy is/was, was insanely strong. At one cap, I had to wait hours after taking it before I was able to workout and not bounce off the walls. Very good for getting a lot of house/yard work done though haha.

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I was recently given a tub of the new formula by a friend and I like it a lot. I still haven’t full scooped it yet, as it has a ton of caffeine for me at my current tolerance. The Kanna is interesting

I have a couple samples of this. Probably the newest formula. It has phenibut which I know can be addictive so I am a little bit cautious

IIRC the old batches are different than the new ones. Lots of discussion and people who loved the old ones on a different forum. Panthergy was sketchy as all hell, but man was it strong.

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i have a box full of the new psycho pharma stuff but I’m just using the KannaZ personally. Kinda afraid of the rest

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What’s the worst that could be in there 20 mg of alpha yohimbine, and an obscure stimulant that they found mentioned in a cold war era fashion catalog?

Hey…Edge of Insanity is open label now. Transparency means it must be safe, rightttttt? :thinking:

Well, for pre-workout, the worst ever was the original Clash by MTS when it came out. Marc Lobliner was at my gym doing a meet & greet a couple years back and he gave out sample tubs of Clash, fruit punch flavor. Wow, it was terrible!! It tasted like battery acid…no joke! I almost threw up trying to get it down. I gave my tub to the trainer at the gym. He tried it and said he couldn’t drink it. I said go ahead and trash it, he did…LOL

As for proteins, I have had a lot of bad ones. Some companies nail flavors, others don’t know how.

Protein Bars… I cringe when I hear that term. All not good enough to spend money on. I don’t like them. Reasons.,… taste, texture, price and usually all 3…LOL

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Yeah, Muscle Milk wasn’t clean but wow, their cookies and cream was tasty…:slight_smile:

TBH I haven’t really looked at the formula, I took a meeting with FDN like 2 years ago and he was trying to give it away because he called it ‘edge of heart attack’ and I can’t get that out of my head

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