Win some NEW Gaspari Proven Egg!

Win some NEW Gaspari Proven Egg!

hah saw it and love it, thanks!!

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Initial thoughts: one of the best tasting proteins I’ve had, and definitely the best chocolate. After a few uses, will post up a more detailed review


Yup really enjoying the Salted Caramel, for some reason I taste a little Chocolate in there. Give me like a week or so with this protein then I will start to put up my detailed reviews if that is cool!


Both of you guys Take your time, try different amounts and kinds of liquids, experiment, before you give us a full review.

Appreciate it.

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They need to bake with it… Comes out money and makes fantastic baked goods
6oz greek yogurt and proven egg comes out $ too for a pudding


It is a really good one. Looking forward to your review! Just link us to it in here when you get it up. :muscle:


Interesting with the chocolate. Can’t wait to see your thoughts posted up, just loop us in when you do!

Think I’m doing some chocolate Proven. Egg with cream of rice tonight :drooling_face:


Perfect. I am used to running full tubs and reviewing after. Just wanted to make sure. I’ll experiment away.


@Lawrence_Butler anything on your end yet, my friend?

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Yes, i received it as well! So far took 1 shake of two scoops! Will be leaving my review in about a week or so!

Thanks !

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Glad to hear it! Take your time, looking forward to it.

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Little over a week now with that Proven Egg goodness!

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