Win 1 of 6 tubs of Clinical Labs Supplement Monster Pre Workout GALVANIZE

Win 1 of 6 tubs of Clinical Labs Supplement Monster Pre Workout GALVANIZE

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Enter for a chance to win one of SIX tubs of Clinical Labs Galvanize pre workout supplement on PricePlow. It’s time for another contest on PricePlow, and this one’s for those looking to geth their hands on high energy DMHA pre workout, that’s also packing legit, research-backed doses of all… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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followed the directions but step 2 did not produce “next page” with section link after submitted name and email.



Same here, nothing that says the entry was completed, just refreshes the page.

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Dang, will look into this. Seems like it broke once we added this forum comments area!!!

Thanks for the heads up. Steven T also pointed it out


OK @goose and @uwishuknew - try again:

Go back to the page and see if your entry took. If it did, hopefully you’ll see the sharing URL now. If not, then try entering again and then I’m hoping it works.

Much appreciated and sorry for the inconvenience


It worked, thanks!


Not working for me :cry:. Same issue as others mentioned earlier. (tried on Chrome and IE)


Still same issues as others are mentioning.
I signed up!


Yeah, that didn’t work perfectly after all. Need to dig in further. Crap

Good news is that contest entries are going in

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Same here. Tried it but it refreshes the same page. :frowning:


Anyone up for trying again?

The good news is I think I got it. It was just overzealous cache’ing.

The bad news is that the special link counter stopped working. I need to trace that one all the way back or hire help.

Got nearly 100 entries after deleting mine, so the main part is definitely working.

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Worked this time for me! (I literally just walked by my computer to turn it off, and got the popup notification that you just posted…haha)

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Thanks!! Back in business I hope. I’ll work on the sharing counter now.


This is fixed:


Don’t worry, my entries aren’t allowed to win!


Sadly i never win these