What's the BEST Whey Protein Isolate? PricePlow's Top 5 Powders

Originally published at: What’s the BEST Whey Protein Isolate? PricePlow’s Top 5 Powders

Finally! After tons of extensive tasting, testing, and analyzing, Team PricePlow is getting back to its “Best of” lists. Current Version This is v1.0 – Q2-2019. Last change: June 24, 2019. This document is not set in stone and will be updated on a regular basis. Disclaimer: This is MIKE’S… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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@Mike you need to list out the Brands you’ve tried , otherwise no context there. Best 5 out of what 12?


Makes it incredibly subjective


For anyone that has been on here long enough you can make a few assumptions about what they have reviewed or tried. This looks like their favorite flavors…

Sure. We can make assumptions. but lets look at it like this

Priceplow has tried how many isolates in correlation to the real world and the masses.
Do the analytics on what a poll of 100 people have , and what price plow thinks
the variance would be very steep.

I know I talked to Ben earlier today and he has never had Man Iso-Protein, which IMO is one of the best tasting on the market. So if you throw out some companies or products that were never tried there can be a missing piece to the puzzle.

So for 1 or 2 people to say this it the best isolate, could be the exact opposite from the next person.
I personally feel very different about their top 5 and would have placed it much different, it goes to show you how subjective taste buds can be, and how a top 5 for anyone can be different.

Tiger Fitness, BB.com, and any other major retailer will have a much different outlook on their top 5 then the next leading reviewing/supplement site depending on how brand loyal the consumers are.

There are a LOT of factors to put into the big picture on finding out a true winner. Just like how when Stack3d runs their protein wars and current Clash of the Cans.

Their feedback is simply that, we can all take it with a grain of salt. If we make purchases and see what we think about those isolates, then we can form our own conclusions.

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Let’s be honest though, Stack3d, VS and all those other contest are nothing more than a popularity contest. For a true best tasting, you would need to do a blind test panel.

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I agree, but it was just an example.
Again there are a lot of factors to put into the big picture here.

Especially if they have not tried some brands and their products, so how can you form a conclusion on best tasting when there are pieces missing in the puzzle.

That is why I said we can take the reviews/ratings with a grain of salt. Purchase, and then form our own conclusion. My top 3 would not include any of those products they listed, again that is just me and what I found when testing multiple isolates.

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We need a BOB’s picks lol

You definitely have the content

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  1. Xtend Pro
  2. Iso100
  3. Tasty Isolate

It’s all subjective.

Priceplows Protein Showdown

Starring @Mike @Extrabeef @Matt_Towson @TheSolution

Via live blind taste test

Open up the purse strings @Mike

If you were to ask me my all time favorite protein. I bet 90% of this board has not tried it
XF 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie

and I am not even a lemon fan. They simply executed that to perfection. Again something a lot of people never had, tried, or heard of, but if you throw a “Best” of category. its hard to get a true test unless you have had a wide audience or variety to choose from.

Absolutely 100% this.

More specifically, I’ve never met someone whose favorite isolate for taste, is NutraBio. Anyone other than a NutraBio rep to counter?


For taste I always go with a blend…

Do you mean Adaptogen Tasty ISO? I was considering them but look at their Insta. Seems that they’re defunct now and staging a comeback alter?!

Hahaha I think blind chocolate and vanilla tastings would be awesome to do.

Kinda tough with some of the specialty flavors. Most have a Strawberry and cinnamon too though.

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I’m up for a live taste test.

Some of y’all take this so seriously! It’s a fun video. Mike likes some flavors, you might like others more!


They act as if it’s law…I agree


Thats why @Matt_Towson and I both said taste is subjective.
You could test 10 of us on here, our top 5 rankings would all be very different. Especially considering how many isolates some of us have tested over the years.

I tried some of MAN’s Reese’s Pieces flavor the other day, kinda just tasted like weak chocolate milk. Was pretty let down.

Just to lend to your point