What went wrong with Jay cutler's legend pro?

What went wrong with Jay cutler's legend pro?

Since there was a small discussion after I mentioned it in the worst tasting supplement thread about how bad its effects were I thought I would finally write up the post I’ve been meaning to make about it.

It currently sits at under a 6 on bodybuilding.com, Something I didn’t think was possible without killing someone.

So lets start off with the ingredients, Cutler nutrition is a side division of BPI sports. As you know BPI sports is know for well dosed transparent products with fairly standard ingredients.

So legend pro sits at a rather heavy(for BPI) 10 gram dose. Long story short blend one is choline and a choline breakdown inhibitor in the form of an obsurce extremely poisonous plant, off to a great start.
Blend 2 has every non exotic stimulant I can think of save theacrine, some antioxidants and dandiloin root extract.
Blend 3 has antioxidants, glycerol lactate inosine and some taurine, this blend is likely why it has the texture of corse sand.
Blend 4 is a decent dose of carnitine and GBB which increases carnitine production, first product I’ve seen use this.

So why in short dose it have such terrible reviews?
Well first its flavor is god awful, featuring a weak blueberry and a bad overly long lingering artificial lemon flavor
The texture is similarly terrible due to the glycerol lactate, a ingredient that I strongly oppose in any product.
Finally we get to the main issue, it has a huge number of stimulants, a diuretic, niacin and a unstandardised extract of yohimbe bark.

This give it a feeling best described as chemical torture.
First off the only thing they have to smooth the edge on the stimulants is a micro-dose of gaba, which isn’t even that effective at a good dose.

Second off yohimbe is like adding high explosive to a firework show, if you do it right it can be awesome, if not you are going to put someone in the hospital. With that in mind
Use Isolated Alkaloids.
Yohimbe is too sensitive a compound minor differences in extracts can massively change the effects of a product, so find which alkaloids out of it give you the effect you want and tweek it as needed, its a tiny bit more expensive but that is the price you pay for using yohimbe in your product.

Third off keep in mind how each ingredient interacts niacin and dandelion root extract are good ingredients but they can be unpleasant with the itchy flush, or the sweating, need to pee and the hypersalivation they cause. Don’t combine a ton of unpleasant ingredients if you have no way to deal with the effects, This product really needed either L theanine or some sort of adatogen if it wanted this level of stimulants.

To summarize Jay cutler’s legend is a interesting product killed by poor flavor, bad formulation, and yohimbe.

Trying out blackstone lab's trojan horse(sort of)

“So lets start off with the ingredients, Cutler nutrition is a side division of BPI sports. As you know BPI sports is know for well dosed transparent products with fairly standard ingredients.”

Is this a joke? Well-dosed?

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If a product has a sub-6 rating at fake review mania BBcom, you know there’s a problem. Dirty yohimbe is no joke if what you’re sayin is true!!

I’ll pay attention to BPi when they reformulate Keto Aminos and apologize for spiking thousands of keto dieters’ blood sugar with that cocktail of glucogenic garbage


Wait, BPI is known for well dosed products…this is news to me. Then again, everybody likes different things. I havent been on good terms with them since their banana cream pie protein put me on a toilet for 4 hours

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Ya their protein is very concentration heavy, even the isolate only products have a staggering amount of cholesterol

The well dosed comment was intended as a joke, they basically try to hide it all behind fancy obscure ingredients/forms of ingredients.
I thought the “transparent” part would have made it obvious but tone is tricky in text.

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A “rolls eyes” emoji would have been good :joy:

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True, tone is very hard to tell through text. But god, that bathroom should have been quarantined after I drank that crap


Speaking of Cutler Nutrition…

They put out this new “100% Amino Pump” product, which has no pump ingredients???

@Robert, we may gotta blog about this. I guess some people feel a pump from creatine… sometimes?

Anyway, now I need to decide if this is a separate product from their original Cutler Amino Pump product… looks like it is a different product so it gets its own page.

At least that one had a couple pump ingredients, even if they were buried in a prop blend?




In short what happened is all of their previous gen products got terrible reviews for being confusing proprietary messes, so they remade all of them a while back with a very standard (but still under-dosed) formula and sell them for kind of cheap but not cheap enough to be worth it in my opinion.
Seems they learned from the yohimbe and glycerol though
The amino pump is strange to be honest.
The PRE might be pretty decent at like 50 cents a serving but its still sold for ~ a dollar last I saw.
Bump of the doses on the citrulline and I might have even recommended it to a beginner.


O and I would definitely put it as a separate product, they are different generations and are distinct enough to justify I would say.

Edit:sorry replied to the wrong person.


Thanks!! Yes, this is what I decided on.

Different generation products are always tough in our system, sometimes I have to manually change the flavors to say “v2” or something, but often times the brands are smart and use a different number of servings, making it easier to differentiate.

This one had a completely differing name, so that was my main clue to make a separate product page for it.


Legend Pro received lower ratings only because of the extreme energy it provided. Some loved it and others didn’t. I felt it was a great product choice for larger muscle group days


I haven’t tried the apple flavor so I won’t commentate on that but I don’t think the blueberry lemonade is defensible.

Stims are somewhat subjective, but I’d say the blend somewhat prevents someone from making their own judgement, One company’s “extreme energy” can be 200 milligrams of caffeine and 3 stimulants more or less then another’s.


Legend Pro is a total beast. It was designed for hardcore users. I think I have some Apple Pear samples if you’re interested?


Adding body to an isolate requires some additional cholesterol. I think most users will thank us after their first sip


No thank you, I don’t think even the BEST(pun intended) flavor system can save the formulation, glycerol regardless of the form makes it feel like you are drinking sand. Plus I wasn’t a fan of how the product felt.
On that note I’m curious about something, what was the standardization of the yohimbe bark if any?

I’ve tried the protein and its decent, but I don’t think the health downsides of the cholesterol are necessarily worth it, and it seems you guys have reduced the regular one’s cholesterol down by 30 points(80 to 50).

Also I’m not entirely sure about that one give the post below.


What type of health downsides are you worried about?


Heightened cholesterol levels.


I wouldn’t worry about higher amounts of dietary cholesterol unless you already have heightened levels. Eggs are very high in cholesterol and recent studies have shown them to increase HDL while lowering LDL


I would strongly disagree, dietary cholesterol can easily raise serum cholesterol to a level that is unsafe.

Could you link the study?