What’s the best verifiable Joint support supplement?

What’s the best verifiable Joint support supplement?

I’m taking personally taken supplements that help with joint pains. My wife’s knees have been hurting bad during the gym and even while walking on off days. I’m also trying to take something that can help with wrist pains.

Have a base:
Fish oil (2-3 grams of DHA/EPA)
Maybe curcumin

Then stack with something like a full joint support product if they are really killer:
Nutrabio Joint Care
Gaspari Proven Joint

For underlying issues:

If you aren’t hesitant about using (and can access) needles BPC 157 would be worth looking into.

Got some Proven Joint from @GaspariNutrition and it helped get rid of a nagging elbow pain. I can vouch that I had some success with that one, on BOGO right now

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My man! Speaking the truth - appreciate the kind words. Great product that will absolutely help with joint/wrist pains along with solid omega-3 and/or turmeric supplementation.

Can you share the BOGO link?

We sold out on our site fast with the BOGO deal.


You can get 2 bottles (60 servings) for $40 ish from Natural Body.

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Best results from a formula I’ve ever had have been Helios from Chaos & Pain. Tastes like literal dirt (not a figure of speech. Soil.) but God Almighty does it work wonders.

What are some good brands of fish oil? I issued to buy from Walmart and drug stores but someone told me most of those affordable options are crap.

I was always told that if they smell like fish they are most likely oxidized and not worth taking, haven’t looking into it for a while.

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I buy just generic stuff from Sam’s Club. They have several different options so you have to check the supplement facts. Mine come with 900mg total omega 3, so I take anywhere from 2-3 a day

I’ve been taking Now Ultra Omega for years. Great price. Higher EPA and DHA than most others I’ve seen. Never smells fishy.

We have a great joint supplement in Joint Armour. And it’s 50% off using code Black50

We use AvoVida and 5-loxin which has some clinical research around them.

And you’ve noticed a difference in your joint health?

I’ve been fortunate to not have joint health issues thus far… I take it for all my other issues

Take a look at Flex from Core Nutritionals.