What Are Your Current Fitness/Health Goals?

Curious to see how everyone is fairing during this weird year.

What are your current goals/aspirations? Hit a new PR? Doing a show - bodybuilding or powerlifting? Crossfit competition? Idk - what’s on your plate moving forward?

I likely won’t grace the stage again for Men’s Physique, but I am starting to train and diet as if I am in a full blown offseason. Not a license to eat like an idiot - but much more serious about meal timing and boosting my metabolism as far as I can, without getting fluffy.

My wife has indicated she’d let me do another show, so I may get the itch after a strong offseason. Who knows. Currently training 5-6 days a week using a very intense volume approach and steady state cardio for 25 min 5 days a week, post training. Hany Rambod helped design a plan for me, just for kicks - and I am giving it a go. Not paying him for coaching, but we met at the Europa several years ago and stay in touch. He is a very nice guy. I will say, his FST-7 style is a real challenge, assuming you perform it correctly.

Macros are currently at 230g protein / 280g carbs / 90g fat (2850 calories).

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Just tried out for the University of Pittsburgh powerlifting team, but it seems that the majority of comps are still being postponed in my area. Seems like I’ll simply just be training until things settle down and I can prep for a meet that I know will happen


Go Pitt!

In answer to @Matt_Towson 51 years old and I train so that folks think I look 35…and I train with the mindset that I’m prepping for the NFL Combine - and won’t accept having a ‘dad bod’…


Amen. That’s the reason I am getting “devoted” again. It’s a battle.

I’ve been drinking way too much protein, to hit my macros lately. Haha. I know some might not agree, but I notice a much denser and fuller muscle when I consistency eat protein as opposed to drinking protein.

Some heads may explode, but I felt great the time that I would drink ProJym with my PreJym and then again after my training session… Nowadays I do notice the difference when I drink a Protein drink with Oats prior to training then when I don’t…It’s kinda crazy…

And as a new dad, my advice to you, not that you need it is 'find the time (which you do)…too many folks find excuses…Hell I trained after flying from Chicago to Rome (minus a short nap)…


I’m not going to a gym until this shit is resolved, so
I took the first few months of the pandemic totally off. Didn’t like getting smaller, so I’ve now picked up some resistance bands and have been doing some general hypertrophy work. One day full upper, one day quads, hams, and glutes. ABABABABAB etc.

That said, have taken a few days off because the way i have to hold the bands was really, really inflaming some of the muscles in my hands.


Hmm… well my goals are to get back into lifting again consistently. Now with my home gym, and a gym opening up nearby my house (I stopped going to my old one) I am out of excuses LOL. All kidding aside, my goals are to remain strong, get stronger, and maybe bulk up a bit in the process, primary goal is always strength. Being 40 (41 here in a few weeks), with all my injuries from 20 years as an Army Green Beret, I have to stay moving. The old adage of a body in motion stays in motion seriously applies to me.

And going back to contract work I am back to travelling a lot. So I plan to master the art of eating well in a hotel room, and knowing which local gyms (based off location) I can use. Next week I head to Utah for 2 weeks for work, but I was just there last month, so I know the layout of the room and local gym, so off to a good start.


been at the gym everyday since they reopened a few weeks back here in NYS, strength and stamina are slowly returning.

we only getting bigger and stronger here.


I tend to agree. Only 30 years old, but my focus has really shifting to prioritization of recovery and mobility.

Simple stretching and active movements have done wonders for how my body feels. Constant movement is huge for me as well.


@Anthony you training at the Peterson Event Center? If so 100% Jealous.


had been toying with the idea of competing in 2020 or take the year off but when gyms shut down i decided to just take the year off and focus on building muscle (now that gyms in jersey are open) and possibly taking 2021 off as well

I will be in Jersey next month!

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Nope, they’re only open for 45 minute reservation slots at a time. I’ve got a hole in the wall gym back home I lift at, and occasionally go up to Union Fitness. I lifted at the Pete last year and it’s a shame I’m missing out on it this year

Ahh good ole union fitness. Worked out there last summer then got tired of fighting for parking so moved on. Great strength gym

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Not too shabby of a gym, I really like the atmosphere, especially with big windows and the doors open. Feels great during the summer. Gotta admit, the actual lifting quality at my hometown gym is superior, despite it being a basement gym

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Did lots of mobility and functional workouts for 3 months while gyms were closed in Austin, and I fell in love with the improvement in RoM and flexibility I have gained. Our gym opened back up in July, and I’ve been doing a 4-day upper/lower split program, but I still do the functional/mobility work 3 days per week. My focus is to build muscle without adding BF; so it’s slow going, but I’m not prepping for anything :slight_smile: