What are you doing to specifically target your shoulder for mass?

After my post asking about what you all did to target your lats I figured we could make this a regular thing and target specific body parts. For this one we can discuss shoulders. What are you doing to specifically target your shoulder for mass?

I incorporate front and lateral DB raises as well as incline rear delt raises. Of course shrugs for the traps. I also usually do some upright rows and occasionally some upright DB armpit rows

Heard of 21’s for curling for your biceps? Do the same thing with lateral raises and get a nasty ass pump. Favorite thing for lateral delts

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This sounds miserable

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I can hardly say that I have world-class shoulders, but what has worked well in terms of growth for me is…

Front delt = heavy shoulder pressing, lower rep range
Middle delt = lighter weight lateral raises, higher rep range
Rear delt = face pulls, higher rep range

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I guess I’ll be the first to suggest… Arnold press

Also since I only have kettlebells with the home gym conversion, the different use of muscle in the shoulder for kettlebell pressing has been a welcome change.

Worth noting, your supraspinatus contributes most importantly at the very beginning of the lateral raise motion, so it isn’t really working much if at all during the second half of the movement. Me personally, I’d never deny my rotator cuff a chance to grow stronger.

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