Wait what? Smoking marijuana could get people to exercise?

Wait what? Smoking marijuana could get people to exercise?

I’m going to leave this right here:

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posted that yesterday


Agggghhhhh. I knew it saw it somewhere…

My apologies @Devin_Foley

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I’ll take preworkout over weed any day



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I’ll need to consult the Urban Dictionary, I believe the correct terms is ‘word’. Unless I’m a version behind.


Heard seems to be a thing now lmao…that and “that’s the move”


inserts notes into palm pilot


These do the trick for Pre-WO in my opinion


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If the person smoked and then saw your donuts bob…you would have no donuts


I find the article itself hilarious…

But am now distracted by Bob’s Donuts (do not read into that)


My first stop every-time I go to buffalo
Paula’s Donuts

They have 1.5 Pound Cinnamon Rolls and Apple Fritters that are stuffed.
Yes 1.5 Pounds, that is not a typo

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That is special…and now I’m hungry

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Stack 'em, OG Craze, a big fat doobie and the local post workout Mexican buffet, LMFAO. But then again, sounds like a solid plan if I was still in my 20s, haha…