VasoBLITZ Log - Watermelon

VasoBLITZ Log - Watermelon

Just received the VasoBLITZ in the mail today and will start using tomorrow morning. I usually workout fasted at about 6 AM, so I will be taking this on an empty stomach.

Most days, I will stack with my typical pre-workout of Ghost Legends x Warheads (Sour Watermelon) and Con-Cret Creatine HCL. I will probably mix the Ghost and VasoBLITZ on some days to see how the flavors go together cause that combination sounds like it should go together pretty well, but I’ll take them separate some days to see how the VasoBLITZ flavor stacks up.

Also, I’ll take by itself without a stim preworkout when I workout later in the day on some days to try and get the full effect of VasoBLITZ as well. Want to make sure I’m not losing much pump effect by combining with a stim pre-workout.

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If your logging a product. Stacking it with another pre-workout will skew feedback. Since legend does contain ingredients that can aid pump
Run it SOLO, this way you know 100% how well the product works based off its label and claims.

Legend = 4g L-Citrulline + 500mg Agmatine (another pump addition)
Vasoblitz = 6g L-Citrulline

no need to take in that much at once (Citrulline), plus the agmatine plays a role in pump.
Just take Vaso Blitz 2 scoops a day for 2 weeks and see how much you get out of it. this way you can be honest with the company and how well you truly enjoy it.

I don’t think @Buildfastformula would want people taking extra products to interfere with the log on his product, so I will tag him in on this.

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Good call, I’ll definitely do that then. Any thoughts on continuing to take the creatine hcl with the VasoBLITZ or should I stop taking that as well? Definitely don’t have a problem with not using the Ghost Legends while logging this product. Thanks for the heads up!


Creatine is fine. Just don’t stack other pump agents, or pre-workotus or else that is defeating the purpose of logging “Vasoblitz”.

A log is meant to give feedback on the product you have. When you combine other outside variables that can deviate from what the company wants in return.

For example --> Someone running a fatloss log with a fat burner, decides to add extra Yohimbine or Forskolin 95 then its defeating the purpose of the sole product they received.



JHey bro - I combine with Ghost Legend every day. It works great - you’ll love it!

@TheSolution - if he takes Ghost Legend daily, he’ll know how/if the VasoBlitz alters his experience.

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Combing extra Citrulline (up to 10g) and agmatine would skew feeeback on a non stim pump .

Then again a log should be consistent and exclude all external factors for feedback to the company . That’s how I look at it. The company want you to gauge and review their product (Vasoblitz). Not a conjunction of products. Then your going to guess how much was X, how much was Y. Just like people who run natty anabolics and then jack up their intake (calories). how much was the supplement, how much was their diet.


I def agree - but his baseline should be easy to monitor, if he has been taking only Legend for his preworkout. @Bryan_Walsh you tell us.


No point in taking 10g of L-Citrulline at once
Law of diminishing returns


Yeah, I think I’m leaning towards taking VasoBLITZ as my sole preworkout besides the creatine. That way I get the true effects, or possibly lack thereof, from just the VasoBLITZ and will know what is driving the effects rather than trying to determine if its a combination of both. After I finish the log, I’ll prob try both pre workouts together to check out what it is like when stacked with a stim preworkout out too. But for the purposes of this log, I’ll take the VasoBLITZ by itself. Really appreciate all the input though!


Got this myself, first day was pretty fun!

Just take a caffeine pill, or drink coffee/calorie free monster if you really need an energy boost. It’s better to use less caffeine with pump products obviously. Don’t think 10g of citrulline would be any better than 6 grams lol.

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Used it for the first time this morning before my workout, taking the recommended 2 scoop serving with 10 oz of water. Definitely tastes like watermelon but not overpowering or too fruity/sweet. I would recommend less water if you like a sweeter taste to come through.

I didn’t initially feel much effect from it, but I think that was because I didn’t take any caffeine beforehand like I normally do, so I felt a little sluggish at the beginning of my workout. I think this will be good though because it may help reset my caffeine tolerance by taking just this as my preworkout for a few weeks.

About halfway through my leg workout, I definitely noticed my legs felt more full and tighter than they normally do during my leg workouts, if that makes sense, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I believe it was because of the VasoBLITZ, so I’m looking forward to continuing to take this product and seeing the effects it has when hitting upper body as well, especially as my body adjusts to the lack of caffeine before workouts.

I’ll be hitting back/biceps tomorrow and the label recommends taking it on off days as well, so we’ll see what happens when I take it without working out on Sunday.


Try 8oz (as bottle suggests) i notice it is light on flavor as well, but i personally like like much (Diluting it). I know @Buildfastformula will tell you 6-8z of is the spot he suggests and wants feedback on.


Thank you Bryan for starting a log!



8-10 ounces on the label:)


Yeah I saw 8-10 ounces on the label but definitely gonna try just 8 oz tomorrow. Any thoughts on adding a 3rd scoop? Definitely going to stick with 2 scoops for now since that’s the recommended serving size and don’t want to skew the log but I was just curious.


No point in adding a 3rd scoop.
Law of diminishing returns. More nitrates can cause some vicious side effects, not to mention taking in 9g of L-Citrulline again not necessary. More is not better. There is a reason there are directions on a label (To follow them)

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Too many nitrates risks a drop in blood pressure. I don’t know if 3g is even close to that threshold, but always tried with caution. :slight_smile:

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I mean ghost pump has 2.5g, I doubt 3g would be too dangerous


I doubt @Buildfastformula wants people to go over the “Dosage” suggested for his logs.
People in the industry just want to go over what is suggested on a label. Not always the “Smartest” idea. Especially when you see scientific studies showing 6g L-citrulline and 2.5g Betaine to be adequate. People always chase the more is better mentality.

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Appreciate all the responses and input! Definitely wanted to ask before I changed anything cause this is pretty much the first time I’ve taken a non-stim pump pre-workout, so just wanted to make sure I get all the info I can.