True Nutrition custom protein powder?

True Nutrition custom protein powder?


A friend of mine just referred me to True Nutrition for made-to-order protein mixes and whatnot. Seems like they aren’t a bad deal, at least for protein…plus you can spike it with add-ons like flavors, sweeteners, and additional supplements. Anyone ever heard anything about them?

2018-01-11 13_28_27-True Nutrition

I stick with plain old unflavored whey isolate, which is a tad cheaper, and I can mix my own whatever into it. But this site is a cool concept if it’s legit.


Hmm…I’m digging a little more…looks like they have a whole bunch of reasonably priced stuff on their site. The Casein protein price is tough to beat.

Their pre-workout, Buzz Saw leaves a lot to be desired though…
2018-01-11 13_46_56-Buzz Saw 30 Servings - Top Selling Preworkout Formula


Their stuff is quality, but I remember buying some “naturally flavored” protein powder from them a few years back and it was the worst stuff I’ve ever tasted. I threw it out. Only time I’ve ever thrown out protein powder. This was a long time ago, though, back before people had really nailed natural flavors.


|t’s good quality but the flavors are made with stevia and have a lingering aftertaste


Stevia… ugh


True Nutrition has a good selection of plant protein. If you’re looking for a post workout protein, I would recommend Select Stack. You can add creatine, BCAAs and/or Carbs and both flavors (rocky road & cake batter) are excellent!


Dante knows his shit.


I know Shelby loves this company for being 100% … yeah taste maybe be meh but i buy the custom blend with egg white & whey iso. oh its not much you can get 5% off if you use SHELBY