Triple Chaotic Labz Review

Going to be giving my thoughts on three different products I received from Chaotic Labz: Equalizer AM, Hypnotic, and Preabolic.


  1. I was sent all these for free, but I am not partnered with Chaotic Labz.
  2. This is an effects review, not an ingredient or label review. These are all proprietary blends, and I feel that topic has been spoken about enough. These are just my thoughts on how it felt for me.


My favorite of the 3, marketed as an energy/pump/focus/endurance complex. I quite enjoyed this one, didn’t leave me cracked out, but still provided some nice energy and surprisingly great pumps, despite a lack of Citrulline. Pumps definitely felt more sustained, and I attribute that to their Anti Arginase blend, the last one on the label. Some unique ingredients present there. Focus was quite good, some feel-good euphoria as well. Overall, nice feel, but I wouldn’t use it stand-alone. I enjoyed using a half-scoop w/ some of my other heavy stims/pump formulas.


Basically crack, a full serving yields 200mg of DMHA, something reminiscent of the old Kraken formula. Better energy than either Equalizer or Brave, but really best for just energy. 3/4 scoop of this, plus half-3/4 scoop Equalizer yields an amazing preworkout. If you miss that feeling from old Kraken or Total War, I would give this a try for the DMHA lovers.


Second sleep aid I’ve tried, first being Genius Sleep. Let me tell you, this stuff KNOCKS me out and keeps me out. I have a terrible time falling asleep after volleyball for the most part, and this helped a ton. Minimal morning grogginess as well, which is great. This does contain Phenibut, which is a concern for some, but I love it for putting me away for the night. Check out Christian’s review as well!

As for flavoring, I don’t know what these guys are doing, but I’ve loved all 3 flavors I’ve tried from them. Brave’s Muscadine flavor was delicious, Tangerine for Equalizer, Tiger’s Blood for Preabolic, and Berry for Hypnotic. Great job with flavoring, and thanks @chaoticlabz for hooking me up with these!


Nice care package, guess they didn’t want me complaining about the labeling again :stuck_out_tongue:

So something I’ve been wondering
@vaughntrue and @chaoticlabz
Are you guys partnered or something? I noticed “equalizer” has nearly the same formula plus a few extras as “NO overload” and it would explain the PEAs I see popping up in the products.

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