Chaotic labz hypnotic review(with video and text)

Chaotic labz hypnotic review(with video and text)


So, kind of awkward video here, I do better in conversation then monologue.

Now text part

Issues with the product

The ingredients are listed in their most complicated and obscure chemical names, they have explained that this is to prevent plagiarism and isn’t to deceive the end consumer but I am still deducting points.
I am also not a fan of them not disclosing the exact amount of plenibut, done for similar reasons.

Translated formula is
L dopa
L tyrosine
Pyridoxine(b6) (3 mg)

The 3.5 grams bit in the review might be wrong if the prop blend includes the “other ingredients”, but I will leave them to correct that if it is wrong. I got the old label before the b6 was listed/required to be listed, they are using up the old labels still but have said that they are going to change how they buy labels to prevent this from happening again.

As for the formula I actuly do like it (in theory) you have a good variety of amino acids that increase neurotransmitters, and growth hormone, there isn’t huge room to under dose, and plenibut is a good ingredient provided proper precautions are followed, but the fact is isn’t made clear on the label once again becomes a problem.

I don’t think its as dangerous as the guy who mainlined 5 grams of it will tell you but I think it should be clearly listed due to the potential risk.

Taste (dragon berry)
The flavor is good, you get a very light refreshing drink I can sip on, which is good as it tells you to mix it in 20-30 oz, which I know some people don’t want in a sleep aid, I personally don’t mind that and like having the drink.

It does feel quite nice and helps relax, the added amino’s are nice

I talked with them for a while and while they have a hyper edgy over the top style they do make good products and do seem to care about making a good product. If i had to describe it, think the tetra bead diagrams except
The core(products) is good
The outer-part(company) is also good
The middle part(labeling) is kind of BS

It is a bit expensive at 35$ for 30 servings(it actuly competes well in the sleep aid category), they do include extras and to my understanding have good customer support, you are playing a bit of a premium for the ingredient/company but not that much, I personally would like to see more stuff added to it, maybe focused on the nootropic side but I think it is still a good deal.
As for what I would include I would say rosea rholida as I’ve been reading and experiencing some good stuff out of that, but it looks more like something that would shine in an energy pill given the anti-fatigue effect.

If I had more details on the formula I might better be able to say if it is a good deal, but I will leave that up to CL.

Long story short
I rate it as an overall good product from a good company that just presents itself as much worse then it actuly is I think.
Points deducted for
Labeling/unopen formula -1
Not disclosing the amount of plenibut -1
If given more value/ingredients could get to 10/10

Triple Chaotic Labz Review
This "Labz" Brand Epidemic is Reaching Critical Levelz

Thank you very much for taking the time to Use, Experience, Take Notes, and Review our product!! I will take your point deductions constructively and strongly consider implementing your critiques in future packaging design. I really appreciate you being honest and fair with your analysis.

You know where and how to reach us and we are always open to opinions and ideas. I appreciate your ingredient suggestion as that’s what we are in business to do… Satisfy YOU the consumer!! We may come off a little abrasive to some, but I assure you that it is only because we are passionate about our company and what we do. We may not be for everyone but for the those who appreciate higher end formulas, identify with a little darkness, and don’t mind paying for a premium product… WE ARE FOR YOU!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again Christian…


Glad that it was helpful. The introduction was definitely a bit divisive but you guys are definitely trying to do good stuff. I appreciate the good response to the criticism.

Now if you want a suggestion
A simply made energy pill with rosea rholdila. Basic idea has come up a couple of times on the forum and I think rosea would fit very nicely in it due to its anti fatigue effects.
Maybe something with a few types of caffeine, theacrine and if you really want it to sell dmaa.
Maybe some other nootropics that would fit well, but try to keep the price under 50 cents a serving.


@Christianmelon excellent review, I know it is sometimes awkward doing a review as I do them myself but fantastic job, keep them coming. I respect Chaotic Labz for commenting and truly valuing your opinion.